A postscript on John Havel’s plagiarism, The Hustle’s apology, Eden Connor’s rebuttal, and Sam Parr’s douchebaggery

A postscript on John Havel’s plagiarism, The Hustle’s apology, Eden Connor’s rebuttal, and Sam Parr’s douchebaggery

Some additional thoughts on John Havel’s plagiarism, why the term ‘jungle fever’ is offensive, and how not to conduct yourself after your website posts something stupid.

If you’re not sure what this post is about, you can catch up on the background here, here, here and here.

If you missed Eden Connor’s excellent rebuttal of John Havel’s article on The Hustle because you didn’t want to give the site any page views, head over to Her Hands, My Hands, where Azteclady has reposted the (unedited) article in its entirety. The post includes thoughts on the rebuttal from Connor:

[Many of Connor’s fellow writers are black women who] see Amazon for the chance it is, a chance for their words and their stories to be published and read by a ravenous audience, eager for more.

And the authors know that my closing remark in the rebuttal piece is the truth, that the doors of traditional publishing are still closed to them, even to those who regularly hit #1 in the IR category.

To game these women? Unforgivable.

AZ also discusses her opinions on The Hustle’s conduct, and they’re worth reading. AZ addresses the particularly douchey comments on this site by The Hustle founder Sam Parr.

I particularly love the irony in this statement from their Contribute page:

We’re not Buzzfeed. We produce premium content for smart people. Don’t get me wrong, not all listicles are worthless, but we only publish insightful, clever, or awe-inspiring content. It’s not like we’re stuck up, we just don’t treat our readers like morons.


And if you’d like to support Anna Cleary, whose work was plagiarised by Havel, you can buy a legal copy of her book by clicking on the (affiliate) links below.

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