Black Dagger Brotherhood: Excerpts from The King

Black Dagger Brotherhood: Excerpts from The King

The King by J. R. Ward (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 12) - Australian editionThe King is coming…

…and we know it because J. R. Ward has begun posting excerpts on her Facebook page: ‘You are everything to me.’

The second excerpt is a conversation between Wrath and Rhage: ‘Her eyes are right on you, and that smile of hers? Million bucks, my friend. Million f**king bucks.’

And then there’s a link to Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey dancing to Time of My Life. Um. Okay?

Anyway, if you’re thinking of getting a signed copy, it looks like the virtual signing site is still taking pre-orders. Not long to go now before Twitter explodes with the sound of a bajillion readers getting their BDB fix!

You can preorder the US hardcover of The King from the links below. It comes out March 25, 2014.

Click here for more BDB cheat sheets and spoilers.


Piatkus | 9780749959593 (C) | 9780451417053 (HB) | 9781101602188 (E)

The King by J. R. Ward (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 12) - Australian editionThe King by J. R. Ward (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 12) - US editionLong live the King . . .

After turning his back on the throne for centuries, Wrath, son of Wrath, finally assumed his father’s mantle – with the help of his beloved mate. But the crown sets heavily on his head. As the war with the Lessening Society rages on, and the threat from the Band of Bastards truly hits home, he is forced to make choices that put everything – and everyone – at risk.

Beth Randall thought she knew what she was getting into when she mated the last pure blooded vampire on the planet: An easy ride was not it. But when she decides she wants a child, she’s unprepared for Wrath’s response – or the distance it creates between them.

The question is, will true love win out . . . or tortured legacy take over?

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  1. azteclady says:

    I find myself so…meh about the whole thing now.
    I’ll eventually get a copy to mail to my sister (who lives elsewhere and is even more of a techno phone than I am, so she needs a physical copy), but I’m not even sure I’ll actually read it–my annoyance with every character speaking with the same voice is too fresh in my mind at the moment.
    Of course, I’ve said that before and caved :wink:

  2. Kat says:

    I don’t like that we’re revisiting old characters who were supposed to have had their HEAs in this book. Plus the blurb always hypes up one couple and lately the secondary couples had ended up getting a lot of the focus in the actual story.

    But like you said, I’m not sure I can wean myself off the crack!

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