Lover Reborn by J. R. Ward (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 10)

Lover Reborn by J. R. Ward (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 10) - Australian/UK editionLast update 5/12/2016

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This section contains information on:

  • Tohrment (hero of Lover Reborn)
  • No’One, Tohr’s shellan
  • Hharm, Tohr’s father
  • Lassiter

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(Son of Hharm)

Tohrment spent time at the Bloodletter’s warrior camp until he attracted the Brotherhood’s attention. For his test, he was assigned to help Darius track down the leahdyre’s kidnapped daughter. His father neglected him, so Darius took him under his wing, stepping on Hharm’s toes in the process. Hharm disowned Tohr. Being now ruined in society, Tohr promised Darius he would be an asset, not a hindrance.

Having nowhere else to go, Tohr slept in the Brotherhood’s cave until Darius discovered him and took him back to Sampsone’s house for a meal. Tohr’s pride was dented, but Darius told him he would serve the most use by being strong and well-fed.

He spent the day at Darius’ modest house before tracking down the symphath, who used the female as a shield. Tohr took aim and killed the symphath with a single shot to the head. Darius assumed he’d missed, but Tohr told him he wouldn’t have taken the shot if he hadn’t been sure he’d hit his target.

The female lived with him and Darius until she delivered a healthy baby girl who bore no resemblance to her symphath ancestors. She took Tohr’s dagger and killed herself. Full of guilt and pain, Tohr took her outside despite the rain and buried her under their apple tree. He felt despair that the female had condemned herself to an afterlife outside of the Fade.

He and Darius took the young (Xhex, who mated Darius after he’d been reincarnated as JM) to a vampire family whose young died during birth.

Tohr is different from the other vampires in that he showed no signs of a tortured past. Since Hharm didn’t care about the tradition or Tohr, his mahmen was the one who promised him to Wellesandra, blooded daughter of the Princeps Relix and Tohr was fortunate enough to have bonded with her. Sheer luck that the one female he would want above all others happened to be the one he was honour-bound to mate. Darius, not Hharm, attended the ceremony.

They had been mated for a century when Hharm asked to see Tohr. Wellsie made Tohr go and father and son were reconciled, but Hharm passed away six months later.

Tohr showed his love by doing small, practical things to show he was thinking of his shellan, such as making sure her truck had snow chains. He was very respectful of her—when she told him off over the phone about his untidiness, he apologised in front of JM and didn’t play the macho dickhead when he hung up. He was together, level-headed, could be tough, but ultimately fair, and was the logical choice to take over as head of the Brotherhood when Wrath ascended to the throne.

But misfortune came to him twice. First, he lost his best friend, Darius, in a lesser car bomb. But then a young pretrans going by the human name John Matthew was brought to the Brotherhood, and Tohr and Wellsie took him in and they liked having him as a son. He was really happy to learn that the boy was Darius’s son.

Tohr was often on edge since Wellsie fell pregnant as there was a risk that she might die during the pregnancy or childbirth. But what happened was even worse than that.

It was just a normal day. Wellsie cancelled the vampires’ order for apples to be used in a solstice festival because the lessers found out about them and the vampires were vulnerable. She and her cousin Sarelle went to visit a spiritual leader, Madalina (who was also Bella’s mother), to discuss options. But Mr O, who was there to find Bella, didn’t miss the opportunity to kill the two females.

Tohr felt a sudden chest pain and told himself it was indigestion, but he knew something was wrong and tried to call Wellsie. When the Brotherhood arrived to formally tell him she had been murdered, he lost it. His power created a whirlwind inside the room and eventually he just seemed to implode.

For eight months no one knew where he was, although Wrath was convinced he could still feel his brother in his veins.

Tohr lived in the mountains, somewhere in the same region as Rehvenge’s great camp. He’d meant to send himself to the symphath colony up north and ended up in the Adirondacks by mistake, frustrated that there were no lessers. He fed on deer blood and waited for death because suicides don’t go to the Fade and he would never get to be with Wellsie again.

Eventually he was found by the angel Lassiter and returned to his Brothers, but he felt out of sync without Wellsie and even had trouble connecting with his son, John Matthew. But he stopped JM from walking away and they cried together over their loss.

Vishous was making daggers for Tohr because even though he didn’t know it yet, he will start fighting again.

Four months later, Tohr was still waiting to die. He dreamed of being with Wellsie every day, and every night he was stunned into waking with all trace of her gone. He ate in front of JM but would throw up when he left. He still showered even though there was no apparent reason behind it because it didn’t advance him to his goal of going to the Fade to be with Wellsie forever.

One night Lassiter told him that that night was different and reminded him of when Wrath had been hit by a car while chasing lessers in 1958. Tohr found him and took him to Havers. Although Marissa fed him, Wrath was in a coma for around 24 hours, during which time all the Brothers phoned for updates and the hospital staff prayed for the recovery of the king who refused to be king. Then when Wrath woke up, he didn’t acknowledge Tohr in any way for saving his life, even though Tohr hadn’t expected to be thanked. It made him realise that he was treating his brothers and JM the same way.

He decided to go back to the beginning and took Lassiter with him to the Tomb, where the first Brother’s skull is kept and the Brothers’ names are inscribed on the wall. Lassiter tried to tell him that he wouldn’t find any answers there because he’s asking the wrong questions. Lassiter dropped the bomb that Wellsie died exactly one year ago and he can’t leave Tohr because Wellsie sent him to look after Tohr.

Hearing someone else say Wellsie’s name woke him up and when Wrath found him, Tohr said that he was ready to rejoin the Brotherhood and Wrath took him back.

The Chosen Selena (who is the only Chosen aside from Cormia who will stay on this side when Rehvenge makes his monthly visit to the Adirondacks) was sent to feed him. With her traditional Chosen robes, blue eyes and black hair, she is nothing like Wellsie. Despite not wanting the intimacy with another female, once she offered her wrist, he fed hard and almost killed her in his need.

Afterwards, he was hungry for food and on the way to the kitchen he thought about Darius, looked in on Wrath and saw his old office chair next to Wrath’s, who updated him on his adoptive son. He began to realise how his decline had hurt JM.

He dressed and armed for the Princeps Council meeting, but Wrath told him he wasn’t yet strong enough to go. He waited until V turned his head before shooting the cigarette out of his mouth, proving he was still an asset.

A month later he was part of the rescue team sent in to save Rehvenge, so he must have regained most of his health.

After Xhex’s return, John noticed that Tohr was regaining his fighting weight. He also doesn’t seem to need Lassiter around as much any more.

He told JM he was glad he had Xhex and it made “cosmic sense” for them to be together, which makes me wonder how much he knows about the connection between JM and Darius. When he learned John was taking Xhex through his past, he gave JM he keys to his house and Lash’s drug money for the orphanage.

In a reversal of his abandonment of JM, he finds himself on the outside looking in when he quietly follows JM to make sure he’s OK on the streets. He realised that you have to take care of those you have left and couldn’t stand to lose JM the way he lost Wellsie. But when Lash is dead, he will dedicate himself to wiping out lessers in her memory until the day he dies.

He told JM he and Xhex made so much sense and they apologised for how they’d neglected the other. When JM asked him to be there when he killed Lash, it was like they’d never been apart.

When Wrath was late returning from the Other Side, Tohr resumed leadership of the Brotherhood and broke them up into teams for the night.

Xhex tracked Lash and saved JM’s life but left herself open so Lash used her as a shield. Just the way he rescued her mother centuries ago, Tohr fired a perfect shot into Lash’s head.

He returned to the home he shared with Wellsie and repaired the door JM blew apart. He collected an old LV trunk and took it to Xhex. It contains Wellsie’s mating dress and he thinks it;s appropriate that Xhex should also wear it for her mating, but has no intention of telling her why.

No’One appears and tells Xhex it was because Tohr had been there at the beginning. Tohr is shocked that the female who killed herself with his dagger should be alive and present on her daughter’s mating day.

He continues to fight, fueled by his hatred of the lessers, but although he pulls himself together to give JM fatherly advice on how to handle his disagreement with Xhex over fighting lessers and sets ground rules for Wrath who needs to visit the founding bloodlines to reassure them, he exists for the kill.

Tohr slept with Wellsie’s mating gown after it had been cleaned and returned by No’One and the next night he got drunk after JM used his tragedy as a reason to keep Xhex out of the field. Then, resenting her very existence, he sees her naked in the pool and goes off, accusing her of trying to tempt the unmated males. Then he asked why she was there since she’s not spending time with Xhex and Payne, her supposed reasons for staying.

Lassiter saw him being a dick to No’One and tries to explain about Wellsie and the young being trapped in the In Between and their limited time frame, but Tohr doesn’t believe him. He goes to the Other Side to apologise to No’One and check the records on Wellsie. She is listed as lost, where other similar entries would say the decedent is in the Fade.

Eventually weakness forces Tohr to feed from No’One and although he loses himself in the differences between her and Wellsie and enjoyed it, the experience pulls him back into the past.

He found a wounded Throe battling lessers on his own, so he made preparations for Throe to be taken in for treatment, but in pain over how he’d treated No’One, he walked into lesser gunfire.

As part of the healing process, Tohr is left alone with No’One to feed. He admitted that he’d been angry with her for committing suicide, but now understands that she wouldn’t have been able to see beyond her own suffering to the impact her actions would have on others. He feeds, which turns them both on and she wants to see him get himself off. He offered to return the favour later, when he asked her to feed from his throat and came from her bite. He took his time satisfying her. He repected her bravery in allowing him that close after her past and his previous treatment of her.

After three months together, they’re still not having full, penetrative sex because Tohr keeps her at arm’s length, not telling her about his nightmares of Wellsie becoming more distant in the In Between and avoiding her outside the bedroom. But her blood has restored him to his former size and strength.

He was worried when he couldn’t find No’One and the sight of her returning on the back of Xhex’s bike got him hot. He held her hand as he took her into Last Meal, which would have already drawn stares, even if he hadn’t been shirtless and she had her hood down. He growled at everyone to mark his territory.

Lassiter forces him to watch chick flicks to relearn romance, but Tohr can’t stand it any longer and they finish up with Die Hard.

Tohr returned to the home he’d shared with Wellsie, expecting to reconnect with her and drive out thoughts of No’One, but instead finds inanimate things and his mind accepted that the best thing for Wellsie was for him to find another female. He thinks of No’One’s quiet dignity and recognises her as a female of worth.

Tohr acted as Wrath’s personal guard during the meeting at Assail’s, guiding him out after he’d been shot, driving him to safety and performing an emergency tracheotomy to bypass the bullet stuck in Wrath’s neck.

When offered a favour from the king, Tohr demanded a proclamation granting him exclusive rights to kill Xcor.

When JM saw No’One waiting for Tohr, he saw her feelings and apologised for reacting so badly earlier, but he didn’t realise they were the serious. Tohr told him he’d only ever love one female.

But he and No’One had sex, during which he’d paused for a moment expecting to feel like he was betraying Wellsie, but it felt right. He called No’One by her birth name Rosalhynda, but she hates that name and the old life it represents, but she doesn’t feel like no one anymore. Tohr named her Autumn for his favourite season (that they happen to be in now) when the colour or the leaves makes up for the cooling weather.

‘”You’re beautiful and you burn brightly – and it’s time for you to come out. So I say… Autumn.”… To be named was to be claimed, and it made her feel… reborn.’

Tohr slept with Autumn for the first time and the white streak in his hair is the only physical manifestation of his loss. He and Xhex teach Autumn about the world and how she can spend her money from her job at the mansion. He thinks they’re both happy, so what’s missing?

Autumn goes into her needing and Tohr answers a call from Doc Jane. He can’t service Autumn because it’s bringing back too many memories and since Autumn won’t accept sedation, he injected himself.

Afterwards he broke up with her, telling her she’s only with a male who doesn’t love her because she’s a masochist, victim and martyr and using her has gained him nothing.

Lassiter punched him out, telling him his words to Autumn just condemned Wellsie and he quit.

Tohr realised his issues weren’t about Wellsie or Autumn, they were all him. He packed up Wellsie’s house and donated everything to Safe Place. Wellsie’s jewellery will pay for a new wing Marissa plans to name Wellesandra. Then Tohr manned up and went to apologise to Autumn. He told her that he’d missed her and that he didn’t want to admit to himself that he’d fallen in love so he’d lashed out. He knew Wellsie got pregnant so she’d have a reason to live if anything happened to Tohr. She would have rebuilt her life without him and wanted him to do the same.

On the day of Wellsie’s Fade ceremony, the Brothers and JM dressed in white robes and brought Tohr things that were important to them in order to show their support. He hoped Autumn would show.

Tohr and Wellsie’s young would have also been called Tohrment.

Phury officiated the ceremony (is it because of Wrath’s blindness?). The Brothers bled from their arms into a large silver bowl of salt and Phury poured a pitcher of water into the mix. Tohr removed his robe as Phury heated a ceremonial brand. In a reversal of the mating ceremony where Wellsie’s name was carved into Tohr’s back while he bore the pain silently to show strength, Phury asked Tohr the name of his dead and he screamed Wellesandra as the brand was laid across the carved scars of her name. Then he screamed Tohrment for his son and was branded again. The salt water was poured over the wounds to seal them.

Tohr caught Autumn’s eyes and felt closer to her than he’d ever felt to Wellsie. But the release from the In Between was the catalyst for Wellsie, Tohrment AND Autumn to go to the Fade.

Thanks to Lassiter, he didn’t have to wait long before Autumn was returned to him.

Wellsie’s ashes were taken to the top of the mansion and released to the wind.

When Beth spent the day away from Wrath, he told her that the good old days are safe because they cannot be changed, reminding her that things were not always smooth sailing with Wrath. But his overall message seemed to be that we have to move on. Although the news of Wrath and Beth’s pregnancy is painful for him, he is happy for them. He told Wrath that females “are as empty without young as we are without them.”

Tohr told Selena that they were going to reopen the training program, unaware that she would not live to see it.

Her death must surely have raised past trauma for him, but aside from a brief mention of him lighting the torch for her pyre, we don’t know how he’s handling it.

When Xcor was discovered at the lessers’ stronghold after the Brotherhood’s raid, he wanted to kill him, but was overruled by the others who want to interrogate him.

He and V look for lesser jars, but there are none to be found and are forced out by the arrival of Jo Early and Bill Elliott.

Autumn is away while Layla is in labour and waiting for Tohr to join her, but he says he doesn’t want to go without some good news for her. He’s stuck in the past of his loss, and Mary tells him that he needs to share with Autumn, who wouldn’t want to be shut out.

Tohr and Autumn visited Layla and she looked for resemblance between him and Xcor. They have their father’s eyes. Layla begins to tell him what she knows, but he changed the subject.


(aka Rosalhynda, blooded daughter of the princeps Sampsone; aka Autumn)

No’One made a very brief appearance in Lover Unbound as the limping female Cormia wanted to avoid. Her hands were covered, her leg drags behind her, and unlike the other Chosen who wear white, No’One’s robes are black.

Rosalhynda was once the daughter of Princeps Council leahdyre Sampsone and, like many highborn females, was a spoiled brat who was idle, dissatisfied and too good to slice her own meat or brush her own hair. In 1671 (she must have been between 25 and 30 as the stress of her abduction triggered her first needing), she was kidnapped and held for about a week by a symphath who forcibly impregnated her before he was killed by Tohr. When she was found, Darius noted that he soul seemed to have already departed. When the symphath died, she told Tohr and Darius they should have killed her instead.

Despite her protests and confession that she had gone into her needing the night she was taken, Darius took her home. Her captor’s father had already arrived to tell her father she had been kidnapped by a symphath, ensuring her ruin to even the scales of his son’s death.

When her father turned her away, she went to live with Darius and Tohr as their family until she gave birth. Once her daughter was born, she swiped Tohr’s dagger and stabbed herself in the stomach. The blood loss during delivery ensured her death.

A suicide does not go to the Fade, but No’One found herself on the Other Side. She had always intended to kill herself but waited to give birth so that her actions wouldn’t deny Xhex the Fade.

In recent times, Payne asked her why she hadn’t visited the Primale and No’One said it was because simple decisions here can have surprising and devastating consequences. She prefers to live in the order of the Other Side.

When Payne was released to be healed by Doc Jane, No’One was inspired to stop being a coward and she also returns to this side. She reveals herself to her daughter Xhex, who inherited her eyes and says that she prayed for her and would like to have a relationship with her.

Although she continues to wear her black robes to hide a face that elicits a deference she feels she hasn’t earned, she is a beautiful blonde with hip-length hair always tied back, grey eyes and pale skin. Her calf is scarred and permanently injured since the symphath kept her in a salty cellar where meat cured with her leg shackled to a post. The salt sealed in the injury and her calf constantly aches.

While she is cleaning Xhex’s mating dress (which actually belongs to Tohr), Lassiter tells her that his and Tohr’s destinies are linked and that she must return the gown to Tohr because he needs a boot in the ass or he’s going to end up in more agony than he already is.

She looks back on the past and regrets having hurt Tohr and being a spoiled brat when she was part of the glymera. She likes to work because she likes to feel useful and it takes her mind off her past, but it puts the doggen’s noses out of joint, especially Fritz since he used to serve her family.

While collecting used towels for laundering, No’One discovered the pool and decided to have a swim to ease her aching leg. But since she only has her robe and sheath on, she strips off completely. A drunken Tohr walks in on her and goes apeshit, calling her a whore and questioning her presence in the mansion. She replies that the last thing she wants is a male.

She returned to the Other Side, remembering the rage she’d felt over her loss and ruin, empathising with Tohr. Although she’d kept tabs on her family and Xhex, she’d felt too guilty over betraying Darius and Tohr to check up on them. She was catching up on some of Tohr’s life with Wellsie when he came in to apologise.

Lassiter convinced to her promise she would do anything to save Tohr and she seems motivated by her characteristic penance, sympathy for someone who she’d seen strong and guilt for having used his weapon for her suicide.

She fed him on several occasions and both started becoming turned on. Tohr offered to feed her, which led to him giving her her first release. She cried afterward because after being so close to him, she now feels really distant and vulnerable.

After three months with Tohr and still not having full penetrative sex, she feels frustrated and grredy for more, but knows that he is holding back from her. So she decides to focus on something else and invites Xhex over. She apologised for abandoning her daughter at birth and tells her that she loves her and is proud of her strength and courage. Her symphath side gives her a powerful weapon and she must never describe herself as an abomination. No’One sees Xhex as a female of worth and doesn’t believe her femininity shouild make her different from the males she lives with who fight and are definitely not victims.

She felt lost and alone when she first arrived, but we’ve seen her growl at V when he tried to get her out of the room for Tohr’s surgery. She can stand up for others, but not herself.

Xhex took her for a ride on her motorbike and Tohr waited for her to return. They went in to Last Meal together, drawing stares because he is shirtless and her hood is down. Tohr growled to mark his territory when he noticed them looking at No’One.

No’One recognised that Tohr and Wellsie had a once in a lifetime love but doesn’t want or need to take Wellsie’s place accepting Tohr as he is, even as he thinks she deserves more. She considers herself lucky to have found this much and is glad she serves a purpose.

After Wrath’s attempted assassination, No’One and Tohr had sex and she felt like he was there with her. She agreed not to wear any more robes. He called her Rosalhynda, but she hates that name because it represents her spoiled, useless existence. Since she doesn’t feel like no one, Tohr named her Autumn for his favourite season (that they happen to be in now) when the colour or the leaves makes up for the cooling weather.

”You’re beautiful and you burn brightly – and it’s time for you to come out. So I say… Autumn.”… To be named was to be claimed, and it made her feel… reborn.’

Tohr slept with Autumn for the first time and she doesn’t want him to know she’s fallen for him.

She went into her needing, but since she did not want to burden Tohr, Doc Jane called him. Autumn refused sedation, so Tohr injected himself. After the needing passed, Tohr dumped her, calling her a victim and martyr who’s only with someone who doesn’t love her out of masochism and he gets nothing out of using her.

Autumn moved in with Xhex, where she insisted on tidying up so as not to be a burden on her daughter.

She came to the realisation that despite Tohr’s shithouse delivery, he was right about her. Nobody told her she had to be a maid for the Chosen, that was something she chose on her own after remembering being looked after by doggen and not being satisfied with much of anything. She is learning to let go so she can move forward and decided she doesn’t want to be with Tohr.

When he came to apologise, she told him their relationship had just come full circle from her selfishness and tragedy to his and now it’s complete. Tohr told her he missed her and didn’t want to admit to himself that he’d fallen in love again.

She attended Wellsie’s Fade ceremony, but because she’d killed herself 300 years ago and was letting go, she’s moved out of her In Between and was taken by the light. She found herself in front of the door to the Fade, angry that she should go through so much to find her intrinsic worth, the last ingredient needed for her to truly love Tohr, only to sacrifice everything and for Tohr to lose another female he loved.

Lassiter told her to stop or she’d piss off the powers that be. He would do what he could for her.

Autumn was returned to the mansion and Tohr’s embrace.


Hharm gave Tohr his blue eyes, dark hair, broad shoulders, strong chest and not much else. Instead of being in the party who collected Tohr from the camp, he was having sex and failed to provide quality weapons for his son.

When Darius tried to take Tohr under his wing, Hharm took offence and disowned his son as he knew he could not beat Darius (after his loss to Darius, the Bloodletter himself punished Hharm mercilessly).

He is a misogynist who enjoys fighting and sex and has a low patience for conversation, including Brotherhood meetings. It’s also been suggested that he was the warrior who raped Darius’ battle conquests in the camp and has a strong taste for mead.

He has many sons by many females, but only Tohrment was eligible to join the Brotherhood as the other females were not Chosen. Six months before he passed away, he asked to see Tohrment and they were reconciled.

It has recently been discovered that Hharm also fathered Xcor.


Lassiter is a fallen angel who was condemned to the In Between since he caused the Black Plague that decimated a third of the human population in central Europe and his last chance for freedom is to ensure that Tohr can move on freeing himself and Wellsie (and their young) from the In Between. So like it or not, he must move in with the Brotherhood. His scenes in the mansion are often quite amusing because Lassiter is just a little bit too metrosexual to belong. He loves chick flicks and trashy reality and talk shows, like Maury Povitch.

From the BDB boards, we know that he has a not-very-happy history with V and wants to get mated, but his jesses and female are missing. He took a bullet for Wrath and needed the sun to heal (a tanning bed won’t do the job). Unfortunately the sun also prevented V from (grudgingly) going to save him.

He has black and blond hair and a shitload of metal, which most likely includes a Prince Albert piercing (NSFW). Unless he controls it, he glows bright white. His blood is silver and he smells like a bouquet of flowers when he’s dead or severely injured. Sugar seems to help somehow, so I take it that angels don’t develop diabetes. V’s hand resurrected him and he now owes V.

Lassiter doesn’t really have much feeling for others and leaped at the assignment he was offered without bothering to learn what was required because it was his one chance out of the In Between. He just thought he had to save Tohr’s life and get him fighting again, but since he was still stuck, he knew there had to be more. He has visions of Wellsie and the young turning still, grey and distant, which are very bad signs.

But when he was losing hope that Tohr might ever move on, No’One arrived in the mansion and Lassiter noticed her drawing Tohr’s attention. He tried to get Tohr to understand what will happen to Wellsie, but Tohr refuses to believe. He recruits No’One, who swears to do anything to help Tohr, starting with feeding him.

The assignment proves much harder than Lassiter expected because he never expected to respect Tohr, but he stubbornly clings to his memories of Wellsie.

When Tohr walked into lesser gunfire, Lassiter shielded him from he worst of it. It took all day in the sun (punctuated by the odd visit from Doc Jane) for the wounds to heal and his body to absorb the lead. He admitted to doing it for No’One.

Although he can see some progress in Tohr’s relationship with No’One, it’s not enough so he tries to awaken some softer feelings in Tohr by making him watch chick flicks. They of course finish up with Die Hard.

When Wrath was dying in Assail’s van, Lassiter materialised to drive, freeing Tohr up to perform an emergency tracheotomy that saved Wrath.

Afterwards, he overheard Tohr telling JM that he’d only ever love one female.

After Autumn’s arrival in the spring and her developing relationship with Tohr over the summer and autumn, Lassiter believed that Tohr really was trying to create a new life with a new female. Winter has come and Wellsie and the young are barely existing. He doesn’t know what else Tohr can do and hopes he hasn’t given him the wrong advice.

After Autumn’s needing, Lassiter heard Tohr dump her hard, telling her he didn’t love her and got nothing out of using her. At the end of his rope, he punched Tohr out, telling him that those words just condemned Wellsie and he quit.

But when he heard Tohr’s genuine apology, admissions of love and acceptance that Wellsie would have found a way to move on, he applauded. He resigned alright, but the Maker refused him. He then told Autumn she can be rid of him if she lets Tohr in, or she can learn what a Real Housewife is.

On the day of Wellsie’s Fade ceremony, he believes that if Autumn show sup, everyone will be freed from the In Between, but instead of feeling good about it, he experiences a feeling of impending doom.

She was there and Tohr let go of Wellsie. Lassiter saw Wellsie and the young go into the light, but he also saw the light that he expected to claim was actually heading for Autumn instead. He interceded with the Maker on her and Tohr’s behalf, offering to sacrifice himself so they can have their chance together.

He returned to the mansion with Big Macs. It turned out that he was also being tested by the same events and found his freedom by sacrificing himself for another.

After his big gesture, he is again relegated mainly to comic relief, but we are starting to get some moments that remind us that there is more to Lassiter than he lets people see and that he himself sees more than he lets them realise. He is largely underestimated by the people he lives with. He spends time with Marissa in Blood Kiss while she’s waiting for Butch and she picks up on his silliness being used as a distraction for people and that he doesn’t get enough credit.

His ring tone on all the Brotherhood phones is Asshole by Denis Leary.

He could scent that iAm had been with a female but instead of keeping quiet, he made a big deal out of it and was outdone in the tact department by Rhage. Let that sink in. RHAGE has more tact.

But when iAm was determined to go back to the Shadow Territory to rescue his brother, Lassiter was front and centre to back him up.

Lassiter did recon during the day on the Brunswick School for Girls to prepare for the raid on the lessers, and spends a lot of time guarding Xcor. Some of them are finding it harder to hate him, but they still give him shit. After the Scribe Virgin’s passing, while her successor was yet to be named, he told them one day they would respect him.

He advises Rhage on his meeting with Rhym for fostering Bitty, and when Bitty arrives at the mansion, knowing who everyone is, he told her he knew about her moving in from the moment he met Rhage and Mary. Some more big hints there.

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