5 podcasts for romance readers

5 podcasts for romance readers

We have podcasts on our minds at Book Thingo. Check out 5 romance reader-friendly podcasts (with a bonus for children of romance readers!).

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If you’re one of the many people who listened to our podcast over the last couple of weeks — thank you! We’ve had a great response, so we hope you’ve been enjoying our first five episodes. (If you haven’t had time to check them out, you can find a list of episodes here or on iTunes.) If you’re on iTunes, please leave us a rating or a review, and if you want to send us some feedback, you can email us at podcast@bookthingo.com.au.

Our next episode won’t go up until next month, so in the meantime, I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite book-related podcasts. I highly recommend these shows — they’re all romance-friendly! If you’re looking for more great audio content (did I just type that???) you might want to check these out!

Heart to Heart

2014 Heart to Heart logo - Destiny RomanceOkay, yes, this is a little self-serving, given that I host this show for Destiny Romance. But I think it’s a pretty good show! The production values are high, because most of the interviews are recorded in a studio, and even when they’re not, post-production is done by the team at Penguin Australia. The latest episode features Australian author Helene Young, whose work I’ve read since her debut novel came out. (Book Thingo was blurbed in one of the later books!)

You can find the podcast on iTunes or via the show notes at the Destiny Romance website. Past guests include Anne GracieCS Pacat and Anna Cowan, and Julie Garwood.

DBSA podcast

2105 DBSA podcast thumbnailDBSA stands for Dear Bitches, Smart Authors, and as you might have already guessed it’s a podcast by Sarah Wendell and Jane Litte. Episode 154 features an interview with Kelly Faircloth, who has written some excellent articles about romance and romance readers. I also really loved episode 132, where Sarah chats with Duke University professor Dr William M Reddy on the origins of romantic love in literature. What I love about the DBSA podcast is that it’s like listening to conversations between friends talking about stuff that we all love.

You can find the podcast on iTunes or Podcast Pickle. There’s also a full transcript available at the Smart Bitches, Trashy Books website.

Book Riot

2105 Book Riot podcast thumbnailThis weekly podcast features  hosts Jeff O’Neal and Rebecca Schinsky discussing the week’s news around books and reading. It’s not focused on romance, but it’s friendly to romance. Rebecca is a huge fan of Sarah MacLean, and the hosts can probably do with a bit more diversity in their romance reading, but they’re really good at treating the genre and its readers with respect. I love that they call out biases in literary culture, and they’re firmly on the side of readers.

You can find the podcast on iTunes or via the shown notes at Book Riot.

LadyLike Book Club

2015 LadyLike Book Club podcast thumbnailIf you love f/f romance, the LLBC podcast is for you — it focuses on lesbian romance and erotica. There are a few people on the podcast, although I haven’t really worked out how many there are exactly. Listening to the LLBC podcast is like having an after-dinner conversation where the wine flows freely and the conversation is allowed to go into all sorts of unplanned directions. Sometimes it takes a while to get to the books. My favourite episode is ‘Uncommon Romance’ (28) where the ladies talk about an anthology of the same name featuring 3 novellas by Jove Belle.

You can find the podcast on iTunes or via the show notes at the LadyLike Book Club.

Teen Screen Feminism

2015 Teen screen feminism podcast thumbnailTechnically, this podcast isn’t about books at all, but it’s a talk show featuring Athena Bellas and Jodi McAlister talking about TV shows and feminism. You’ll know Jodi from her reviews here at Book Thingo, and her posts and TV show recaps at the Momentum Moonlight blog, and her appearances at various literary festivals in Australia. I’m adding this podcast to the list because Jodi and Athena often talk about the romantic stories and relationships on screen (and the many ways these are also reflected in written works). I feel 150% smarter every time I listen to an episode. Make sure you check out episode 5, which is dedicated to Outlander.

You can find the podcast at iTunes or at the teenscreenfeminism blog.

Bonus for the kids: Puffin Podcast

2015 Puffin podcast thumbnailMy kids’ love for podcasts came from listening to the DBSA podcast during after-school pick-up. Unfortunately, not all the DBSA episodes are suitable for kids! So it was a natural step to search for a podcast dedicated to books for younger readers, and we hit the jackpot with the Puffin Podcast, hosted by Ally McCrae. We love the extracts read by voice actors (some of whom are also film actors) and have made many an audiobook decision based on the show. The book quizzes are also really fun, although I need to brush up on my children’s fiction reading if I’m to have any hope of winning against the kids. I don’t have a favourite episode — I love them all, and they make car trips so much more tolerable for the entire family!

You can find the podcast at iTunes or SoundCloud.

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