Book 9 in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series…and beyond

Book 9 in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series…and beyond
Lover Unleashed by J. R. Ward (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 9) - Australian/UK edition
Australian/UK edition

If you’re hungry for clues about upcoming books in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, Decadence has put together what we think we know about what’s coming next. LAST UPDATED: 28/3/2010

Looking for BDB cheat sheets? Start here.

This post contains spoilers from earlier books in the series, including Lover Mine, and spoilery speculation about future books. None of this stuff is set in stone, so please don’t blame us if something changes between now and when the books are released.

The ninth book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, titled Lover Unleashed, is about Payne, blooded daughter of the Bloodletter, and Manuel Manello, MD.

Payne has just been revealed to everyone as V’s sister and you might remember Manello as Jane’s boss at the human hospital, who V thought the word ‘Brother’ about. (Bear in mind that it was a single-word sentence, so it could be either Brother as in a warrior in the Brotherhood or brother as in family, so yes, it does make a difference.)

Lover Unleashed by J. R. Ward (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 9) - US edition
US edition

We can expect to see Vishous play a larger role in this book as his relationship with his estranged twin develops, and I’m betting Jane will show up quite a bit, too, as support for both her hellren and her old boss and friend. Ward has suggested in a recent chat that V will not be happy to see someone putting the moves on his sister and that Butch will also be a huge buffer. She has confirmed that V will go to a dark place after the recent revelations of Payne, her injury and his mother’s lies. Even though his relationships with Butch and Jane have helped him to open up, his default mode is very shut down and in times of great stress like what he’s going through with Payne, he’s going to revert back to his default setting and it will take something very hardcore to bring him out of it.

Because it’s V, it would need to be hardcore because he doesn’t do soft, but I think Ward will get us through it intact. I didn’t think submission on him would work, but I found him even hotter after the penthouse scene, so it looks like we’ll need to keep an open mind. Ward is warning readers on her message board that it may be disturbing for some readers as it looks like it will involve self-harm. It’s not necessarily something Ward is happy with and she’d like to make his journey easier on him and us and this seems to relate to The Lie from the companion. His scenes are giving her a hard time. Again.

In this book, something happens to pull the Scribe Virgin out of her depression, but Ward isn’t saying what.

Layla and No’One will also appear in the next book, but no details yet (if ever).

Black Dagger Brotherhood Box Set (Books 1 to 6)
Black Dagger Brotherhood Box Set (Books 1 to 6)

At this stage, Ward will start writing book 9 in 3-4 weeks and doesn’t yet know who book 10 will be about. Apparently she gets told on a need-to-know basis and the Brothers have decided she doesn’t need to know yet.

I’m sure we will see the love triangle between Qhuinn, Blay and Saxton continue, but it looks like Qhuinn and Blaylock’s HEA will be in a novella, which I understand is meant to appease everyone. Those who are comfortable reading a romance (and sex) between two men can happily devour it, but if their story is completely self-contained, readers who are less comfortable with this plotline can leave it alone. Ward wants to call the novella Blay and Qhuinn so that readers know before buying that it’s about two males. They aren’t yet ready to have a story, a few things need to happen in the series first.

Crave by J. R. Ward (Fallen Angels, Book 2)

Ward’s publisher has also bought another two novellas: the first is about Rhage and Mary’s desire to start a family (which she is writing now, having finished Crave, the second Fallen Angels book) and the second is about Wrath’s son, Wrath, who will be the future king (the kings are always named Wrath) to be written in the Australian summer, between writing Payne and Manny’s book and the third Fallen Angel book. These novellas will be released together in paperback format around late 2011.

Tohr will get his own book at some stage, but Ward is being very tight-lipped about who his heroine will be (No’One?). She has denied that he will end up with Layla, Rhym (she was the female Bella tried to set Phury up with, and later became the Safe Place therapist), Nalla or the Scribe Virgin. Lassiter will also get a book but it will have to be after Tohr’s.

Speaking of whom, we will see more of No’One. She is staying to build a relationship with Xhex, although I’m not sure how much of that we’ll get to see with everything else going on.

Murhder will come back into the fold, bearing surprises. I had expected more questions on who the symphaths are and what makes them tick to be answered than I found in Rehvenge and Xhex’s books, but since Murhder went mad after going to the symphath colony, we may get more info on them in Murhder’s book. I just don’t know when that will be or whom he ends up with.

Somewhere along the line we’ll get to see more of the Chosen as well, with Layla and Selena, the Chosen who feeds Tohr and was the only one other than Cormia to stay at the great camp when Rehv showed up each month, both getting HEAs. Ward has confirmed that Layla will not end up with Tohr, Lassiter or Blay.

John Matthew and Qhuinn will definitely be inducted into the Brotherhood, but Ward isn’t saying anything about Blay.

We’ll get to meet some new characters in the future, with three males currently in the Old Country (not even Ward knows when they’ll be introduced) and the training program will make a comeback.

And people looking ahead to Nalla’s HEA are getting way ahead of themselves. Because she is currently an infant in the books, it will be years—if ever—before her story is written. Z will not be happy about his baby attracting male attention, but Bella will be on Nalla’s side and will allow her more freedom to find a mate. Not that it’s a surprise, but Ward has confirmed that it will not be Qhuinn.

SEPTEMBER UPDATE: Lover Unleashed is around 700 pages and has a release date of 29 March 2011.

Qhuinn listened to Clint Eastwood by the Gorillaz while running on the treadmill. It’s a song about not being in a good place now,but knowing your future is brighter. I think it’s part of a scene from Lover Unleashed.

During a scene between V and Manny, Eminem’s Cinderella Man is playing. The song is about having had it tough but doing the impossible anyway and features a lot of grandstanding and posturing, I’m-better-than-you stuff.

Ward has also hinted that there will be a new bad boy. That’s all. She’s not allowed to say more than that, so we don’t know if he’s a villain or a badass.

OCTOBER UPDATE: Crave (second in the Fallen Angels series) contains an excerpt from Lover Unleashed, where Jane drives Manny to the Brotherhood mansion to operate on Payne’s spine. We learn that he’s hit the scotch since the events of Lover Unbound and interestingly, it’s the same brand that Butch drinks. Vishous still hates him, even though he’s the one mated to Jane, not Manny. Maybe it’s because Manny’s better able to help his new sister than V is and V really doesn’t like not being in charge (except under certain circumstances with Jane).

Manny instantly falls in love with Payne on sight and he doesn’t react like a human. I wonder if Xhex will say anything about what she saw in him or if she will assume they know like she did with Lash.

From the chat, we learned that his mother is Italian, but nothing about his father, which is interesting since his surname sounds Italian.

Lover Unleashed will have so much of Payne, Manny and V (and by extension Jane and Butch) that there will be room for Qhuay, but not much else. I’m not sure if Murhder will make an appearance in this book, but he will see Xhex again and their back story will be revealed.

Manny has changed after V got into his head and his mind can’t handle the interference (maybe this is another sign that he is something more than human) and he becomes essentially useless. There has to be a way out (maybe another forced transition?) because I don’t see Ward giving Payne a broken hellren.

Something is going to happen between Butch and V and Ward hinted that they will be giving in to a craving. Butch feels a lot of black, which if V has anything to do with it, is likely to be along the lines of leather or candle wax. The connection to V is purely my speculation.

One of the new vampires we’ll meet is called Xcor (pronounced Core). I’m not sure if Xcor is male or female, but would be too surprised if he or she is the badass Ward mentioned earlier since this was the only name she gave us.

Lover Unleashed will include the hero of the next Fallen Angel book, Envy.

Right now, Ward still doesn’t know whose book is going to be after Payne and Manny’s, but it’s not likely to be Tohr’s because she wants more time to prepare. But I might speculate that her preference could be why she hasn’t been told yet. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Speaking of Tohr, Ward said in a video for Borders that we’ve met his female in Lover Mine. But knowing that Ward can be tricky, don’t read that as his female was necessarily introduced in Lover Mine, she was in that book.

Ward confirmed the silver lining of giving Blay and Qhuinn their own novella—it will focus on them and cover everything.

We have not met who iAm ends up with, but Ward knows who that will be. There are such things as female Shadows but she hasn’t said if it’s one of them.

NOVEMBER UPDATE: J. R. Ward just finished writing Lover Unleashed, but she and her teams still have to look at the copyedits when they come in from her publisher. The Lover Unleashed cover and blurb are finally up!

Payne, twin sister of Vishous, is cut from the same dark, seductive cloth as her brother. Imprisoned for eons by their mother, the Scribe Virgin, she finally frees herself—only to face a devastating injury. Manuel Manello, M.D., is drafted by the Brotherhood to save her as only he can—but when the human surgeon and the vampire warrior meet, their two worlds collide in the face of their undeniable passion. With so much working against them, can love prove stronger than the birthright and the biology that separate them?

She is expecting to finish the Rhage and Mary novella in about a month. They start their novella in a hard spot but the story of how they become parents is said to be beautiful and a tearjerker.

Saxton shows Qhuinn and Blay how much he loves them in Lover Unleashed and that teaser was finished with a *sniff* so I’m speculating that he walks away to let them be together, but I could be wrong and he sacrifices himself for them in some other way. She gave a KR (Keep Reading) when asked if he will have a HEA.

There has been another tease about who Manny may be related to. Someone asked if it was Butch and Ward replied that BROTHER didn’t just refer to Payne.

Murhder has another side to him, but Ward left the tease at that.

Clint Eastwood by Gorillaz will be included in a scene from Lover Unleashed.

Butch cried because his heart was broken over something devastating he did for V, but it’s okay in the end. Let the speculation fly!

DECEMBER UPDATE: Ward promised that Lover Unleashed would contain a threesome and that there would be some hot scenes between V and Jane (I don’t know if that’s separate from the threesome) and a scene between Payne and Manny in his Porsche is particularly hot.

At the time of reviewing copyedits, Lover Unleashed will have 59 chapters and is expected to be only slightly shorter than Lover Mine by around 40 pages or 10,000 words.

Just a reminder: Both the local and US editions of Crave contain an excerpt from Lover Unleashed.

Vishous posted a link to the video for Aston Martin Music by Rick Ross, ft. Drake and Chrisette Michele. The verses don’t make much sense to me, but the song seems to be about someone who became distant from the one he loves because he needed to get something sorted out or accomplished and he wasn’t able to completely let go of the life he used to live.

FEBRUARY UPDATE: Still no news on whose book comes after Payne and Manny, but it’s possible that they’re keeping quiet until she writes Qhuinn and Blay’s story.

Ward is writing Envy, the third in the Fallen Angels series, which picks up immediately after Lover Unleashed (Envy’s hero appears in Lover Unleashed).

There are more than three males coming from the Old Country, but I’m unsure if they’re Brothers or civilians. I could guess they’re Brothers, but I could equally be wrong.

Payne’s feeding arrangements are a KR. If she answered that Payne feeds from Manny, it opens up speculation that he becomes a vampire and maybe also a Brother, as suggested in the November update.

Ward has raised her profile on Facebook and is posting quotes from the series, including Lover Unleashed on her official page.

There is a virtual signing for Lover Unleashed, open worldwide. This is the only way to get a signed book without flying to America. Until Thursday 24th of March (US time), you can place your order with Ward’s nominated store online and let them know how to personalise it. She receives a whole heap of books to sign and personalise, which are then returned to the store for shipping. Unfortunately, even if they know the book is going overseas, they can’t post it until release day, so it’s a bit of a wait. Their system has been upgraded since last year, with two international shipping rates to choose from. To be honest, I can’t remember what the actual difference is in delivery times, but the cheapest international shipping rate is USD21, so the total price of USD50.49 isn’t much different to what we normally pay for hardcovers in Australia. And it’s just awesome to open your new book to a personal message from Ward herself.

MARCH UPDATE: Early reviews of Lover Unleashed are out and some spoilers were dropped but even though I’m avoiding the major ones for my own sake, be warned if you decide to read any further.

From the Book Reading Gals:

V has a breakdown over not being able to help Payne, the sister he has only just found, but is finally able to heal from the abuse he’s suffered with help from Jane and Butch. This is one of the most amazing scenes in the book.

Payne really is V’s other half in the way that twins complement each other. As she was raised Chosen, she also has the traditional, innocent Chosen side as well as the warrior. (Since in earlier books she has expressed little to no interest in males, I see her as like the tomboy Chosen if that makes sense. It also implies that she is a virgin before Manny – Decadence) Her relationship with Manny is sweet.

When Jane died, his world fell apart and her return to his life isn’t much easier on him. He has some things to work through before he can feel like it was all worth it.

Qhuinn hits a low point (“He had to own his shit, even if it made him hate himself to his core..”) but grows from it.

We find out who Butch’s father is.

Xcor (pronounced Core with a silent X, like Xhex) is a male with a whole bunch of other males who are loyal to him and hold a grudge against Wrath and the Brotherhood, which seems related to his mission.

From Rex Robot Reviews:

V has a huge presence in Lover Unleashed and it looks like he and Butch will get together. (I’m not sure how I feel about that, given they are both mated, but we’ll see how it’s handled – Decadence)

Xcor and his male posse arrive with somewhat evil motives, but may somehow still be likable. They interact with Payne, but none of the Brothers yet.

Ward’s Facebook page will be updated in the lead-up to Lover Unleashed’s release day with videos from her virtual signing and she will be talking about Payne. She has posted a pic of the first page of the book, but be warned, it contains a huge spoiler!

If you need a recap of everything that happened in the rest of the series, the updated Black Dagger Brotherhood cheat sheets will soon be reposted with details from Lover Mine.

Happy reading everyone!

BONUS MARCH UPDATE: Ward announced the launch of her CafePress store where you can get official BDB clothing, jewellery, keychains, covers for iPhone, iPad or your car’s number plate and all sorts of other things. She is giving all of the profits to no-kill animal shelters.

Something that really stood out to me was that (with the exception of the mugs, which have almost every main character), most of the merchandise was general BDB, with the occasional “You feel me?” or Fritz reference. But the characters that had more items dedicated to them than any others were Qhuinn and Blay. I wonder if their book is the next to be written?

If you have a Shelfari or Amazon account, sign into Shelfari to read the prologue and first 2 chapters of Lover Unleashed.

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    • Decadence says:

      There is a silver lining though. In his book, Manny gets diluted by V, Jane and Butch, as well as Qhuay and possibly Murhder, but in the novella, you should be getting a concentrated shot of Qhuay. No distractions :)

  1. orannia says:

    Thank you so much Decadence!

    …but in the novella, you should be getting a concentrated shot of Qhuay.

    The silver lining :) I can’t wait for that novella. But I’m really not sure about Payne and Manny…they just don’t interest me that much…

  2. Decadence says:

    I’m glad you like this post, Orannia :)
    After that kiss in Lover Enshrined, I’m really looking forward to the novella as well. Saxton has been an interesting rival for Qhuinn and has his share of charm, so I’m hoping there’s a male out there for him too. Not that anything has been confirmed there.
    I see more potential in Payne than Manny, to be honest. Maybe his being human washes him out in the Brotherhood’s world, at least in my eyes, but I don’t know if he could be man enough for Payne, no matter how many times Ward tries to fit MAN into his name. Payne is a female warrior. Being a vampire makes her stronger than a human man, but she had the strength and/or power to kill the Bloodletter. As Jane’s boss in the hospital, Manny should have his share of intelligence, but I don’t think we’ve seen enough of him to suggest he’s strong enough for Payne. (Xhex saw something in him, but we don’t know what that is yet or what it means.) And then we’re back to the old problem of how he’s going to live a similar lifespan to hers.
    And then we saw the other side to Payne in Lover Mine where she wasn’t just strong and angry, but interacts positively with her sisters. It suggested that I was right about the SV’s opinion that Payne was too much like her father to fit in with the others. I knew that Payne was not like the Bloodletter, she’s just not Chosen-standard docile. Plus, an added benefit of Payne’s book for me is V. I love V, fucked-up faults and all.
    So I’m much more interested in Payne than Manny but if reading Covet taught me anything, it’s that I should have more faith in Ward, so I’m trying to reserve judgment when it comes to Manny.

  3. Kat says:

    Hi, Rachel! Thanks for stopping by. :-) I love the name of your blog. I’m trying to go through the ABBD one blog at a time. I didn’t realise there were so many Aussie book bloggers!

  4. kacie says:

    I think that, even though Payne is physically strong and very tough, she’s very much like V. She has walls built up around her, and she doesn’t open up much – unless, of course, handing the King’s ass to him on a silver platter once in awhile qualifies as opening up. I think that one reason Ward chose Manny as the one for Payne was because, though he is not physically as strong as her, he has the strength to make her open up and see things she would have never noticed otherwise. And, for all we know, he was strong enough to put up with Jane’s personality, I think he can handle a few Brothers here and there =]
    As for the life-span thing, I think we both know that Ward’s going to let the Scribe Virgin have something up her robed-sleeve.
    Now on the Qhuinn and Blay. Sigh. I absolutely love them. I don’t normally read stories involving two men, but they are absolutely addicting! The drama around them is so fierce, and the tension of unspoken feelings is slowly building. I can’t wait for the novella so I can finally read the climax of it all.
    As for some of the other books, I really liked Lover Mine, though it was not my favorite in the series. I expected more questions to be answered, and it just didn’t happen. I take this as a sign that Ward will bring John in more later in the series, eventually revealing him as Darius reincarnated. I can’t wait for it!

  5. Decadence says:

    Kacie, it’s possible that I’m underestimating Manny’s strength, after all, he’s going to end up with Payne. Maybe it’s because he’s human and we haven’t seen very much of him. I’d really like to know exactly what Xhex saw in him. Maybe it’s also because I saw him as standing in Jane’s way at the hospital. She was going for another job because she knew she could do Manny’s job but couldn’t wait long enough for him to move on in whatever way. He must have his share of power and strength but it’s only been hinted at so far.

    Maybe having the SV as the deus ex machina again will help her relationship with her children. Payne refused to allow the SV to heal her spine, so maybe allowing her to help with Manny may be part of a reconciliation.

    To be honest, I thought I read on her boards that it was really interesting how JM’s lifetime could seem to overlap with Darius’, because just months after Darius died, we get introduced to JM, who I think was 23 at the time and had memories of his own. I was sure she was going to explain that, but she didn’t. I’ve also read something to indicate that maybe JM never actually finds out he was Darius because it was part of the terms of the SV’s offer. But she’s teased us with his seizures whenever JM and Darius seem to collide. Z noted that JM was right handed but he fights left handed, like he’s only seen Darius do. I’m not sure why it hasn’t occurred to anyone.

    There are still a lot of questions about the symphaths left unanswered, but now that both Rehv and Xhex have had their books, I don’t know when or if they’ll be answered.

  6. Laura says:

    Thank you soo much for putting this here! I love her books but I wasn’t sure if she was making another one. I can’t wait for it to come out!

  7. Decadence says:

    Laura, you don’t have much to worry about. Ward has often said on her message boards that she is happy to keep writing about the Brothers for as long as people are happy to read about them. Plus, there is so much more that can happen in their world, like how to get on top of the lesser threat (although I’m fairly sure there will always be lessers, but don’t quote me on that), produce more Brothers, train more soldiers and increase the vampire population in general, redefine the SV’s role in vampire life, create an alternative blood source for those who can’t or won’t feed from a member of the opposite sex (I’ve had a theory on this for years and I’d like to find out if I’m right), the list goes on.

  8. Malwee says:

    GE……just cant wait till march….honestly not cause of Payne but I wanna read more V and Butch :)
    I am not homophobic, but before I started to read BDB I didnt like the idea of 2 men 2gether. Even in the movies it just seemed…..well…… And I just realized that my favourite couple in the books is B and V….Ok, I know they are not a COUPLE but u know I dont know there is something bout them…….drives me crazy. I love Marissa really, she is my favourite lady character and I have scruple but I cant stop imagining them 2gether. And Jane….well, sorry I am not interested in her :)
    Anyone else? :D LOL

  9. laquita says:


    first of all… i love the BDE! However, the only HEA im this siked for is Qhuay! i love Blay, and want his HEA NOW!
    and i don’t think its great that their being reduced to a novella, but like it was pointed out earlier… it will be more focused on them! and im not instrested in reading about the BDB offsprings! well… i’ll take that back… i llike
    Rhage and Mary, so i want to see them happuy with a family!

  10. Decadence says:

    Malwee, I sooo know what you mean about Butch and V. I know they’re happy with their respective females, and don’t get me wrong, it’s great but some of the best moments in the series for me included Butch’s induction into the Brotherhood, specifically V’s part in it, and V containing Butch’s reaction to the vampire cocktail, although that’s more to do with V for me. If I’m honest too, part of the attraction of Payne’s book is the prospect of more V. I wanted more V in Lover Unbound, but Ward’s writing process (V’s voice in her head, or lack thereof) made that impossible, so hopefully we’ll get a decent dose. But don’t expect it to be pretty. Having said that, Ward has so far managed to make V’s dark side somehow beautiful so I’m sure she will again. If that’s not too weird.
    Jane wasn’t quite who I thought she was going to be when I started reading Lover Unbound. When she was denied her birthday because she got upset and was forced to stifle her normal reaction, I thought she was the perfect candidate for the type of freedom V might have provided. But then we got to see her quiet little rebellions and what happened in the penthouse made more sense after that. I like to think they get bathroom scenes as well because V on top is just that hot and it was different with her.
    Laquita, I was on Team Qhuay from that kiss in Lover Enshrined, if not earlier. I think right now, they are the characters we’ve spent the most time with and got to know yet are still unattached. There’s Tohr, but he’s changed so much and he’d been missing for 8 months and 2 books and he’s still not ready to move onto someone else. We’re just getting to know Payne and we’ve just met Murhder (FINALLY), so I’m not as invested in them as I am in the boys.
    Trez and iAm will be getting books, Ward thinks she knows who they’ll end up with but isn’t 100% sure yet. Again, I’m not yet as invested in them as I am in Qhuay.

  11. Malwee says:

    Decadence…well lets just hope for hot V scenes in the next book :P
    Glad U mentioned that drinking scene(V´s blood….Butchs reaction) that was one of my favs so far :D
    Is that true there are gonna be Trez and Iams books???? WAAAUUU :)
    I love the whole crew, the 4 of them and I just secretly hoped there are gonna be books bout them. Looks like my vish is coming true.
    Ouh, 5 months……:(((

  12. Anna Cowan says:

    ha…am I the only one who really liked Manny in Lover Unbound? He reminded me a lot of Butch in Dark Lover (duh, human who has feelings for heroine…) but was more accessible than Butch was back then. Also, the reason he liked Jane so much was that she was the only person who wasn’t intimidated by him and would stand her ground. That immediately flagged for me that he was going to need someone really strong to be with.
    Which reminds me – I’m so glad we’re getting another kick-ass heroine! Xhex was such a relief after all the other ladies. Hey, they’re all great in their ways, but watching them stay at home and worry was starting to grate on me, big time. I loved that in Lover Mine JM had to do the wait-and-worry over Xhex.
    So I totally agree with Kacie – Payne doesn’t need a male who’s bigger and stronger than her, she needs a male who she can be with emotionally. I definitely saw that potential in Manny. So, yeah, I’m looking forward to it!
    Also, yes, bring on more V. Can’t wait. Urg, waiting for books is a special kind of pain.

  13. Kat says:

    Ward promised that Lover Unleashed would contain a threesome and that there would be some hot scenes between V and Jane (I don’t know if that’s separate from the threesome) and a scene between Payne and Manny in his Porsche is particularly hot.

    Is she effing serious?!? Unless that threesome involves Qhaylock (Blinn? LOL) I’m quitting this series. I mean it this time.

  14. Kat says:

    And if it is Qhinn/Blaylock/Third person, I’d still have a problem with the fact that the only gay couple in this series gets to be non-monogamous when they’re with each other.

    So the only real way I can be okay with a threesome is if it involves none of the couples who have already had their books.

    Anyway. We shall see.


  15. Decadence says:

    This is the thing. Earlier speculation and hints have suggested that V shuts himself off from Jane and Butch goes above and beyond to help him. I’m wondering what form that help will take and what impact that would or should have on their main hetero relationships. For all we know, it could be a Butch, V & Jane threesome.
    I don’t think there’s going to be a Qhuay threesome, unless it involves Saxton, who is clearly important to both of them, because Ward said on her message board that she doesn’t go into detail with a sex scene that’s not with the Brother’s HEA.
    What if it’s someone we haven’t discussed yet? Like Murhder? Or Trez and iAm?
    But yes, I can see why you wouldn’t want it to be with someone who is already attached, because it would detract from the happy ending and craps on the whole point of a romance. On the other hand, it may not turn out as bad as it could be, with all the other options. There’s not enough info yet. Ward knows how to tease.

  16. Kat says:

    I’m sorry, but I have to be honest, and I think if it’s Jane/V/Butch the series will descend into complete farce for me. After all the stupidity we (readers) had to go through for V’s book, NOW suddenly he’ll get it on with Butch? And suddenly Butch is okay with it?!?

    I can only hope it’s Payne, Manny and someone else because I have zero investment in this couple. :P

  17. Lisa says:

    I picked up the Black Dagger Brotherhood about 6 months ago and have read all the books.  Am left craving more.  They’re delicious!!  I’m wondering if I should pick up the Fallen Angel Series as I wait for more – sounds to me like there are characters in common??

    To be niave … what is a novella?  Is this different then the actual books?  Is this more reading on the characters?  And if so, where can I find these?

  18. Decadence says:

    Hi Lisa :) I think the Fallen Angels series deserves a read, but you might want to check out some reviews because some BDB readers didn’t like the angels. They are different in tone to the BDB, even though there are some similarities in the way she writes them and in character traits across both series. My review of Covet is here.
    As far as characters in common go, initially Butch and Phury make cameos without anyone but the reader knowing who they are. Trez is Marie-Terese’s (did anyone else notice the missed opportunity to add an H to that name? :P ) boss. And the hero from the third book Envy, which is being written now, will appear in Lover Unleashed, which is coming in March.
    A novella is more like a short story than a full length novel. I’m not sure of the cut-off point in the word count that separates them. At the moment, we have The Story of Son, which is in the Dead After Dark anthology with the black, magenta and purple cover. It’s not actually a BDB story, but it’s about a civilian vampire from the same world. We’re not sure how or when (or if) we’ll see those characters again, but I really liked Michael. To me, he’s second to V, but they’re very different.
    There’s also Father Mine in the Insider’s Guide, which is about Z and Bella’s relationship after they have Nalla. This time frame isn’t really covered in the novels, but things happen between them, that’s all I’ll say.
    We will get more novellas, but I don’t know when. There’s Rhage and Mary, as well as one about Wrath, Beth and their young, Wrath and the plan is for them to be published together. And Qhuay will get their own self-contained novella as a compromise between those who are comfortable with m/m and those who aren’t. I’m speculating that we’ll get it in the next year or so (or at least news of when it’s coming), depending on what happens in Lover Unleashed. But that is in no way gospel.

  19. Lisa says:

    Well thank you SO much for the info.  I found Father Mine and am almost done that one.  I’ll have to look for the novella’s – and will eventually pick up the Angel series!!

  20. Brit says:

    this was so awesome reading this, i am SO excited about the next book, i am upset that Quinn and Blay wont get their own book but a novella, their life is just as exciting to me as my fav book with Zadist and Bella, maybe if we can get a petition started Ms. Ward (the best author by the way) would think twice and make it into a book. Well anyway thanks so much for the info and i hope she never stops writing even when i am 60yrs old i want to read about Khourage(a name i just made up) who is Zadist’s Son LOL.

    P.S. Will you write some more when you find out more info?

  21. Brit says:

    i just read Lisa comment right above mine, can you tell me the name of the novella’s i didnt know there were any yet, i know about the angel books like the 1st one and Crave, but are there any other books, Please tell me…..

  22. Decadence says:

    Hi Brit. I hate to burst your bubble, but I don’t think a petition would turn Qhuinn and Blay into a full length novel, because she may have a lot of readers who aren’t ready for a full-on gay romance. She’s compromising by giving them a self-contained novella for sure, but she’s promised it will be very close to novel length.
    Other than Story of Son and Father Mine, there are no novellas yet, but they’re in the pipeline. The Wrath/Beth/Wrath and Rhage/Mary/offspring novellas don’t even have names yet, so you haven’t missed anything.
    As far as news goes, January was pretty quiet, but I think there will be more happening the closer we get to the Lover Unleashed release date.

  23. Decadence says:

    Hi Sneha. Book 10 is Tohrment’s story, called Lover Reborn and is expected to be released around March/April next year. We can basically expect an approximate timetable of a BDB book every March or so and a Fallen Angels book every September or thereabouts.
    The cover hasn’t officially been released yet and Ward hasn’t confirmed the heroine, but speculation suggests it’s No’One.

  24. Sammich says:

    Gah! This series is awesome! I picked up Dark Lover about a month ago and JUST finished Lover Unleashed! I got worried after reading Lover Mine that there wouldn’t be more books, until I found Wards website and saw that there was! I need this fix, and might have to start in on the Angels books…

    I also think I’ll be scrounging around for the novellas, especially because I too am anticipating the release of Qhuinn and Blay’s story… I will admit that, although I’m fine with f/f, it wasn’t until these books that I was ok with m/m, because honestly? I really want Q to get over himself, but am worried that B will reject a couple of times before we see them truly together!

    I really thought that I’d stepped into a Mills and Boon world when I first opened DL, but it is hard to keep that thought, considering I travelled 45mins across town to get the 2nd instalment! 

    I’ll be keeping an eye on this blog, and hope that the people who were against Manny and Payne have changed their tunes!

    And let’s really hope that no one decides to make a movie out of these books! They’re friggen perfect the way they are!!!! 

  25. Decadence says:

    Hey, Sammich. Sorry I missed this one :(
    I found the names were a little bit much to get used to when I first started reading, but now they make me think twice before spelling certain words. But as she intorduces more characters and has them develop over the series instead of being contained in their book, the series has become more like a soap opera.
    To be honest, I’m the opposite to you. I prefer m/m to f/f, but I’m not sure why that is. Too many girl bits, maybe? Blay seems to feel safe with Saxton and is of course going to be with someone who wants him and cares for him. Even Saxton knows he’s just a placeholder until Qhuinn sorts his shit out. He’s ultimately doing them good, because he’s giving Qhuinn the kick in the pants he needs and I think being with Saxton soothes Blay. At the absolute least, he’s not wasting himself on some bastard who’s going to treat him badly.
    I’m with you on the movies, though. The Brothers are larger than life, so they’d have some huge shoes for an actor to fill.

What do you think?

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