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Tidbits about book 13 of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, The Shadows. Please note that there may be spoilers on this page. Newest items are first.

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April 7, 2014

The official notes from J. R. Ward’s Cincinnati Q & A have been posted on J. R. Ward’s Facebook page but beware because there is a crapload of spoilers from The King (my review will be up on Thursday). If you don’t have a FB account, here are the highlights.

The next book, called The Shadows, will be about Trez and iAm, who both get some action in this book, and finally (FINALLY!) Murhder returns. Ward knows who the next three books in the series will be about.

Selena’s joint problems are caused by a genetic disease of the Chosen, but Ward won’t tell us more because then no one would read the book.

s’Ex fathered the Shadow Queen’s child.

It would destabilise the world if JM ever found out he was Darius, so Ward doesn’t think he’ll ever find out (but based on the phrasing of the notes, it’s not completely definite either way).

When asked when JM becomes a Brother, Ward explained that the timeline is a weird, variable thing, where one book might span ten days and another takes place over a year, which makes it hard to show other things happening at the same time.

Boo has bonded with iAm, but it’s not sexual. We may get to find out what Boo is, and I personally suspect he has a lot in common with Dog from the Fallen Angels.

The next book in the Fallen Angels series, Immortal, will also be its last, but we may see after that how the two worlds intersect.

Lassiter is firmly in the BDB world and him falling in love and discovering his purpose will be the final scene in Immortal.

Xcor and Tohrment are brothers.

Ward prefers to write about the males and finds it particularly challenging to write the Chosen showing Layla as distinct from Cormia as distinct from Selena.

We’ve met the guy who ends up with Saxton, but it’s not iAm because he gets a female, but we haven’t met her yet.

Ward confirmed that Lash comes back and for lack of a better word, dates Devina from the Fallen Angels.

She wants to do more Slice of Life scenes, which is something I’d really look forward to and wanted more of in The King!

The Lie was that she didn’t say everything she saw in a particular V scene and he hates her for it.

Luchas will recover, but he has a long way to go.

Although Throe seemed like a good guy at the beginning, he’s making her uncomfortable and not in a good way.

After the Fallen Angels ends, she will start another series, but it won’t be a BDB spin-off. I wonder if it will be about the wolfen.

The humans haven’t figured out that vampires exist, but there is a plotline that will give Butch and Jose closure.

While it had always been assumed that inbreeding led to Wrath’s blindness, it’s also possible that it might actually have been due to Anha’s poisoning.

She confirmed my long-held suspicion that the Creator in the Fallen Angels world is also the father of the Scribe Virgin and Omega.

Assail perceives his traitorous business practices as using the lessers for his own benefit. How convenient.