Black Dagger Brotherhood book 12 (The King) and beyond

Black Dagger Brotherhood book 12 (The King) and beyond

The King by J. R. Ward (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 12) - US editionBeware the spoilers! Look away now if you don’t want to know tidbits about future BDB and Fallen Angels books…

J. R. Ward’s mods have posted spoilers from her recent signing and Q&A for the release of the latest Fallen Angel book, Possession. Check out her Facebook page for the full post, because some things are too spoilery for me to mention here (mainly to do with Possession), but the highlights are:

  • s’Ex is the Shadow queen’s Enforcer and he will be in The King.
  • Murhder will reappear soon, but not in The King.
  • Beth’s pregnancy will take place in one book, but Keep Reading for the name of their young. Will they have a son and follow in the tradition of naming him Wrath, or will they choose something else? Will it be a girl? And the young might be a third option besides vampire or human!
  • Ward is working on Rhage and Mary’s novella (but remember that The King began life as Wrath and Beth’s novella).
  • Devina might possibly end up with Lash! It’s actually kind of perfect because she needs to be desired and has a thing for guys who don’t like her, while Lash treats females of any species with entitlement and doesn’t like anyone as much as himself.
  • Selena has issues, but Trez is attracted to her.
  • The Assail/Sola plot continues in The King.
  • Ward knows whose book comes after The King, but she’s keeping quiet.
  • Lassiter’s book may be a Fallen Angels book, or it may be a BDB book. It will become clearer at the end of the Fallen Angels series, when she can see where the characters are and where they’re going. So I’m going to say his is not the book following The King.
  • The next Fallen Angels book will be called Immortal. All the souls are male—it’s just worked out that way. (Without context for that particular Q&A, it could be all the souls we know about, rather than all the souls in the entire series. I would not have been surprised to see one female soul, and for Jim to be one of them, given his duality and fixation on Sissy.)
  • There is a new series in the pipeline, but it’s too soon to say anything yet. Could it be about the wolfen?

You can preorder the US hardcover of The King from Amazon and Book Depository. It comes out March 25, 2014.

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