BT058. #RomBkLove: Gateway books

BT058. #RomBkLove: Gateway books

Guest:  Rudi Bremer & Gabby | Host: Kat Mayo | Audio producer: Rudi Bremer | Recorded: 17/05/2018 Sydney

The alternative title for this episode is: Not your mother’s romance. This is what Rudi would prefer to call it, but in the spirit of #RomBkLove 2018, I (Kat) have gone with the boring but easily recognisable title. This pretty much sums up the dynamic for our Book Thingo blogger roundtable podcasts. Of which this #RomBkLove prompt will be one!

When Ana Coqui from Immersed in Books invited us to participate as hosts in this year’s #RomBkLove month, Rudi, Gabby and I decided that we would do something a little different. We thought we’d record a podcast where we talk about gateway books, and leave most of the book lists for you, our fellow readers, to post either here on the blog (the shownotes page, if you’re reading this on a podcasting app), or on social media. By day 23, we figured you might be overwhelmed with reading lists, and this is a chance for us to catch our breaths and remember why we fell in love with the genre, and books that helped to get us there.

If you haven’t heard of #RomBkLove, you can read Ana’s introduction post here. It’s a month-long celebration of romance books, and each day is focused on a theme, which hosted by one or more readers either on their own platform or on Ana’s blog. Most of the conversation happens on Twitter, but I know others are also playing on Instagram and Facebook, so feel free to get into it via the social media platform you’re most comfortable with — just remember to use the hashtag #RomBkLove if you want us to be able to find your comments. Ana is also busy archiving the discussions for each day — a Herculean feat given the increasing popularity of this event — and using the hashtag helps her find reader discussions online.

For todays’ theme, gateway books, we broadly define the theme to be about books that introduced us to the romance genre, books that made us fall in love with the genre, and books that we recommend to people who might not read romance but maybe might want to try it. If we missed anything, feel free to expand, reframe, or spin off from our definition.

I’m excited to hear about your gateway books into romance. Before we recorded this podcast, I hadn’t realised how differently Gabby, Rudi and I slid into reading romance fiction, and I suspect you have some very interesting stories yourselves!


Rudi Bremer — Book Thingo blogger and audio producer extraordinaire: @rudi_bee

Gabby — Book Thingo blogger and writer of An open letter to the Sydney Writers’ Festival: @penneclearwater

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Gateway books and authors

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  1. azteclady says:

    I adore this episode. There are NO WORDS.

    Rudy and Gabby ganging up on Kat, though… (I support you, Kat, don’t let them wear you down!)

    So many memories–both good and…really bad.

    Good: my sister and I reading our romance novels OUT LOUD during lunch hour…in middle school, to a groups of non-readers. Let me tell you, before the first one was over, they were all reading.

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