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Book Thingo blurbed on Helene Young’s next book

Half Moon Bay by Helene YoungThe cover for Australian romantic suspense author Helene Young’s next release, Half Moon Bay, has been released. It sports a quote from Book Thingo! Her previous release, Burning Lies, has also been given a new cover. I do love the redesign—and not just because we’re on the front cover in the next one. :D Half Moon Bay comes out May 22. You can pre-order it for Kindle, or pick up a copy at your favourite bookshop soon.

April Romance Buzz

The April edition of Booktopia’s Romance Buzz is up, and this month’s feature author is ARRA award winner Kylie Griffin. The newsletter includes my thoughts on Griffin’s third Light Blade book, Allegiance Sworn, as well as the book everyone is talking about—Lover At Last. Other feature books include Dark Embrace by Lexxie Couper and The Devil’s Heart by Cathy Maxwell.

Kylie Chan signing and pre-release sale

Dark Serpent by Kylie Chan (Celestial Battle, Book 1)Galaxy is hosting a signing by Australian fantasy author Kylie Chan and illustrator Queenie Chan, on Tuesday, April 16, at 12.30pm. Fans can pick up Chan’s new release, Dark Serpent, for one day only as a special pre-release exclusive–three weeks earlier than everyone else. This book is the first in Chan’s Celestial Battle trilogy. You can also pre-order online or via phone if you can’t make it on Tuesday but would like a signed copy.

Video chats with RITA finalists

The Romance Writers of America is running a series of video chats  with finalists for their annual RITA awards. There are 11 sessions planned until the awards night. Anyone can attend the online event, but only first 1000 RSVPs will be able to actively participate in each session. The first one starts today at 10am AEST. Click here for the schedule and registration links.

Paranormal book club

Galaxy Bookshop’s next paranormal romance book club is on Thursday, May 2. The topic, tentatively, is the representation of women in paranormal romance. This should be a fab discussion, particularly as the group has a lot of female readers. Contact Galaxy for more details.

RWA conference spotlight

If you’re coming to the Romance Writers of Australia conference at Fremantle in August, check out the spotlight on the RWA blog for Kat’s panel with Sarah Wendell and Kate Cuthbert. Hope to see some of you there!

Romance panels at the Sydney Writers’ Festival

The program for this year’s Sydney Writers’ Festival has been announced, and romance readers have scored one panel, The spirit of romance. Sort of.

What styles of romance writing are people reading today and how do writers approach the element of romance differently in their books? Suzy Duffy (Wellesley Wives), Kate Forsyth (The Wild Girl) and Rachael Treasure (The Farmer’s Wife) discuss the world’s most popular literary genre with Amanda Hooton (author of Finding Mr Darcy).

Romance genre readers will note that none of these writers actually write within the genre. But, as @VaVeros point out, it’s an improvement in previous years because it at least lacks the condescending tone of previous romance-related panels at SWD.

Jane Austen fans might also be interested in the Pride and Prejudice panel. I’ll be expecting a discussion around The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, so don’t disappoint me, people!




  1. Marg says:

    It’s a bit ironic when in their blurb they acknowledge that romance is the most popular genre but it can only justify one panel. As you say though, at least there is one! I don’t even recall hearing of two of the panelists though.

  2. azteclady says:

    I tried doing the Shindig thing with Ruthie Knox last night, but technology defeated me (as it often does–it’s trying, being a quasi-Luddite in these technologically charged times, lemme tell you)

  3. Kat says:

    Marg — I’m quietly optimistic. Someone with experience in running festivals mentioned that by the time the new director was appointed last year, the program would already have been drafted. I’m hoping, hoping, HOPING that next year will embrace the genre even more. I’m excited for the Melbourne and Brissy festivals, too. I know that the directors are very genre friendly.

    azteclady — That’s disappointing. :( It’ll be interesting to see if my internet connection will be able to cope. Australian broadband isn’t the fastest (or cheapest!).

  4. Kat says:

    I’m a bit conflicted about that rural romance session. I don’t actually think Rachael Treasure is a romance author. Definitely rural lit, possibly with love stories, but not outback romance by any means, and I don’t classify her anthology as erotica, either. A rural romance panel without at least one of the following is suspect, in my book: Bronwyn Parry, Rachael Johns, Emma Darcy, or, at a pinch, Helene Young.

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