Books Alive 2009 Reading Challenge progress report

Books Alive 2009 Reading Challenge progress report

2009 Books Alive ChallengeHi, everyone! We’ve just passed the mid-point of our Books Alive Reading Challenge, and I wanted to check in and see how everyone’s going!

My reading progress has been abysmal these past couple of weeks. I managed to finish 3 books:

1. The Last Stormlord by Glenda Larke (fantasy) — Unique premise, interesting characters. I’ve added the next book to my to-buy list.

2. Blue Noise by Debra Oswald (young adult fiction) — I’m not the target reader for this book, but I can see it appealing to younger teens or older reluctant readers.

3. The latest Kathleen O’Reilly (Harlequin Blaze) arrived last week, and I didn’t sleep last night because I just had to finish it!

What have you been reading? Anything you’d highly recommend (or not)? If you’ve posted any reviews or lists, leave a link in the comments so we can check them out!

Bronwyn Parry at Ultimo Library

Dark CountryRomantic suspense author Bronwyn Parry, whose book, Dark Country, is listed in The Guide, will be at Ultimo Library next Thursday for a chat. You can bring your books or buy them on the day and have them signed. The event starts at 5pm. Details are on the City of Sydney website.

As I mentioned before, we’ll be giving away a copy of Dark Country—and now I’ll be able to get it signed, too! More details next week.


  1. SonomaLass says:

    My count so far is 10 books.  You can see quick responses to them on my blog,  I am part of the way through two other books and have a big stack of things I want to read next. Some tough decisions in my future!

  2. Christina says:

    I am both impressed and intimidated by SonomaLass’ progress! TEN!!!
    My progress is terrible :( I’m on my 5th book, although I’ve only completed 3. Too many things disrupting my reading (should be uni, but the blame falls completely on an Alias marathon… *shameface*)

  3. Bon says:

    Have read:
    1. Tempted All night (Liz Carlyle)
    2. Summer Sisters (Judy Blume)

    I am on my third – Tempt The Devil (Anna Campbell)…

    Hopefully,  I can get another one in before the end of the week!

  4. Edie says:

    I have been struggling hardcore to get any reading done. :(
    But have cheated a bit and knocked back some short ebooks and old loveswepts, which brings me up to 11.
    Jaye Wells, Peggy Webb, Barbara Boswell, Patt Bucheister and I will have to look up the authors of the ebooks.

  5. Kat says:

    I noticed a few Durans in your lists. I’ve never read her books, although Wandergurl has told me I should. Any recs on which ones to start with?

    SonomaLass — I wish I had time to read 10 books. For some reason, I haven’t felt compelled to pick up any books on my TBR pile (except the O’Reilly). I think it’s because my TBR is so out of control, the thought of it stresses me out. I have to stop buying/borrowing more books…

    Tez — I have Undercover, but I must admit that I read all the naughty bits and never got around to reading the rest properly.

    Christina — LOL Never mind. You’re still ahead of me!

    Bon — Did you like the Liz Carlyle book?

    Jen — I feel your pain. I’ve been sleep-deprived for about 10 years!

    Edie — What’s a little cheating between reading buddies? *g*

  6. mirvettium says:

    I was distracted by my reading challenge and ended up reading other books halfway, but have finished the following:
    1. The Goose Girl – Shannon Hale
    2. Santa Olivia – Jacqueline Carey
    3. The Graveyard Book – Neil Gaiman
    4. Grug :)
    Reading through The Lieutenant – Kate Grenville, though not sure if I can finish it in the next few days

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