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Kathleen O'Reilly books
Kathleen O'Reilly books

One of my favourite authors read some comments I made at Dear Author bemoaning–nay, whingeing–about my inability to find some of her books and when would her latest series ever get here, poor me, oh, my, oh, my, etc.

And she asked what books I was after and offered to send them to me.

And I was sneaky and said I was after her entire backlist (the ones I didn’t already have) although, ahem, I wouldn’t expect her to send me ALL of them. Ahem.

And then I got this in the post.

And I nearly cried. I definitely squealed. And I sent a gushing e-mail. What price dignity when I have books! Books I can’t find here! Books, the search of which can change the alignment of your spine when you’re compelled to check every single Harlequin title in your local secondhand bookstore. Ahem.

Kathleen O’Reilly was the first romance author I ever looked up online, which led me to reader blogs, which led me to new authors and various friendships and, yes, addictions.

And now I have her complete backlist. (Well, minus the OS/2 books.) I am so damn stoked.

Note: This post was originally published on May 19, 2008.

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