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  • 7:57 AM: BookThingo Wandergurl and I are liveblogging ARRC09 via Twitter, cross-posted to the blog. Afternoon sessions include book signing, author speed-dating, panel discussions on series romance, crossing genres, and romance with attitude, keynote speech by Sherrilyn Kenyon, group farewell, and close.
  • 12:16 PM: BookThingo #arrc Lined up for book signing. 15 mins before start and it’s already up to the end of the corridor.
  • 12:22 PM: BookThingo #arrc People standing up. Might be starting soon.
  • 12:23 PM: BookThingo #arrc Didn’t tweet gala dinner but I won the Reader Challenge. Quite unexpected
  • 12:26 PM: BookThingo #arrc Acheron by @sherrilynkenyon won best paranormal rom. Sofia from Galaxy wore stockings. Much Kenyon love.
  • 12:26 PM: BookThingo #arrc Stephanie Laurens won best Australian romance author
  • 12:27 PM: BookThingo #arrc Melanie Milburne won best category romance
  • 12:28 PM: BookThingo #arrc Untouched by Anna Campbell won best historical romance
  • 12:33 PM: BookThingo #arrc Still waiting. Started reading Tempt the Devil.
  • 12:34 PM: BookThingo #arrc Thoughts on cover: Pneumonia. And is the hero wearing a chastity belt?!?
  • 1:28 PM: BookThingo #arrc Scored sooo many free HQNs. Anna Campbell is so much fun. Have author crush.
  • 1:30 PM: BookThingo #arrc Goodies room has run out of snazzy rulers and door signs
  • 1:31 PM: BookThingo #arrc Smart Bitches and Stephanie Laurens getting lots of bids in silent auction
  • 1:33 PM: BookThingo #arrc So are JR Ward and Nalini Singh and @sherrilynkenyon
  • 1:56 PM: BookThingo #arrc So are Laurel Hamilton and Kerri Arthur. Low battery.
  • 1:57 PM: BookThingo #arrc Attending series romance panel
  • 2:04 PM: BookThingo #arrc This will be a raucous session, I can tell
  • 2:06 PM: BookThingo #arrc Paula Roe labelled a contest slut!
  • 2:08 PM: BookThingo #arrc Readers buy series because they know what they’re getting
  • 2:10 PM: BookThingo #arrc No formula, just attached reader expectation
  • 2:11 PM: girlwithabolo am at writers w an attitude & the ladies next to me think im bored! Im live blogging!
  • 2:13 PM: girlwithabolo mjd is telling us about how its hard for her to be symphatetic to people that whine about lousy childhoods,she had one & she laughed thru it
  • 2:15 PM: girlwithabolo eating junk for lunch as pressed for time having fun tho
  • 2:16 PM: BookThingo #arrc Writing from male POV lets authors push boundaries bec con justify hero’s actions better
  • 2:18 PM: girlwithabolo @bookthingo no formula! Bull
  • 2:18 PM: girlwithabolo talking abt secondary characters now. Including kids and animals
  • 2:20 PM: BookThingo #arrc Not passive. Reader interacts with text
  • 2:21 PM: BookThingo #arrc Women shouldn’t be devalued for reading hobby. Just part of balanced diet.
  • 2:22 PM: girlwithabolo jane tara’s best line: i write to escape my kids!ally blair:i was hoping some1 else had a diff opinion than me!
  • 2:24 PM: girlwithabolo issues with kids reading adult books. Mjd gets a lot of them
  • 2:26 PM: BookThingo #arrc Demographics: 1% male, 45-65, would like younger market, need to target channels for youthful readers
  • 2:27 PM: girlwithabolo @bookthingo oooh we’re underage! Hee hee
  • 2:30 PM: BookThingo #arrc Heroines getting stronger and independent, ethnic variety, changes reflert popular culture
  • 2:34 PM: BookThingo #arrc Some lines don’t work in all geographies so it just depends
  • 2:34 PM: girlwithabolo talking about screenplays now, about how it helps u write/practice writing dialogue
  • 2:36 PM: BookThingo #arrc Harlequin launching YA line in July
  • 2:39 PM: BookThingo #arrc About 12 archetypal themes used.
  • 2:44 PM: girlwithabolo mjd is talking about free shoes fr beverley feldman. Who is that? I should know her.
  • 2:48 PM: BookThingo #arrc Editors get lots of reader feedback. Short female with talk guy, logistics just aren’t right!
  • 2:52 PM: girlwithabolo authors talking about having no control over everything after writing the book
  • 2:54 PM: girlwithabolo question on whether sex scenes are based on real life. mjd’s husband said, b careful when u answer!
  • 2:55 PM: girlwithabolo amy andrews husband read one of her books and said, well do u want to do this hahahahaha
  • 3:08 PM: BookThingo #arrc Was too engrossed to tweet. Very good panel, that.
  • 3:34 PM: girlwithabolo at the sherrilyn kenyon & dianna love talk
  • 3:36 PM: BookThingo #arrc Q&A with Sherrilyn Kenyon and Dianna Love
  • 3:39 PM: BookThingo #arrc World will end when Kenyon sets foot in Salem
  • 3:41 PM: BookThingo #arrc A fan once dropped her pants in front of Kenyon, resulting in pants dropping mexican wave
  • 3:43 PM: girlwithabolo #aarc
  • 3:44 PM: girlwithabolo #aarc bookthingo here cos i ran out of batteries
  • 3:47 PM: girlwithabolo evry may sherrilyn, dianna and others donate for diabetes
  • 3:48 PM: girlwithabolo who’s the league! Allison we need u, help!
  • 4:22 PM: girlwithabolo sherri’s family is very very funny and she calls them rednecks, bogan they are!
  • 4:23 PM: girlwithabolo re zarek “my hero is from the shit pitt”
  • 4:24 PM: girlwithabolo of course i can only spell pit like brad pitt.


  1. Allison says:

    The League is an early SK romance series. Readers who bought Man of my Dreams anthology might remember Fire and Ice, which is the only part of the series that I’ve read (so to be honest, I don’t know that much about this series). The League books will be rereleased at the end of the year, so Sherri is urging readers to wait for those rather than tracking down original copies and paying top dollar.

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