Black Dagger Brotherhood s’ExWatch

Black Dagger Brotherhood s’ExWatch

The King by J. R. Ward (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 12) - US editionLet’s talk about s’Ex, baby…

Part of me is expecting this to be a massive BAZINGA, but J. R. Ward announced via Facebook that a character in the BDB world will be named s’Ex. 

No idea yet if this character will be male or female. For all I know, it could be the unnamed Bastard, or a new Shadow, since the name has a similar structure to iAm, or maybe even Layla and Qhuinn’s young (although I have trouble seeing Qhuinn agreeing to the name) since Ward does seem to see several books ahead.

To give you an idea, Ward never says how far ahead she is, but she revealed that Payne would be the first female Brother years before the character ever made it onto the page.

I’m also assuming that the name will be pronounced ‘sex’ since she hasn’t specified, and just to avoid confusion, Xhex is pronounced ‘hex’, so they are completely different names.

What’s next? Phuck???

Let the speculation fly!

You can preorder the US hardcover of The King from Amazon and Book Depository. It comes out March 25, 2014.

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