BT059. Carla de Guzman: The tita generation

BT059. Carla de Guzman: The tita generation

Guest: Carla de Guzman | Host: Kat Mayo | Audio producer: Rudi Bremer | Recorded: 8/04/2018 Sydney

When I met author Carla de Guzman over lunch, we had so much fun bonding over cheese wheels and gelato that I knew I had to have her on the podcast. Carla writes plus-size heroines living or travelling in different parts of the world, and she’s part of the #romanceclass community.

We code-switch a bit during this episode, but hopefully our meaning comes through just fine. We mention the “tita” life a number of times. Tita translates to “aunt”, but it’s also a more general honorific for other women in your parents’ generation.

Rudi did an amazing job with the audio in this episode. We recorded outside at the State Library of NSW, where it was somewhat windy and random strangers in conversation would walk by as we recorded. But also, she removed the bit where we talk about nipples, so you win some, you lose some!


Carla de Guzman — Romance author, painter, and part-time traveller: @carlakdeguzmanFacebook;


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Fred Lo, Tara Frejas, Gio Gahol, Gab Pangilinan, Bibo Reyes, Chachic


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