About That Night by Julie James

About That Night by Julie James

About That Night by Julie James (FBI/US Attorney Series, Book 3)A fun story that demonstrates what good contemporary romance is all about.

On her last day of university, Rylann Pierce met a cute, hot guy, but he stood her up the next day. Nine years later, she’s a successful assistant US Attorney in Chicago and he’s a billionaire ex-con known as the Twitter Terrorist. In return for his sister’s help in capturing a criminal, Kyle Rhodes was released early on house arrest as part of a deal with the US Attorney’s Office (see A Lot like Love, another awesome book). During his release, he runs into Rylann again, and sparks fly. But she works for the state and he’s an ex-cyber criminal—can they really make it work?

This book reminded me of what a good contemporary romance is all about. Just the right touch of humour, effective banter and sizzling romance. Rylann is easy to relate to—she’s something of a super career woman but at the same time very human in relationships. Kyle is believable as a billionaire who went nuts and fucked up and is trying to regain his reputation. I really liked both of them.

Author Julie James also creates a set of entertaining secondary characters. I enjoyed the way they interacted with the main characters, even if they were other-books-in-the-series bait.

The technology aspects of the plot didn’t feel contrived. I’ve read books where someone fixes the computer by formatting the hard drive (and there’s no panic about losing files) and there was that memorable story where the hero was Steve Jobs’ partner. While the whole hacking of Twitter was a bit silly—especially when you discover why—it seemed plausible enough and the author didn’t try too hard by using unfamiliar terminology and falling flat.

Yay or nay?

I spent a lot of time grinning while reading this book, which makes it hard to sneak read at work! The story is a lot of fun and a good representative of the contemporary romance genre. I wish James would write more (and possibly faster) and I wonder if she’ll ever write a book without a lawyer in it…

Who might enjoy it: Readers who enjoy strong, humorous characters

Who might not enjoy it: People with an aversion to lawyers

Title: About That Night (excerpt)
Series: FBI/US Attorney Series (Book 3)
Author: Julie James
Publisher: Berkley Sensation

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