Author events, librarians who take risks and attacking genre

Author events, librarians who take risks and attacking genre
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Kelley Armstrong events

Thu, Aug 11 — Sun, 14 — Romance Writers Conference
Mon, Aug 15 — Dymocks Collins St, 6.30pm
Tue, Aug 16 — Galaxy Bookshop, 5.30pm
Wed, Aug 17 — Dymocks George Street, 12.30pm

(Source: Media release)

Maria V. Snyder — Updated list of public events

Thu, Aug 4 — Byron Bay Writers Festival, 11am – 11.45am: Vampires VS Gritty Realism
Sat, Aug 6 — Byron Bay Writers Festival, 4pm – 5pm: They’re Growing up – Writing for Youth” Sun, Aug 7 — Byron Bay Writers Festival, 1pm – 2pm: Where does YA Begin? Adult Themes for Young Readers
Sun, Aug 7 — Byron Bay Writers Festival, 4.15pm – 4.45pm: Maria V Snyder
Mon, Aug 8 — Dymocks Brisbane City, 5.30pm: Talk and signing
Tue, Aug 9 — Readings Hawthorn, 5pm
Wed, Aug 10 – Werribee Plaza Library (with Collins Booksellers), 5pm: Talk and signing
Thu, Aug 11 — Target Melbourne City, 3.30pm
Thu, Aug — Rendezvous, The Romance Bookstore, 6pm
Mon, Aug 15 — Kinokuniya Bookshop, 6pm
Tue, Aug 16 — Dymocks George Street, 5pm
Wed, Aug 17 — Galaxy Bookshop, noon
Wed, Aug 17 — Ultimo Library, 5.30pm: Storms & Magic: Controlling the forces of…fiction

(Source: Media release)

Lauren Kate events

Lauren Kate is doing a book tour for her latest release, and she’s scheduled to do a whole heap of signings. It might be easier just to check out the Facebook site for a list of events.

Librarians who take risks

(Are the best kind!) Ned Potter over at thewikiman posted his thoughts on ‘bravery based’ librarianship. It’s a bit librarian-nerdy, but I think it would be very interesting for readers who frequently visit the library. Innovative librarians make books fun. (Source: @VaVeros)

When genres attack! 2

Claire Zorn posted a recap of the second When Genres Attack! session hosted by Shearers Bookshop. The discussion included issues such as expectations on heroines, how female authors are marketed and gender bias in literary awards. From the recap, the panel seems to have covered many of the same ground that Romancelandia has been bemoaning for a while. There’s a slightly snooty tone around romance (your mileage may vary, but it was a panel on genre) and it’s telling that although the panel’s topic seems to be a perfect fit for romance there’s not a single romance genre author on the panel. (The official When Genres Attack blog is less likely to make romance readers’ heads explode.)

I thought about writing an entire post to talk about Zorn’s recap, but it annoyed me even to think about it, so I settled for a comment. Maybe I should just stop reading articles on literary blogs when they’re talking romance. Because clearly, they don’t have a clue and are quite happy that way.

I so wish I could’ve attended this talk. Armed with the skankiest romance book cover I can find. Next time…

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