Book Bizzo #15 Books and biscuits

source: Penguin Books Australia
Anzac biscuits - a link to the recipe is included below (source: Penguin Books Australia)

Top Aussie writer blogs

CopyWrite has posted its list of top blogs by Aussie writers. Romance writers who made the list:
#16 Romance Bandits (Various authors)
#34 Christina Phillips
#38 Romance, Rumours and Rogues (Nicola Marsh)
#52 Outback Romance (Fiona Lowe)
#54 Ramblings of a Romance Writing Mama (Rachael Johns)
#58 Yvonne Lindsay
#68 Bronwyn Parry
#69 Lexxie Couper
#85 Cassandra Cornell
#91 Alison Stuart
#99 Writing Romance (Sandie Hudson)
#102 Elisabeth Rose
#108 Sami’s Scribbles (Sami Lee)
#109 Stumbling along the path to publication (Monique Wood)
#110 Monya Mary Clayton
#111 Romance Bootcampers 109 (Various)
#114 Bootcampers 101 Writing Drills (Various)
#115 Musings of a Writer (Ellanora Joy)
#116 Full Stop, Where? (Jenna Anastasi)

Amish romances a bonnet ripper

The Secret by Beverly LewisAccording to Time, Amish themed books are a growing market in inspirational romance (via NSW Reader’s Advisory blog):

[Author Beverly] Lewis has just published a new novel, The Secret, set in the idyllic village of Bird-in-Hand [set among the Old Order Amish in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania], which debuts on the New York Times paperback best-seller list April 19 at No. 10.

My favourite quote, though is an anonymous quote from an Amish fan: “‘I don’t want to mislead you, Mrs. Lewis,’ confided a correspondent. ‘All of us are reading them under the covers.'” Almost every romance reader I know has had that experience.

Coming soon

I read the blurb for Dominic Knight’s debut novel, Disco Boy, and immediately requested a review copy. A romantic comedy written in the first person from an Aussie bloke’s point of view? Sold! I’ve had a quick flick through it—I had to make sure it has a happy ending, didn’t I?—and I can’t wait to get stuck into it next week. Watch this space for the verdict. The book comes out on May 1.

The Smart Bitches broke the news that my most auto of autobuys, Laura Kinsale, has a new release due February 2010. The publisher, Sourcebooks, will also be releasing some out-of-print Kinsales. Self, stop thy hyperventilating…

But I know what you’re all DYING to get a-hold of is JR Ward’s upcoming release, Lover Avenged. To whet your appetite, check out Dear Author’s haiku review. The haikus never fail to disappoint. The book comes out on April 28. Watch out for our BDB marathon here at Book Thingo starting TONIGHT. Decadence, our resident BDB guru, has put together a cheat sheet to get us up to speed before we read Rehv’s story.

BeBook hints at new product releases

BeBook has been dropping tantalising hints on Twitter about its upcoming product releases. The BeBook 2 White edition was on show at the London Book Fair last week. There’s also a 5-inch pocket reader yet to be unveiled. And Bebook hints at pricing under $/€ 200 (though I doubt they’re talking AUD, more’s the pity). If I were to buy an ebook reader today, it’d be a toss-up between the Sony eReader and the BeBook, so I can’t wait to see what these new products look like.

BeBook ebook reader

ASAL Common Readers and Cultural Critics convention

The Association for the Study of Australian Literature (ASAL) has opened registrations for its 2009 conference. The conference will be in Canberra and will run from Wednesday, July 8 to Sunday, July 12. Visit the website for more details.


And other random stuff…

Did you hear that Axle Whitehead won is the 2009 Cleo Bachelor of the Year? Really, Australia? Really?

Mix and BakeYesterday, I tweeted that I was looking for a recipe for good, chewy Anzac biscuits. The folks at Penguin had it covered, and they tweeted back a link to this recipe from Mix & Bake by Belinda Jeffery. I tried the recipe and even though I stuffed it up a little (note to self: don’t get the tablespoon mixed up with the teaspoon *sigh*) the biscuits are sooo delish! Every time I walk past the kitchen, they smell so good I just have to reach for one more. They won’t last the day, I’m afraid.

Cheers to our ANZACs and good luck to everyone planning to have a punt at two-up today!

Save the date

8/5 — Richard Morgan at the Melbourne Science Fiction Club, 9pm
18-24/5 — Sydney Writers Festival
21/5 — Richard Morgan at Galaxy Bookshop, 5:30pm
22-31/5 — Emerging Writers’ Festival in Melbourne
23/5 — Richard Morgan at Gaslight Book, 3-4pm
27/5 — Richard Morgan at Pulp Fiction, 6.30pm
8/7-12/7 — ASAL Common Readers and Cultural Critics at ANU/NLA
7-9/8 — Byron Bay Writers Festival
2-6/10 — National Young Writers’ Festival in Newcastle

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  1. katiebabs says:

    Why whenever there is an article in some publication about romance, they have to put “ripper” in it. Hello, romances as bodice rippers has gone the way of the dinosaurs!

    I am so ready for Rehv or as I call him, the Limp Pimp because the reviews and buzz I have been hearing is a bit ho-hum.

  2. Kat says:

    katiebabs, the Limp Pimp! ROTFLMAO You know, I don’t really have a problem with the bodice-ripper tag. Although it might be because for a long time I actually thought it was about the heroines ripping off their own bodices.

    Allison, either way it works for me. Hehe.

    Marg, I tried today and yesterday, and both times worked.

  3. katiebabs says:

    Allison: I hope I won’t be limping along reading Lover Avenged. hee hee.

    Kat: Heroine rips their bodice so their assets can be free from the restrains society has placed on them. Or they just want the hero to tell them they have a nice rack.

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