Did you spot the buff butlers in Sydney today?

At lunchtime today, the lovely ladies from Mills & Boon were giving out free books to passers-by at Martin Place, Pitt Street Mall and the QVB. They were aided by so-called ‘buff butlers’ (though I’d say there was more buff than buttering). The initiative seemed well received, although for more impact they really needed more butlers. I say that in a completely objective (not objectifying way).

Check out the pics below or on our Flickr page (I particularly love the butler who pimped out the books to a group of schoolgirls—there’s no more exciting time for Mills & Boon than when you’re in high school!). Also, Decadence had the guys on their knees!

Did you spot the buff butlers and grab a book? Let us know!

Mills & Boon @ Pitt St MallBooks are for sharing, obviously...Mills & Boon @ Pitt St Mall

Buff butlers corrupting young girlsMen who read books are hot!Shocking!Buff butlers sharing the love

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