Black Dagger Brotherhood, Fallen Angels and upcoming books by J. R. Ward

Black Dagger Brotherhood, Fallen Angels and upcoming books by J. R. Ward

Immortal by J. R. Ward (Fallen Angels, Book 6)Decadence brings us some exciting news for fans of J. R. Ward!

Yesterday JR Ward announced on Facebook that next year will bring two new series as well as continuing the Black Dagger Brotherhood, but no details on who/what those series will be about. I suspect this may finally show us the wolfyn she hinted at in Lover Unleashed. Also no word whether or not the series will have any links to other books, but I think they will since a hero in one of her earlier romances was friends with Butch O’Neal during childhood, and the Fallen Angels live in the same city as the Brothers.

Immortal will be the final in the Fallen Angels series and its cover and US release date of 7th October, 2014 were recently revealed.

The Boston Globe wrote an article on Ward’s journey to bestsellerdom, her most recent event in Cincinnati and gives a broader picture of her as an individual.

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