BT020. Cross-pollination of interests

BT020. Cross-pollination of interests

Guest: Adele Walsh & Claire Parnell | Host: Kat Mayo | Audio producer: Rudi Bremer | Recorded: 24/9/2016 PLACE

In this episode, we try our hand at recording an interview over the phone. The technology required to do this is a bit tricky, so you might hear some echoes and noises at certain parts of the recording. Please bear with us!

Because Rudi, Gabby and I are based in the same city, whenever we cover events, we’re limited by geography. So we wanted to chat with other readers about some recent literary events in different cities. Claire Parnell and Adele Walsh are both from Melbourne, and they’re passionate advocates for romance fiction, so we knew we wanted to have them on the show.

We recap the RWA conference and MWF, and later in the episode we talk about the place of romance authors in mainstream festivals. We talk about romance reader events in 2017 and what types of events we’d like to see more of. We also talk about new adult and I ask Adele and Claire how they define this term. Their answers might surprise you!


Adele Walsh — Program Coordinator, Centre for Youth Literature: @snarkywench, Persnickety Snark

Claire Parnell — Media tutor, Deakin University: @cparnell_c



Catherine M Roach, Jodi McAlister (BT004 & BT005), Lisa Fletcher (BT007), Keri Arthur, Heather Graham, Rainbow Rowell, David Levithan, Meg Rosoff, Anita Heiss (BT013), Tricia Stringer, Jane Sullivan, Kate Mildenhall, Kate Cuthbert (editor; BT001 & BT002), C. S. Pacat, Nick Earls, Jacinta Halloran, Kirsty Eagar, Melina Marchetta, Courtney Milan, Kristen Callahan


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