Introduction to the Chronicles of Nick (Part 3)

Introduction to the Chronicles of Nick (Part 3)
Infinity by Sherrilyn Kenyon (Chronicles of Nick, Book 1)
Infinity by Sherrilyn Kenyon (Chronicles of Nick, Book 1)

If you’ve read (or are planning to read) the Chronicles of Nick, these are cheat sheets you won’t want to miss. Decadence summarises what we know about Nick Gautier from the Dark-Hunter series. You can read the first two parts here and here.

The Mavromino, Noir

Noir is a first generation offspring of the Source, making him the closest thing to the source of creation short of the source itself. For some as yet unknown reason (maybe just because he is the source god of darkness?), he turned against the Source and tried to take over as the major power.

The source gods had the Sephirii as their security, so Noir created the Malachai as their natural enemy to wipe them out. Despite setting traps that reduced Sephirii numbers, they were poised to decimate all the Malachai, until they were betrayed by their leader, Jared. A truce was made between both parties and the Malachai and Sephirii were both made extinct, except for the Sephiroth Jared and the Malachai Adarian.

At some point, Adarian and Noir had a falling out, resulting in a huge loss of Noir’s powers. Without anyone to worship or give him power by thinking of him, Noir lay dormant.

Nick’s powers being unlocked was also a huge power boost for his creator, who becomes even stronger the more Nick uses his powers. Old habits die hard, so Noir wants to destroy the world again—not to mention that the chaos caused by attacking other gods is believed to be likely to draw the Malachai to him, making him invincible.

Noir is joined by his sister Azura (the source god of air), but their other sister Braith (I don’t know what source god she is), who is a valuable counterpoint in the war, is missing.

He drugged the skoti (renegade Dream-Hunters who have become outlaws through their addiction to the rush of emotion they feel by immersing themselves in a human’s dreams and draining their energy through that dream) to keep them pliant and having them onside strengthens him even more. For that reason he has also brought over some of the Dolophoni (children of the Fates) and the oneroi (Dream-Hunters who hunt the skoti). Another advantage is that his skotos/oneroi army can hunt his enemies through their dreams and kill them as they sleep. He enticed another source god Cratus (now Jericho) but betrayed him, which led to his present defeat and the restoration of the Dolophoni, oneroi and skoti to our side. He’s down but not out as long as he is able to draw power from the Malachai, whom he must either kill or convert to his cause in order to win.

As the original gods of darkness and air, Noir and Azura could be defeated by the original gods of sun and fire, Cam and Rezar, but his enemies have to find them. After the first war with the Source, Cam and Azura withdrew in disgust and no one knows their whereabouts now.

Noir and Azura have an unknown ally that the Greek pantheon would never suspect. He declared war on the Dark-Hunters and Dream-Hunters, promising to make their existence hell unless they surrender the Malachai.

The Sephiroth Jared

The Sephirii, who have been compared to fallen angels, had ten warriors called the Mimoroux and Jared was one of them. They were chosen by a sentient sword to ‘guide’ that sword, and Takara, the most powerful sword, chose Jared as her Shiori (guide). Wielding Takara made Jared the leader of the Mimoroux. But he betrayed them all in the war against Noir and his army of Malachai, resulting in the deaths of his brethren, so he believes he deserves his fate.

Jared is owned by Stryker’s wife and new Daimon queen, Zephyra, and his weakness is Nim, an adolescent demon who adopted him after Jared saved his life and sleeps as a tattoo on Jared’s skin (like Simi chooses to do with Ash, only Nim is not a Charonte and is actually scared of them).

As the balance to the Malachai, Jared’s form is black with red marks, the reverse of Nick. He’s trying to kill the Malachai to end his own life.

Jaden bargained for a green amulet which he then gave to Jericho (formerly Cratus) to buy Jared’s freedom from Zephyra. As Jared’s new master, Jericho told him to live as he chooses. Jericho has no room for a slave but will always welcome a friend and ally. Although Jericho refuses to be Jared’s new master, Jared will always be a slave until the Source releases him. He wears a collar that will kill him if anyone but the Source tries to remove it.

The Broker, Jaden

Jaden is the go-between for demons and the source gods and would be powerful enough to destroy Noir and Azura, but is owned by Azura and therefore forbidden to attack them. He is also able to identify and find Cam and Rezar, who could imprison Noir and Azura.

He bargained with Xypher (the skotos hero of Dream Chaser) for a green medallion that renders a god powerless when placed over their heart. He then passed the amulet to Jericho to trade to Zephyra for Jared’s freedom, to which Jericho added the condition that it never be used against Acheron or Apollymi. When asked why it was so important that Jared go free, Jaden confessed that Jared was damned because of him. We don’t have any more detail than that at this stage, but there seems to be a close bond between them.

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