Black Dagger Brotherhood cheat sheets updated and revamped

Black Dagger Brotherhood cheat sheets updated and revamped

Decadence has been busy updating the Black Dagger Brotherhood cheat sheets, and they’re finally done!

The updates include information up to and including Tohr’s book. Note that the cheat sheets have not been updated to include information from Lover At Last to avoid accidentally spoiling readers who have not yet had a chance to read the book.

We have also created dedicated pages for the cheat sheets. You should be able to see the pages from the black menu bar at the top of this screen. If you hover your mouse above the ‘BDB’ menu item, you should automatically see a list of subpages below it. (Let me know if this doesn’t work for you!)

Whenever we update or add information about the BDB, we will update the pages and then post a summary of the updates to make sure you don’t miss out on the info! So if you have links to the old cheat sheets, please update them to point to the overview page here. This page has a link to all the cheat sheets, reviews pre-release spoilers and other related posts about the BDB.

We hope you’ll find this new structure easier to use, and a huge THANK YOU to Decadence for the updates!

And now, here are the latest updates to the cheat sheets:

Significant changes

Significant changes were made to the following pages, so click on the links to check out what’s been happening to these characters:


Xcor stirs up the glymera against Wrath and he spends the next few months visiting the heads of the six founding bloodlines to reassure them of their safety under the Brotherhood, but when he visits Assail, despite the security set up by both parties, Wrath was shot through the neck and survived, thanks to Tohr getting him out (with Lassiter’s help) and performing a life-saving tracheotomy to bypass the bullet lodged in his neck, and Qhuinn fighting Xcor long enough to give them the chance to escape.


Marissa loves that Butch is always a gentlemale towards her, never complaining about her long hours or stress caused by running Safe Place, where she is the head of her own little family and controls every aspect of its running. She will soon build a new wing financed by the sale of Wellsie’s jewellery.


V was in his forge working on a black dagger when Tohr came to collect the silver urn wrapped in a velvet bag and tied with a bow that contained Wellsie’s ashes. I thought the dagger might be for Qhuinn, but he gave Tohr a set for the Fade ceremony.


Phury escorted Layla into the training room to protect her from Throe as she feeds him. He went overboard in the protection department by letting her believe Throe is an honourable warrior who serves his race every night. This bit Layla in the arse when Throe summoned her to feed Xcor, for whom she felt attraction before she learned that he was really her enemy.


Rehv is still the Princeps Council leahdyre, but is known to be pro-Wrath. He uses his position to slow down the Band of Bastards’ progress in undermining Wrath, but his council uses the loophole of an ‘informal’ gathering to meet and talk treason behind his back.

JM and Xhex

A few days after their mating ceremony, JM saw Xhex get injured in a fight with a lesser, so he started inserting himself into her battles. She was pissed and kept on fighting. They argued over her fighting, she thinks it’s because she’s female, but JM signed that her “stupidity” in continuing to fight while injured puts others in danger. He didn’t realise that everyone was watching him sign that to her.

No’One is trying to build a relationship with Xhex, but Xhex feels that her mother is afraid of her because she is a symphath.


Lassiter is a fallen angel who was condemned to the In Between since he caused the Black Plague that decimated a third of the human population in central Europe and his last chance for freedom is to ensure that Tohr can move on freeing himself and Wellsie (and their young) from the In Between. So like it or not, he must move in with the Brotherhood. His scenes in the mansion are often quite amusing because Lassiter is just a little bit too metrosexual to belong. He loves chick flicks and trashy reality and talk shows, like Maury Povitch.

Lassiter doesn’t really have much feeling for others and leaped at the assignment he was offered without bothering to learn what was required because it was his one chance out of the In Between. He just thought he had to save Tohr’s life and get him fighting again, but since he was still stuck, he knew there had to be more. He has visions of Wellsie and the young turning still, grey and distant, which are very bad signs.


Trez uses the surname Latimer for the humans, so presumably iAm does as well. He feeds and fucks at work, but never from the same female or woman twice.

Blay and Saxton

Blay sometimes resents Layla for her connection to Qhuinn, despite his relationship with Saxton, who he finds to be a complete contrast to Qhuinn—refined, good sense of humour, well-dressed, uncomplicated and unjealous.

After Qhuinn fought Xcor, Saxton suggested to Blay that he should speak up about Qhuinn’s heroism to the king, knowing Blay still loves his cousin. Once he got the go-ahead, he started his research to rewrite the laws preventing Qhuinn becoming a Brother.


Xcor is slowly becoming less of a machine since learning of the Bloodletter’s lie, even to the point of wishing he had a handsome face so that he wouldn’t keep repulsing whores.


Xcor trained him to be a fighter, and although he lost his first fights with the other bastards, they saw him immediately and innately fall into battle stance and pick up moves, learning more in that first night than many soldiers do after years in the camp. He believes he owes Xcor an eternal debt of service and also stays because he feels that he and the other bastards are committed to each other.

The Brotherhood

There used to be twenty to thirty Brothers at a time, but as of the end of Lover Reborn, there were only seven Brothers including the king (who no longer fights) and the Primale, who is now fighting for the first time in history. Although they are not actually Brothers, John Matthew, his ahstrux notrum (bodyguard) Qhuinn, Blaylock, Xhex and Payne have joined the war.

World building — Needing, civil unrest, Safe Place 

A female’s needing can also bring on the needing in other females within proximity.

Xcor’s letters to the six founding bloodlines and Rehvenge (as leahdyre) have the stuffed shirts secretly talking about revolution after Rehv denies the Band of Bastards a reaction or the chance to speak to the Council. All but Assail align themselves with Xcor. Assail claims to be a neutral businessman but not standing with Xcor has earned him a powerful enemy.

Marissa loves that Butch is always a gentlemale towards her, never complaining about her long hours or stress caused by running Safe Place, where she is the head of her own little family and controls every aspect of its running.


  1. azteclady says:

    You guys…wow. Talk about dedication. Awe, I tell you.
    Thank you, Decadence, really good work.
    Though, if I may? Kat, you have a paragraph about Marissa/Butch stuck to the end of the worldbuilding’s section in this post.

  2. Kat says:

    Thanks, azteclady! That last paragraph is filed under Safe Place, but yeah, it does look out of place. I’ve updated the subheading, which will hopefully make it a little clearer.

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