ARRC11 details announced

ARRC11 details announced

Proud member of the Australian Romance Readers AssociationToday, the Australian Romance Readers Association confirmed that the 2011 readers’ convention will run from Friday, March 25 to Sunday, March 27 at the Swiss Grand, Bondi Beach.

Keynote speakers include Australian author Anna Campbell (historical romance), New Zealand author Nalini Singh (paranormal romance and urban fantasy) and US author Cindy Gerard (romantic suspense).

You can read more details about the keynote speakers at the ARRA blog.

I’M SO EXCITED! So … who’s coming to Sydney?


  1. Oh oh oh! I want to go this time! I was sitting on twitter as well as getting text updates from Sofia, and decided that I had to attend for the next one. Sadly, it is the same weekend as Soundwave, so I guess I have to miss the Sunday events. Which night do you think the dinner/awards will be? I think the last one was a Saturday? I may have to take off a few days after that weekend to recover from all the excitement LOL

  2. Kat says:

    I’d count on the awards night being on the Saturday. That would be the most convenient day for attendees, I’d imagine. I’m so excited it’s embarrassing.

  3. I made a mistake about my dates anyway, so I can attend everything. I was worried I was going to be all tuckered out for the music festival. Thank god it isn’t that weekend!
    I need to remember to plan my outfit in advance because I always forget to save and end up cobbling an outfit together at the last minute LOL
    Haha I haven’t even been before and I keep forgetting to post in my application form to join ARRA, but I am still dancing in my office chair! Yeay!!!

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