Book 10 in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series…and beyond – Part 2

Book 10 in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series…and beyond – Part 2

Lover Reborn by J. R. Ward (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 10)If you’re hungry for clues about upcoming books in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, Decadence has put together what we think we know about what’s coming next.

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Some you may have seen this cover for Lover Reborn on Amazon, Goodreads and other bookish sites, but I’m not convinced it’s the final official cover because I haven’t seen Ward release it herself on her Facebook page, and it’s not in her photo albums or on her website. But the cover for Envy appeared suddenly as her new profile pic.

There are small excerpts from upcoming releases on Facebook from Qhuinn where he’s jealous of his cousin for being with Blay (Lover Reborn), Rhage’s love for Mary (their novella) and the size of a male’s (presumably Veck) appendage in Envy.

Envy by J. R. Ward (Fallen Angels, Book 3) - US editionEnvy by J. R. Ward (Fallen Angels, Book 3) - UK/Australian editionWith Envy coming in less than a month, Ward has been devoting her efforts to promoting the next Fallen Angels instalment, with daily quotes and weekly videos posted on Facebook.

But the recent Envy signing also produced some amazing BDB spoilers, with highlights from The Obscured Vixen (Click on the link to find out about Layla’s talent. I swear it’s worth it!) and My Secret Private Playground:

  • Unlike the other books, which take place over a short period of time, Lover Reborn spans a year. Tohr is still in love with Wellsie and he needs time for his heart and mind to catch up to his body. But still no confirmation of whom he will ultimately end up with.
  • Lover Reborn introduces a new character, Assail, who is second only to Z in Ward’s opinion. It’s implied he is male.
  • Someone is inducted into the Brotherhood in either Lover Reborn or the next book, but it is not revealed who. (JM? Payne?)
  • Ward has an idea for a third series, but she isn’t saying anything because it may not happen since she is already so busy with the two series she’s writing now.
  • Jose de la Cruz will appear in both Envy and an upcoming BDB book where he’ll see Butch, only he won’t be allowed to remember.
  • She already knows who Trez and iAm will end up with, and their stories will be told in the same book as they happen sort of around the same time. We’ve met one of them, but not the other. (Could one of them be Layla? Are they both Chosen? — Decadence)
  • She is three-quarters through Rhage and Mary’s novella, which has turned into a short book. She also saps out over Phury and Cormia’s son Aggy (Ahgony).

Follow the links for the full story.

Ward’s message boards made a welcome return last month, but unfortunately Ward continues to focus on Facebook. I find the Facebookpage harder to keep up with, and if you live outside the US everything has hundreds of comments before you even see it, so you can’t tell if she’s answered someone’s question without extensive scrolling. It’s a shame because I had looked forward to the ease of use the boards offer.

More of Ward’s earlier Jessica Bird titles have been reissued, with The Rebel (Silhouette Special Edition) and An Irresistible Bachelor (from the same series as An Unforgettable Lady) having been given a facelift.

Have you heard any new BDB spoilers? What are you looking forward to most in the series? Let us know!

Dark Lover by JR WardLover Eternal by JR WardLover Awakened by JR WardLover Revealed by JR WardLover Unbound by JR Ward

Lover Enshrined by JR WardLover Avenged by JR WardLover Mine by JR WardLover Unleashed by JR Ward

Dark Lover by JR WardLover Eternal by JR WardLover Awakened by JR WardLover Revealed by JR WardLover Unbound by JR Ward

Lover Enshrined by JR WardLover Avenged by JR WardLover Mine by JR WardLover Unleashed by JR Ward

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  1. bex says:

    HI Guys,

    Well, I found out some spoilers from the Envy book signing on Sat 10th Sep. Jumped online this morning to see if anyone has posted anything. Here is what I found on lizasblog (who was at the book signing)- (Transcript removed, but click on the link to read Liza’s recap. –Kat)

    So there you have it.
    No’one is confirmed as Tohr’s mate, and if Layla loses her V to Qhuinn and falls preggers I might just have to give up the brothers!!

    (reading in between the lines, I’m thinking he is the one she loses it too. Perhaps Layla goes through her needing and Qhuinn comes the rescue? And 18 months later (is that how long vamp pregnancies are?) out pops a little blue and green eyed baby girl. I am having heart palpitations just thinking about it, so I can’t see me reading THAT book – haha. )

  2. Kat says:

    Thanks, Bex! I removed the recap from your comment but linked to Liza’s post, since she’s the one who put in the hard work to write it all up. :D Great info! Not sure I’m going to be able to read Tohr’s book now. I don’t find No’one inspiring AT ALL.

  3. KB says:

    Since LR came out already, I’m gonna whine! I felt no connection to No’One, and can’t for the life of me understand why we were taken through Autum’s needing (alone) and NOT Layla and Qhuinn’s??? That was cruel to do. It was her first time and none if us got to know what either of them was thinking. Then NOW Q decides he wants Blay? I don’t get mad at a lot of things because an author’s work is their own, but that whole thing pissed me off beyond belief. Just the chandelier shaking? Really?!?! That was mean. And now that she’s pregg Qhuinn is going to hand her off to another vamp just so he can have a child out there? And Xcor or Throe would be thrilled to take her unclean and knocked up? UH NO! Ri–dic–u–lous! I was doing sorta okay with Thor’s book until Layla’s needing ruined it. No BDB book should ever leave a reader hanging and grinding their teeth like that. :( Please don’t try to correct me. It won’t change the book or how “I” feel, it is what it is. But I will still get the next one and hope JRW helps me out maybe in flashbacks and/or some pretty good explaining…

  4. Decadence says:

    Don’t get me wrong because there have been times I didn’t have faith in Ward and she proved me wrong, like with Covet, but I agree with a lot of what you said. I agree in theory that Tohr needed to move on, but I don’t feel that Autumn got to develop enough as a character. It still felt to me like she took second place and is happy enough to settle for that. I wanted more for both of them, but they still come off as damaged people. This is where future books will come in because now she has a less complete HEA for the couple in their own book and revisits them later, eg. Wrath and Beth, V and Jane.
    The idea behind Layla carrying Qhuinn’s child is that it is a gift that she is giving them, but I’m not convinced she fully understood the consequences of her actions. I’m hoping there is a way that Ward can convince me of her interpretation of events because it doesn’t match mine. I don’t want Layla with Xcor but maybe he would accept her even though he would not be her first because he is well aware of his physical shortcomings and is starting to see ones in his character as well. Right now it looks like Layla is being shortchanged, but maybe there’s a way it can be turned around. I’m trying to have faith here because as far as I’m concerned, I owe Ward that much. I’m not going to apply that to everyone else because their views are different to mine, but I’m looking at this as a test of faith in her and hoping it pays off.
    I can tell you why you didn’t get to see Qhuinn and Layla together and that is because they won’t end up together. Ward has said in a chat at some point that if a couple isn’t going to end up together, she won’t detail what they do together. I felt like V’s pre-Jane penthouse scenes were teasers, but Ward is trying to show respect to the romantic couple. It’s why, even though his time with Saxton is safe, constructive and healing, we never really see Blay having sex with anyone other than Qhuinn (when the time comes, that is). Remember how much time she spent on their two kisses?

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