Sony Reader Pocket Edition (PRS-350) – Unboxed

Sony Reader Pocket Edition (PRS-350) – Unboxed

Sony PRS-350My new pretty, shiny thing. An early Christmas present for myself.

If you think this post is an attempt to make up for having skived off reviewing yet again, you’d be right.

But come on—how can I not show off my shiny new ebook reader (reviewed by CNET)? With a pink cover!

Okay, it’s been unboxed for a few weeks now, and some off the gloss has come off after I’ve struggled with the more unfriendly bits of the software, but overall I’m loving this device.

Most importantly, it’s opened up the world of ebooks for me, on a scale I could never have managed with the iPad, my HTC Desire or my laptop. It’s all I can do to stop myself from impulse ebook purchases. Similarly, I’ve had to restrain myself from requesting everything on NetGalley.

But I’ll talk more about this later. For now, it’s all about the pretty. The only thing I regret is that Myer didn’t have the blue Reader when I bought mine (but the Myer One discount was too good to pass up).

Sony PRS-350 - SilverSony PRS-350 unboxed with pink caseSony PRS-350 unboxed with pink caseSony PRS-350 unboxed with pink caseSony PRS-350Sony PRS-350 and pink caseSony PRS-350 and pink caseSony PRS-350Sony PRS-350Sony PRS-350 in pink case with cableSony PRS-350Sony PRS-350 - Menu buttonsSony PRS-350

If you’re in the market for ebook readers, check out CNET’s round-up of the best e-readers available in Australia.


  1. I was going to do a review of my Sony Reader 650, because I seem to be doing on the spot reviews on the train, at book club, at work, etc, (people get so inquisitive! I am sick of quickly shutting my book and opening something that is less NSFW) but I got too lazy to blog it. I also started writing up a big piece about buying ebooks in Australia, but I’ve been busy. *rolls eyes* I’ve gotten out of practice of blogging… Anyway, I completely understand what you mean about impulse buying! I get bored and just happen to download 10 new books. For no reason except I felt like reading some Blaze LOL (oh, also, the price is comparable to buying Blaze from Kmart – likey likey! I haven’t been going shopping lately, so now I don’t need to make special trips). I’ve also been digging into the Gutenberg Project again and downloading free classics, as well as books from Baen Library and for free. I love books, but I am learning to love ebooks too. I still haven’t gotten a scratch on my ereader, which I am quite proud about, although I have had to clean the screen once. I still haven’t bought a case for it, but think I will be getting the one with the light soon for when I visit my parent’s farm in January (solar power – reading is always difficult).
    Anyway, I just wanted to say, THANK GOD IT DOESN”T HAVE WIRELESS!!! As it is, I boot up my computer and impulse buy. Imagine if it had wireless and I got bored on the train again! I don’t know how people with a wireless reader contain themselves… :-/

  2. Kat says:

    Lack of wireless is both a curse and a blessing. I wish the Sony Reader had wireless/Bluetooth for transferring books between my computer and the device, but yes, I like that I’m forced to rethink impulse buys. I think a Kindle device would bankrupt me within a year.

  3. I would be bankrupt sooner than a year! I have a very tight budget and I am treating the ereader like I do romance books – outside my budget. I think I will have to implement a new part of my budget for them because I’ve been so naughty. It is worse that so many ebook sellers have paypal….
    Oh, having it linked wirelessly to my computer would be lovely.

  4. Kaetrin says:

    I have one too – aren’t they lovely?!
    A couple of tips for you (in case you haven’t read the entire manual – I haven’t either, but some kind person pass one on and I accidentally discovered one for myself).
    To return to the list, you can select Options and Return to List (2 moves) or, just hold down the Options button for 2 seconds and you will go straight there (on the PRS-700 there was a back button but there isn’t on the new model).
    To go to page, you can select Options and Go To Page, or, just put the stylus or your finger over the page numbers and the dialoge box will come up – much easier!
    Happy reading Kat!

  5. Kaetrin, those are amazing tips! I have the 650, I bought it last month, and haven’t had time to do more than skim the manual. It seemed pretty straight forward so I didn’t make the time. I was getting frustrated with the time it took for both those actions, so these will be a big help for me! :D

  6. Kaetrin says:

    @ obsidiantears83.  You’re very welcome.  I have a PRS-700, so I didn’t bother with the manual at all when I got the new model.  I love the clarity of the screen and the fast refresh on the 650 – when I upload books on it, it no longer takes 10 minutes to reboot itself – now it’s more like 1, which is great.  With he 700 I was always slightly nervous that it would not reboot it took so long to do.  The tips above are things that I found very handy myself – I was really missing that back button!!
    I do think it’s a bit cheeky of Sony to sell the cover separately, the AC adaptor separately and the USB cable separately – it adds quite a bit to the cost.  But, the reading experience is so much better on the new model I can’t be too crabby about it!  :)

  7. Kat says:

    Thanks, Kaetrin. The menus are a bit irritating at times, and I have to remind myself it’s not a computer for a reason!

    I got the USB cable with mine, and I use the AC adaptor that came with my HTC Desire—the two devices use the same cables, which works out extremely well for me.

  8. Marg says:

    Aren’t they pretty! And yes, Netgalley is an incredibly dangerous place!

    I got the USB cable, but they AC Adaptor wasn’t available at the time.

    I am going to have to try Kaetrin’s tips! I still haven’t done much other than read on mine yet. Still haven’t figured out the highlighting and the note taking, but I will eventually.

  9. Kat says:

    I meant, I got a USB cable in the box! Didn’t everyone else? Check under the boxy thing—that’s where I found mine. I almost missed it, which is why there’s no cable in a lot of the photos.

  10. Kat says:

    Wow, that was pretty impressive! I’m wondering how to protect my Reader at the beach. Cling wrap? Or maybe one of those resealable bags? Or maybe I should just take a paperback…

  11. Jen says:

    Just curious, can you put your netgalley books onto the 350? I didn’t see it on the list that is linked in the FAQ. I want a secondary reader for my galleys. I already have a Kindle for all my other ebooks. Thanks :) If I can’t use the 350 I may try to get a 300 from ebay or something.

  12. Kat says:

    Jen, the PRS-350 doesn’t have wireless so as long as you’re okay with having it plugged into your computer to transfer ebook files, there’s no problem with downloading files from NetGalley. I did find it easier to download the ADE software instead of using the Sony Reader software (on my computer) for some reason, but I know other readers who haven’t had any issues.

  13. Jen says:

    I already have the ADE software and some galleys on my computer. I have no problem transferring files via usb. I just wanted to confirm that it would in fact work since it is the reason I want one. Some of the publishers have Kindle enabled but most I have been dealing with thus far have not. I feel like if I had the galleys on an e-ink reader as opposed to just a computer I would be more likely to finish them in time. I guess now I know it will work I want one even more :) Thank you so much for your time! I am in the US but I don’t think that would make any difference with it working. As long as the galleys are on the ADE program it should work.

  14. Kat says:

    Jen, I haven’t had a problem with it. As far as I know, it’s only the Kindle format affected. You can also use the Sony for e-lending, if you have a library nearby that offers those services. The process of buying and putting ebooks into the device is more finicky than on the Kindle, but it’s a bit more versatile in terms of which formats it will support.

    Me, I love the touch screen. :-)

  15. Jen says:

    I am in western MA. I was talking to an ereader guy in Borders and he said you can borrow from libraries in basically any city. Like Boston or UMASS Amherst even if you are a citizen of another MA city. I had no clue. I guess it is all done online. :) Plus of course there are the free classics like on Kindle and more file formats for freebies from author websites and indie authors. I think if I figure out what I am doing I could love a Sony. My bf is saying I am “cheating on my Kindle” LOL! I will check into local library e-lending if/when I get a Sony! I am also intrigued by the touch screen.

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