Book 10 in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series…and beyond – Part 1

Book 10 in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series…and beyond – Part 1

Dark Lover by JR WardLover Eternal by JR WardLover Awakened by JR WardLover Revealed by JR WardLover Unbound by JR Ward

Lover Enshrined by JR WardLover Avenged by JR WardLover Mine by JR WardLover Unleashed by JR Ward

If you’re hungry for clues about upcoming books in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, Decadence has put together what we think we know about what’s coming next.

This post contains spoilers from previous books including Lover Unleashed, so we’re starting over with a new speculation post. It also contains some seriously spoilery info on the BDB. Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

For those of you wondering, even with the cheapest shipping option I received my copy of Lover Unleashed from the virtual signing exactly a week after its release.

Outstanding spoilers

Here is a summary of the info from the previous speculation post that has not been included in Lover Unleashed:

  • Something will pull the Scribe Virgin out of her funk.
  • As a compromise, J. R. Ward’s publisher is allowing her to write Qhuay’s story as a novella, but she has promised that the novella will be long enough to satisfy their fans. It will not contain any world building so that readers who aren’t comfortable reading a gay romance won’t miss out.
  • Rhage and Mary will get their own novella (Ward is finishing this now) and so will Beth and Wrath, both of which will be about how they have young. They may be released together in paperback towards the end of this year.
  • Tohr will not end up with Layla, Rhym (she was the female Bella tried to set Phury up with, and who later became the Safe Place therapist), Nalla or the Scribe Virgin. We’ve met his future shellan in Lover Mine, but she may or may not have been introduced in that book. Doesn’t rule out No’One.
  • No’One is staying on this side to build a relationship with Xhex.
  • Lassiter will also get a book but it will have to be after Tohr’s.
  • John Matthew and Qhuinn will definitely be inducted into the Brotherhood, but Ward isn’t saying anything about Blay.
  • Murhder will come back with a whole heap of secrets. He and Xhex have more in common than she realises and we will get their back story.
  • Ward knows who iAm will end up with, but isn’t saying anything. There are female Shadows, but it may not be one of them.
  • The Chosen Selena and Layla will get HEAs, but Layla will not end up with Tohr, Lassiter or Blay.

Lover Reborn — Tohr’s story

Since the release of Lover Unleashed, J. R. Ward has done a few book signings in the US, making me wish I lived there. On her Facebook page, she posted a video, where she announced that book 10 would be about Tohr. It will be called Lover Reborn.

Ward has finished writing Envy, which has come in at 125 000 words and is 40 pages longer than Crave. She expects it to become even longer, presumably during copyediting. Envy’s release date is 6 September, 2011.

Around the blogs

The rest of this information comes from bloggers who were at the signings, not Ward directly, so I especially can’t promise that it will not change between now and when the books actually come out.

For ease of reading, I’m going to combine the highlights from Blogging by Liza (thanks to Steph for the link) and the Twilight Lexicon forum with my own thoughts.

Manny may go through the transition later. His blood helps Payne, but since he’s an untransitioned half-breed, it’s not strong enough. My question is who will she ultimately feed from? Just because they chose not to explore Manny’s heritage and make him a vampire in Lover Unleashed, doesn’t mean they won’t ever. But will she have to feed from someone else before then?

Payne cannot restore Wrath’s sight, but George will live forever.

Tohr is going to end up with No’One. I’m just wondering how she’s going to square that with their time together before Xhex’s birth while Tohr was promised to Wellsie. Wellsie will appear in Tohr’s book, but we don’t know what form the scene will take. So it could be a flashback, or a visit from the Fade or something else that hasn’t been thought of yet.

Lassiter will appear in Tohr’s book and ultimately get his own book. I believe it will be part of the BDB series rather than the Fallen Angels. (If you noticed that V and Jane hadn’t been properly mated with the ceremony and carving and the whole shebang by Lover Unleashed, even though V was so excited by the idea of Jane doing the carving in Lover Unbound and we got to read about it on the boards, it turns out that the boards can be quite some time ahead of the books, which makes me wonder when Lassiter helped Wrath and V found and saved him. Because there haven’t been any scenes in the books where he’s looking for his jesses and pining for his female. Doesn’t mean it never happened, just that we didn’t get to see it, such as when No’One brought Payne a scrying bowl in a deleted scene, making me wonder how Payne could see that V’s life is better with Jane, but didn’t know he was still alive.)

Ward really likes Xcor (Core) and he will get his own book, but he really needs to work out some issues first. He has a really interesting back story and we’ll find out about his true father.

The Bloodletter was very bitter about being booted from the Brotherhood. Is that why his book on the Other Side is blank? Is Murhder’s also blank?

There is too much conflict between the Brotherhood and the band of bastards for Throe to join the Brotherhood. When asked if No’One was his defiled sister, Ward was prevented by her people from answering. Instead she gave a KR (Keep Reading). Sampsone was the leahdyre—is it possible he was an ex-Brother? Would a warrior have hung around at home crying instead of going out and kicking some symphath arse?
She won’t name the 3 cousin bastards, but she loves Zypher.

Murhder will be in the books again soon. He and Xhex have something in common even Xhex doesn’t know about, and JM and Murhder will have a confrontation.

We will go back to the symphath colony and Ward believes they will become a threat again. (I’m still wondering how Xhex and Rehv can be ‘of no age’ when we witnessed Xhex’s birth. Could it be that symphath is a continuous essence, kind of like the Omega’s power in a lesser, which doesn’t end just because the lesser is dead and existed before their ‘birth’ as a lesser? But even that must have had a beginning. Theories?)

We will get to find out what happened to Qhuinn’s (still living, if less than happy and healthy) brother, whom Lash had kidnapped and Ward implied that we may get to see Lash again (because he was staked, not inhaled) before her people put the gag on her.

There will always be the Omega because he must balance out the Scribe Virgin. Looks like there may always be lessers, too.

We will see in book 10 who the glymera’s new leahdyre is. Things are very different with them now. Makes me wonder what effect Throe’s return and stirring of the pot had.

Those of you who followed my #LoverUnleashed livetweet would have noticed that I queried the use of the word ‘wolfen’ on page 2 of Lover Unleashed. Apparently this does actually relate to a new species that will be introduced at a later date.

Again, the Qhuay novella will not have any world building so people who don’t want to read an m/m romance don’t miss out, but those of you who feel that the boys are getting ripped off don’t have to worry. A BDB book is around 140,000 words, while an average romance novel is said to be 100,000-120,000. The novella will be 90,000-100,000 words and will be as hot as the threesome in Lover Unleashed.

Qhuinn is reinventing himself, and even though he removed a lot of his piercings, the holes are still there. He still has metal down under and I think he still has his tongue stud, too, so it’s interesting that he’s kept the more discreet ones that could be used to pleasure a partner even though he’s celibate.

Apparently, Qhuinn’s vision of Layla (which I believe is what led Ward to say initially that she believed Qhuinn would be with a female) means that she will bear young for Blay and Qhuinn, who cannot reproduce together as a couple. Her people won’t let her say anything else about Layla’s HEA.

Trez and iAm will get their own books and Trez may perform a special Primale-style duty for the Chosen. Shadowy vampire young? Will they grow up to be Brothers?

Jose de la Cruz will never find Butch.

JM is never supposed to remember that he was Darius, but Xhex is getting suspicious, which is about time, because I don’t remember the Scribe Virgin’s conditions saying nobody else could pick up on all the hints that have been dropped throughout the series.

Ward’s theory on the coffins is that they are the remains of the original Brothers, brought from the Old Country. No idea why they aren’t in the Tomb, which I would have thought is a more fitting place.

Dark Lover will be reissued in hardcover and reissuing the rest depends on Dark Lover’s sales. The artwork is unlikely to change.

Veck will be the hero of Envy, which will be released in September.

Ward plans to release a BDB every autumn (or spring in the US) and a Fallen Angels each spring.

Have you heard any new BDB spoilers? What are you looking forward to most in the series? Let us know!

Dark Lover by JR WardLover Eternal by JR WardLover Awakened by JR WardLover Revealed by JR WardLover Unbound by JR Ward

Lover Enshrined by JR WardLover Avenged by JR WardLover Mine by JR WardLover Unleashed by JR Ward

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  1. Kat says:

    I still haven’t read Lover Unleashed. The spoilers are…not making me want to. :( Tohr and No’One—SERIOUSLY?!? And the novella thing still angers me.

  2. M says:

    Novella = :(
    I was loving that storyline throughout the books. I guess something is better than nothing but I would have been more comfortable having the relationship along with the others within the rest of the BDB world and not just Qhuinn/Blay centered. Like what happens after the novella? Pretend nada happened?

  3. Kat says:

    M — I totally understand. If Ward had kept Qhuinn/Blay in the background (developing romance but not so prominent in the books) I wouldn’t have minded, but they were featured so heavily in Lover Mine that I feel like readers were set up to expect an m/m book.

  4. Decadence says:

    Because Payne’s glow heals where V’s destroys, she can keep George young, so at least Wrath isn’t doomed to centuries of having to get a new dog every decade. And Ward is a dog lover.
    Ward has said in the past that if she tries to direct the story herself, the Brothers’ voices in her head quiet. I’ve wondered if they told her to write Qhuinn and Blay but she has to take her publisher’s compromise on the novella, meanwhile she has full length novel deadlines. Or maybe she was just fighting against Tohr’s book coming so soon. Or maybe there’s another reason I haven’t thought of to explain why it took so long before she was able to say whose book was next.
    I think that after the novella there will be an acknowledgment that Qhuinn and Blay are together, just as there has been for any other couple. I don’t think she would include m/m kissing scenes before their novella and then just go back to business as usual afterwards. I have no idea if they will be revisited as much as Wrath and Beth, Z and Bella or V and Jane, but that still leaves most of the other couples who haven’t played a huge role after their books.
    She’s pushing things a bit further the more she writes, because in Lover Unbound, she’d only referred to V topping females (she never said V hadn’t brought males there, but she hadn’t mentioned he did, either). We were told that V had been with males (not necessarily recently) and how losers were punished at the warrior camp, but in Lover Unleashed, she referred to males being with V in the penthouse and listed blades in V’s toys, which is the first time I can recall her having suggested he’s done non-fang blood play.

  5. Kat says:

    To be honest, I found the whole sub/dom thing in Lover Unbound pretty fantastical. V’s fetish was so hyped up in the books and in the boards, yet we see maybe two scenes in the book (aside from the flashbacks which were about abuse rather than fetish) and even in those scenes V was a pretty terrible partner. He did nothing at all for the sub who went home bloody and in tears. I *get* that the sub would have expected blood and tears, but a decent dom would have seen to her well being afterwards. And then the whole sub/dom thing with Jane was so bland I don’t know why Ward bothered to hype up V’s hardcore-ness to begin with. The more of the BDB books I read, the greater the feeling I get that the build-up prior to a couple’s book is almost always better than what happens in their actual book.

  6. Decadence says:

    Even good Catholic boy BUTCH does after-care :P
    I think we’ve agreed that what V does is not real BDSM, it’s his own self-serving brand of it, because none of it is about the sub. The sub is an interchangeable body he used as a tool for his own kind of release. I think his subs need therapy instead of being with him and they definitely do afterwards.
    I think part of why he had such hardcore fetish is because it was a substitute for a connection. I read an article on porn that basically described it as extreme sex, no emotion, extreme roughness and it’s designed to appeal to a very basic, primal part of the brain. In a way, picking subs who accepted V’s extreme, hardcore tendencies enabled him to not quite switch off, but revert to lower reasoning. It was all about how far he could drive them and then taking them that bit further.
    Anyway, so it makes sense to me that he doesn’t need as much raw, basic, fetish sex when he’s with Jane because of their connection and the emotional content of being with someone he cares about. But it also makes sense that she would be insecure about V not getting from her everything he’s obviously used to.
    V is my favourite vampire, not just in this series, but across the board. I’m well aware he has his flaws and they’re the kind of flaws I wouldn’t in a million years be able to accept from a guy in real life (not giving a shit about the person he’s with, demanding so much and giving so little, the appalling lack of after-care), but in the books, he’s just so compelling. How fucked up am I? ;)

  7. Kat says:

    I liked him until I read his book. How sad is that! :(

    I can kind of understand the fetish as therapy, although it doesn’t make me any happier that BDSM is then portrayed as some kind of violent fetish associated with severe psychological issues.

    To sum it up, I didn’t think V was ready for a relationship. I couldn’t believe that Jane magically changed him for pretty much no good reason except le hormhones (add that to the Glossary, please :D).

    On the upside, Butch’s book turned out much better than I thought it would. (I thought it would be one of the forgettable ones — like, say, Phury’s.) I’m too scared to read Rhage’s book again in case it’s not as good as I remember it (my fave of the lot even though Rhage was one of my least favourite Brothers after I read Dark Lover).

    Wait. Have I hijacked the spoiler thread? SORRY! >.<

  8. KL says:

    Wrath: I’m more intersted in him getting back into fighting, making more kingly decisions, and getting a surprising child of his own than his sight being returned.

    Zadist: I love how JR has him healing bits at a time, and his interactions with his daughter.

    Rhage: *now I want to throw popcorn for fun* It would be exciting for him and Mary to adopt. Cause if he sleeps with a Chosen for a child, I’m gonna fume! And I hope the baby has a “special” gift that comes along with it if adopted.

    V: I want his ‘fire’ hand to take out more bad guys! I want him and Butch to kiss, just once, to get it out of MY SYSTEM [and theirs], but in a no-big-deal way where they shake hands in the end cause it had finally been done! There was so much build up with V caring for him, that “I” got left hanging when it all just STOPPED, and it’s making me crazy that they HOLD each other so much still! lol

    Tohr: He deserves the ultimate happiness…and that’s having Wellsie back. Come on Scribe Virgin, give us another one of your twisty fate-things!!! No’one has to be “someone” special for the man.

    Butch: Finding out more about being a real brother to Manny, and helping Manny transform.

    JM: My favorite! Xhex…not so much. But having them & the brothers more involved in the Sympath colony would be cool.

    Iam & Trez helping the Primale??? Yes! Yes! Yes! That would be awesome!! And it’ll bring Phury back to the stories.

    The Bastard Brothers: BRING THOSE BAD BOYS ON! Xcor [pronounced “score” in the audiobook] has an interesting fence he’s sitting on. Go nice…or destroy! We know he wants Wrath to suffer somehow. And I like bad-vamps – Throe and Zypher, and the cousins. Throe, though, is actually a “good” guy ain’t he???

    Qhuinn & Blay: Keep them as a back story, never a full book. But I would not be thrilled to have Layla involved in any way with those two. There’s been so much crap already, they need a break, and JUST each other for once. Plus, she needs to be with Xcor, Iam or Trez soon! [she’s a wild child at heart we’re learning…]

    But JR is so good at surprises and “what-the-hell”‘s, that who know what we’ll truly get…

  9. Mortimer says:

    OMG!!! I would curl up into a ball n cry like a baby if the spoiler on layla turns out to be true. I dont want her anywhere near Qhuinn. He should be with Blay and Blay only. Vamps cant do IVF so the only way to fall preggers would b for her to have sex with them- and i dont think Blay would be able to handle that (not to mention me!!)

    I was thinking maybe Throe (or Xcor) end up with Layla? And the reason Qhuinn saw the child is because he is some way related to Throe and it is Throe and Layals child he sees? Perhaps Throes sister who was raped had mismatching eyes??
    (long shot I know- but I was freaking out about Qhuinn and Layla so much I was coming up with all sorts of theories!!!)
    Blay is my FAV character, ( followed by Z then V) he deserves nothing but the best. And if he has to share Qhuinn with someone else I am not going to be happy!!!!
    Rhages book was the best. Re-read it all the time. Followed very closely by Zadists.
    Don’t like Jane much- only cuse I think V can do better.
    Love JM to bits- but Im not a fan of Xhex. Happy that JM got his HEA, but she just rubes me the wrong way!!

    Looking forward to Thors book (and finding out what happened to Qhuinns bro- damn! I thought he died)

    So yeah- thats my two bits haha :)

  10. Bex says:

    I was really hoping Thor ended up with the female who was abused by her husband and fled to Marissas safe house with her young. I don’t think her name was ever mentioned but she appeared in Butch’s book. (Marissa gave the young her solid gold wishing plate and the young girl- who had a broken arm- wished for her mothers happiness).
    I thought it would be nice to see two people who have gone to very different ends of hell and back, to find each other. And have a happy ending. Together.
    I really dont like the idea of Thor with a Chosen. I think it adds further insult to injury.

    What I REALLY cant wait for is Blay n Qhuinns book. I love these two. Blay is my favourite out of all the brothers (yes I know he’s not a Brother- but Im a sucker for the wallflower types. Rhage and Mary’s book is my fav, but hopefully that will change when their book comes out)
    I was SO relieved when it was revealed Qhuinn never slept with Layla. Not sure I agree with the spoiler on Qhuinns vision (Layla having his and Blays children)
    That doesnt really give Layla a HEA does it? That and I don’t want her anywhere near Qhuinn- he’s Blays!! :)

    Ooh. Murhder coming back onto the scene is going to cause a bit of grief for poor JM. Agree with KL and Mortimer- not a big fan of Xhex. In real life she would come across to me as a bit of an ignorant-my-way-or-the-highway bitch! Haha :)

  11. Decadence says:

    Hi KL, I have Lover Avenged in audio book and he pronounces Xhex phonetically as Zex, but I’ve seen posts from Ward’s (currently MIA) message boards where she’s said it’s Hex with a hard H.
    Wellsie’s not coming back. When she was killed, their baby died, so she’s decided to stay in the Fade so their unborn young wouldn’t spend eternity alone.
    I also doubt that Wrath is going to fight again now that he’s blind. Payne may keep working him out, but in a real life fighting situation, he probably couldn’t tell if the movements he’s sensing are his Brothers or the enemy or possibly even any civilians that may be under lesser attack. We’ve seen with Payne how his blindness can cause him to injure someone he wouldn’t have purposely hurt.
    Throe does seem to be a good guy and Xcor appears to have less honour than he does. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see some conflict between them. Throe is loyal but I’m actually waiting for Xcor to do something so bad it tests Throe’s loyalty.
    Mortimer and Bex, I’m with you re Layla and Qhuay. If she bears their young, I think it sells all involved parties short. I’m hoping there’s a way around it, like maybe she ends up with Qhuinn’s brother who is currently alive. No, I’m not sure I like that idea either because of the honour guard he sent out for Qhuinn. I’m hoping she gives us an acceptable scenario for the vision or shows that the vision was more metaphor than literal. She hasn’t made her other couples share, even if Butch and V have their intimate moments, so I’m expecting Blay and Qhuinn to have each other exclusively.
    JM is a much stronger, more evolved and generally better person than Xhex. I think we’re kind of expected to forgive that because the books are arguably hero-centric. I don’t know how much crap Murhder’s reappearance will stir up for JM because he was able to look past Butch having been with her because it happened before they’d met. I expected him to go ballistic and for Butch to be at a disadvantage because JM would want to hurt Butch, but Butch wouldn’t want to hurt JM. But JM put his frontal lobe into action and thought before acting. On the other hand, there’s potential for drama when you consider Xhex had a thing going on for awhile with Murhder even if she wasn’t in love with him, but she’d only been with Butch once.

  12. wandergurl says:

    The more of the BDB books I read, the greater the feeling I get that the build-up prior to a couple’s book is almost always better than what happens in their actual book.

    This is true of all books after the 2nd book. 

    I get that she couldn’t really include hardcore BDSM in the books, but Mr. BDSM Fetish was really over-hyped. Also I kind of get the feeling that with the way things are changing, it’s almost like she is catering to her fans, and while a story line naturally does change and adapt, some of the directions she goes are just like, dude, come on, you’re forcing this story. Also boys don’t really always sound like that, you feel me? (We’ve had this conversation before, haven’t we?)

    V is still my favorite, regardless. if I ignore his actual book, he’s still the most badass of the lot.  He will always kick ass (yes kat, i know it’s arse) to me. 

    And no, I still haven’t unwrapped the hardcover LU that’s on my TBR shelf. I don’t know when I will…

  13. missi says:

    I’ve read spoilers on a few other sites (I’m so impatient for the next book!!) and the same thing keeps popping up. Apparently Tohr’s HEA will be No’One. I was like –  “Really?!” 
    It isn’t a little weird, considering that her daughter is mated to his ‘son’?
    I was hoping Tohr got someone really special. A female of worth who is, in someway, better than all the other shellans in the books.  
    And instead he gets the outcast? I mean – no offence to Ward, but that’s how I see her. She has a fully grown daughter ( I wonder if perhaps this has something to do with my regard of No’One – I’m not a big fan of Xhex) and has pretty much only just appeared on the scene. 
    It will be good to read about her in future books, but in the mean time, I want Tohr to have the best damn woman out there. He deserves it!

  14. Decadence says:

    I haven’t seen an official announcement yet but then info is now harder to find on FB. As far as I know it’s still speculation, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was No’One because that’s who I’m expecting it to be.
    So you think Tohr and No’One would be weird, but not that Darius gave up Xhex as an infant and mated her as a adult? I’m not sure it’s any weirder than the Wrath-Beth-Marissa-Butch partner swapping at the beginning of the series. Or V’s sister with Jane’s boss. Or Cormia was intended for V rather than Phury? There seems to be a lot of connections and patterns with matings, doesn’t there?
    That’s the thing with No’One. All we know about her is she was raped and killed herself rather than raise a symphath and live with the stigma, then spent the next 3 centuries as a servant and object of pity for the paragons of vampire femininity. That doesn’t paint her in the most flattering light, I have to admit. I’m just wondering how any attachment Tohr developed for her before Xhex was born affected his promise to mate with Wellsie. Wellsie was such a warm and beautiful character, Ward has to be careful not to trample on that relationship, especially with some readers somehow hoping despite all the hints that Wellsie will come back. Although reader expectations aren’t always an author’s fault.

  15. Lynn says:

    I trust J.R. Ward with her characters… That being said, I hope she doesn’t cave on any love scenes w/ Qhuay. All of her writing, including her GREAT love scences seem very organic and “in the moment”. If she allows anyone publishers, fans uncomfortable with
    m/m love scenes, etc; ad nauseum then shell have appeared to be pandering. IMHO it would seriously compromised her integrity as an incredible writer.
    Just my $0.2… no disrespect intended to anyone.

  16. Decadence, u r my number one spoiler person ever!

    Like I said, in Brazil we don’t have many news sources about BDB. I use to visit Book Thingo ’cause I know there will be a lot of exciting things going on.
    A question that don’t let me sleep: when the hell will the RhagexMary & WrathxBeth novella be released?!?!?! 
    I’ve already pre order Envy n’ Lover Reborn in…
    This novella was promised for 2011 end, but Lover Reborn is for march-2012. In there’s no JRW novella for now.

    Do u have any idea? 

    After all, I really want to read Qhuay’s story. But it’s all depends of JRW writing routine. So, still hopping for: Envy, than R&M n’ W&B (?), than Lover Reborn, than other Fallen Angel, and, FINALLY, B&Q!!!

  17. Decadence says:

    I’m not sure when we’re going to get Blaylock and Qhuinn, but I can tell you that Rhage and Mary’s story will be longer than she thought, which I have no complaints about. I think she originally wanted to be further ahead with releases, but she’s now a lot busier than she used to be.
    I’m looking forward to Envy because of Veck. I doubt he’s going to end up like his father, but genetically the potential is there. He’s a character who could go either way. And I want to see more scenes with Dog, I really like him.

  18. Robin says:

    I truly LOVE this series. I started reading them in August of this year and by October 25 I finished book nine. I am on pins and needles waiting for book ten to become available. JR Ward is doing a fantastic job. Each and EVERY book has held my interest and I am now craving for more. March 27, 2012 can’t get here soon enough.

  19. milton says:

    :(I feel like quay deserves a full out novel…they’ve freatured strongly and their relationship is one that is constantly mentioned.I hope The Warden NEVER stops writting BDB books.:D

  20. KB says:

    It’s fun to back and read this to see what did happen and what things have changed. One thing I did wonder about, is in the audiobooks, Xcor’s name is always pronounced (Score). Looking forward to Qhuinn & Blay!!!

  21. Decadence says:

    Hi KB, I have Lover Avenged and Lover Mine on audio and Xhex is always pronounced as Zex, even though Ward has always said on her message board that it’s pronounced Hex with a hard H.
    Hi Milton. It now looks like Qhuay are getting a full length novel and not just a novella, which I’m looking forward to, but man, I’m not comfortable with Layla’s situation. I think she deserves better. But you never know what could happen in the next book.

What do you think?

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