Anna Campbell in the news, Momentum imprint, D publishing, musings on ebooks

Anna Campbell in the news, Momentum imprint, D publishing, musings on ebooks

Helene Young giveaway winner

I just realised we never announced the winner of the Wings of Fear giveaway. Congratulations to Mary Preston who commented:

I would love to try Australian romantic suspense because it’s ours. The very essence of the book would be familiar, and this familiarity of location and turn of phrase would heighten the suspense for me. Romantic suspense I just adore for not being saccharin sweet.

Anna Campbell featured in The West Australian

The West Australian recently published an article, Aussies say love is king, by Alecia Hancock, featuring historical romance author Anna Campbell: ‘[She] admits her fascination with romance began at the tender age of eight. She says that her mother, frustrated by her constant chatter, dug out an old Mills & Boon from the back of a cupboard and gave it to her to read.’

Pan Macmillan launches digital-only imprint

Hallelujah! Local publishers are finally (maybe) catching up! Pan Macmillan will be launching a digital-only imprint called Momentum in February 2012. The launch list includes new titles from authors such as John Birmingham. The imprint is also planning to republish out of print titles. The press release doesn’t mention romance titles or authors, but it’s early days yet.

Dymocks to launch publishing arm

Dymocks is planning to launch a publishing arm, D publishing, in October for authors looking to self-publish. The SMH report doesn’t have enough details to clarify whether or not the Dymocks initiative will be closer to a print and distribution service or vanity publishing. We should have a better idea in a few weeks.

A short essay on ebooks

Rachael over at Rachael’s Ebook Ramble posted a fantastic list of observations around ebooks. I know many of you have read it all before in various blogs, but what I love about Rachael’s blog is that she thinks as a publisher as well as a consumer, and she looks at the issues from a local perspective while taking into account what’s going on with ebooks overseas where they’re a bigger part of the market.

What do you think?

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