A quickie with…Lee Christine, author of In Safe Hands

Escape Publishing launch author Lee Christine talks about her latest book, In Safe Hands.

Last week, I had the privilege of sitting down for a chat with Escape Publishing’s launch authors, and they agreed to let me post a short vodcast of them talking about their books an answering that most important question of all: Do you kill fairies?

This vodcast is with Lee Christine, author of In Safe Hands, a romantic suspense featuring an ex-SAS hero and a lawyer heroine whose career—and possibly life—is under jeopardy from a blackmailer. Christine is a woman of many talents—it didn’t make it to the final cut, but she revealed that she plays ‘the devil’s instrument’.

If you can’t see the video, click here to view it directly on YouTube. It runs for just under a minute and a half.

In Safe Hands by Lee ChristineIn Safe Hands

Escape Publishing | 9780857990037 | Excerpt (PDF)

She thinks she needs him, but she doesn’t know the secrets he keeps…

Threatened with the publication of naked photographs taken in her law student days, defence attorney Allegra Greenwood enlists the help of former SAS Commander Luke Neilson, unaware of his involvement in her brother’s death in Afghanistan.

In a race to stop the photographs appearing on the Internet, Luke battles a hidden enemy, his growing feelings for Allegra, and his conscience, which demands he protect a fallen comrade’s sister. As the stakes increase and more sinister motives unfold, Luke not only has to fight to save her career, he has to fight to save her life.

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  1. helene says:

    Downloaded In Safe Hands yesterday and had a very late night :-)

    If you enjoy Cindy Gerard then you’ll enjoy this fast paced read set in familiar territory. Loved it!

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