2012 ARRA signing at the Gold Coast

2012 ARRA signing at the Gold Coast
Eloisa James at 2012 ARRA signing -- Photo by Kat Mayo
Photo: Kat Mayo

I’ve just come back from the ARRA signing at the QT Hotel, and I had a fabulous time. The event seemed very well attended, and many authors stayed beyond the allotted time.

And, yes, I MET ELOISA JAMES! I went a bit crazy. But she signed a modest stack of books for me, witnessed the collapse of my composure and then offered to have a photo taken with me.

Author crush heaven.

Anyway. I met a bunch of other fantastic authors, which I won’t name because I also missed seeing most of the authors. I only managed to get through part of one row of authors before I ran out of time.

I saw Fiona Lowe’s RITA statue and spent way too much on books, including Eloisa James’s upcoming release. The format was a little strange this year because the bookshop was outside the signing, so I didn’t spend as much as I could have. Which is a good thing, I guess, but maybe not for the authors. I hope we go back to the old format next year of having books for sale next to their authors.

I picked up some free books, mainly category romances, and I’m looking forward to trying new authors and reading in some lines that I haven’t tried in a long time. (Medical, I’m looking at you!)

Annie West and Helene YoungEbony McKenna, Fiona McArthur and Sarah MayberryFiona Lowe, Sue MacKay and Nikki LoganSami Lee and Helen LaceyDenise Rossetti and MJ Scott
Kelly Hunter and Keziah HillRachel Bailey, Leah Ashton and Keri ArthurJess Dee, Rhian Cahill and Lexxie CouperPaula Roe and Anna Campbell

Check out our Flickr stream for more photos from the signing. 


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