BT bloggers: The dynamic is off – BT077

BT bloggers: The dynamic is off – BT077

Guest: Rudi and Gabby | Host: Kat Mayo | Audio producer: Rudi Bremer | Recorded: 21/12/2020 Sydney

This conversation was recorded at the end of 2020. I’ve been so slack about releasing the episode that Rudi has been distributing bootleg copies of the audio. We talk about significant reading moments, man-hymens, sex positions that destabilise the patriarchy, problematic faves, and our love for a good grovel.

Also: Gabby ghosts us, and some of us come prepared with dick quotes.


Rudi Bremer — Long-suffering audio producer and recommender of books: @rudi_bee | Little Yarns

Gabby — Wearer of socks and gloves, epilogue hater, sits in the wrong chair: @gabbymight


  • BDBT | Amz | Amz — Bridgerton series by Julia Quinn (including The Duke and I)
  • BDBT | Amz | Aud — Boyfriend Material by Alexis Hall
  • BDBT | Amz | Aud — Get A Life, Chloe Brown by Talia Hibbert
  • BDBT | Amz | Aud — Glitterland by Alexis Hall
  • BDBT | Amz | Aud — London Celebrities series by Lucy Parker
  • BDBT | Amz | Aud — Ritual of Proof by Dara Joy
  • BDBT | Amz | Aud — Nicholas by Elizabeth Amber
  • BDBT | Amz | Aud — The Savior by J.R. Ward
  • BDBT | Amz | Aud — The Shadows by J.R. Ward [ Review ]
  • BDBT | Amz | Aud — The Bourbon Kings by J.R. Ward [ review ]
  • BDBT | Amz | Aud — Lady Gallant by Suzanne Robinson


Ilona Andrews (author), Bibo Reyes (cover model), Judith McNaught (author)


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  1. azteclady says:

    Thank you for this episode! a lot of laughter over here at casa aztec too.

    And you nailed one of my issues with J.R. Ward’s books, what works and what doesn’t for me (and why it took me so long to give up). That hyperbole, where the setup is always for THE bestest with the mostest, so of course, no book/character ever delivers as promised, then the next one must promise even more, is a phenomenon I tracked first with Christina Feehan’s CARPATHIANS. It’s lazy, and if there’s no substance in the characterization, it gets tiresome pretty quick.

    Again, thank you so much! Here’s hoping that 2022 will provide you all many more opportunities for talking books, banana worldbuilding and/or characters, or just books you love. It’s lovely to sit in the sidelines and listen to good book talk.

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