Sherrilyn Kenyon book signing at Galaxy (the slightly tipsy version)

Sherrilyn Kenyon with Wandergurl at Galaxy Bookshop (24/2/09)
Sherrilyn Kenyon with Wandergurl at Galaxy Bookshop (24/2/09)

Tuesday was the Kenyon booksigning at Galaxy books, which I live tweeted. I was quite lucky that my shift ended at 4.30pm that day, so I didn’t end up there too late. When I got there, Sofia who organised it all for Galaxy and was at ARRC, hugged me and said, “Where have you been!?!” There was a line that reached the back of the store and sort of curled a little. I went to register at the front and found out that if we had actually gone by number, I would have been number 5. Kat would have been something like number 8 because I registered five of us together.

I didn’t go straight to the back of the line, but ended up chatting with Decadence and Lami, who had been there since 4pm and had already gotten stuff signed. I had a nice chat with Dianna Love, and I got her to sign Phantom In The Night, which I later forgot to get Sherrilyn to sign. I had brought Sin’s book for Sherri to sign, and had assigned my cousin to bring our massive Acheron hard cover. As I was live tweeting, I could not go to the back of the store because then I would lose my signal! I got a few quotes from Lami, Decadence and even Sofia, although basically all they said was, “Sherri rocks!”

Galaxy very nicely provided nibbles and champagne. I hadn’t had anything to eat since lunch and ended up downing two glasses of champagne very fast, which was not good for me and resulted in somewhat tipsy live updates. Sherri was very, very nice, and she remembered that we had met before, when I had something signed at AARC. I told her straight off, “I think I drank the champagne too fast!” and she laughed and said, “Oh dear!” We did not have much conversation after that, although everyone else seems to have had a full on convo with her. Dianna took our picture, and we laughed about me being giggly. We also have another picture together, to reflect the before and after of my sobriety.

After all of us had had our books signed, they drew raffle prizes out of the box. 70% of the people who won were not there. They still won prizes, but when it came to the major ones—a Dark-Hunter teddy bear and a Dark-Hunter t-shirt—you had to be there. Decadence won a Dark-Hunter pin, but I didn’t win anything. :(  There was a pile of the complete set of Dark-Hunter novels on the counter, and I thought that people were giving it away, but alas, no, it belonged to someone.

After all the excitement of AARC, the Galaxy signing was a bit anticlimactic for me, but for people who had not been to it, I’m sure it was more exciting. Everyone got the chance to chat with Sherri, and even if the line was a bit long (she signed for about  3 hours) no one seemed to mind if you had a quick chat (read: at least five minutes) with her when you got up there. I think I was the quickest signing ever, owing to my being a little tipsy! I couldn’t stop smiling after though, and I remember not so much of my conversations with all the lovely people that I was with while waiting. There was someone that was moving to Dubbo, and someone who told me even if Keri Arthur’s books have a love triangle, she can kind of feel where it’s going because one of the guys is not as nice. I also recall providing book suggestions and giving out Book Thingo cards.

All in all it was a good night—I got champy-happy, got my books signed, had wonderful conversations with Dianna Love, who is as lovely as her name suggests, met Sherrilyn Kenyon, who remembered me (Yay!) if not my name, and said she was having a lovely time in Sydney so far. The Galaxy people were great, and I managed to take a picture of probably half of the staff, all of whom know me already because I’m there every week! It was a great event, and kudos goes to Galaxy for organising it.

Dianna Love and Wandergurl before champagne (24/2/09)
Dianna Love and Wandergurl before champagne (24/2/09)
Dianna Love and Wandergurl after champagne (24/2/09)
Dianna Love and Wandergurl after champagne (24/2/09)

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  1. Decadence says:

    The girl moving to Dubbo was the one behind me in line. She plans to order min. 6 books at a time to take advantage of Galaxy’s free shipping on large orders.

    (Maybe I should forward this unscripted infomercial to Galaxy and ask for a discount on future purchases :P )

    She surprised me though by buying the first few books in a new series. I’m a bit more conservative and just buy the first one in case I don’t like it.

    I think she won something?

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