BT017. Be very afraid

BT017. Be very afraid

Guest: Kat Mayo | Hosts: Rudi Bremer & Gabby | Audio producer: Rudi Bremer | Recorded: 13/8/2016 Sydney

Guys, we survived our first year of podcasting! To celebrate, Rudi, Gabby and I recorded a bonus episode over the weekend. It’s a lot shorter than our usual episode, but what it lacks in length, it makes up for in fun times!


A year of podcasts in images

Sarah Wendell and Kat Mayo (2012, Sydney) Kate Cuthbert and Kat Mayo (2012, Sydney) Julia Quinn by Kat Mayo (2013)

Alli Sinclair & Graeme Simsion at the #ARRA #author signing. #rwaus15 #romance #books

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Finally met Wendy the Superlibrarian in person! #RT16

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Guys, I met Tessa Dare!!!!!!!!!!! #RT16

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Kat Mayo is a freelance writer, podcaster, Twitter tragic, and compulsive reader. Her reviews have appeared in Books+Publishing, and she was the winner of the 2014 RWA Romance Media Award. She believes in happy endings, and kills fairies with glee.


  1. azteclady says:

    Oh. My. Goodness!!!!

    That was the most amazing quiz in the history of quizes–and you three are having more fun than should be allowed.

    I need to win a really big lottery prize so I can meet you IRL. (I hope that didn’t come across as creepy stalkery–it’s really not meant that way. I’m not scary creepy stalkery, truly! Ask SuperWendy!)

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