BT037. C.S. Pacat: The space between the book and the reader

BT037. C.S. Pacat: The space between the book and the reader

Guest: C.S. Pacat | Host: Kat Mayo | Audio producer: Rudi Bremer | Recorded: 26/02/2017 ARRC

In today’s episode, I chat with fantasy romance author C.S. Pacat, who is not only an amazing writer but also a fabulous speaker. I met her for the first time when I interviewed her and Anna Cowan for the Heart to Heart podcast (now defunct) produced by Penguin Australia. At the time, she was still writing her third book — things have changed a lot since! C.S. Pacat will be at Fictionally Yours, Melbourne in September, if you’re lucky enough to have a ticket for the event.

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C.S. Pacat — Author of the Captive Prince series: @cspacatFacebook; 

Hi, @gmayit! Wish you were at #arrc2017. 😘

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