Christmas Wishes by Rhian Cahill

Christmas Wishes by Rhian Cahill
Review of: Christmas Wishes
Rhian Cahill

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On 19 December 2012
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A quick Christmas read that pushes all the right buttons. It's not quite angsty enough to be a keeper, but at least it won't have you looking puffy and red-eyed on the train.

Christmas Wishes by Rhian CahillA quick Christmas read that pushes all the right buttons and won’t leave you looking puffy and red-eyed on the train.

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When Dean Hall agreed to help his best friend Talli Jarmen with a photography gig, no one said anything about wearing tights. And when Talli sees Dean in a ridiculously skimpy (read: several sizes too small) elf costume, she notices parts of him that she hadn’t really noticed before.

When certain lines are crossed between friends, there’s just no going back, and Dean knows he has to make a move and risk their friendship. Talli, too, feels a new sizzle between them and has to decide between keeping the status quo or going for broke.

Australian author Rhian Cahill does what she can with the limited word count—my ereader showed 66 ‘pages’, although the story only took 40 and the rest were excerpts from other Escape titles—and Christmas Wishes is a fun read even if it doesn’t quite get to the emotional highs and lows that I love in my romance. For me, the risk of Talli and Dean losing their friendship didn’t seem so big a deal, given that it quickly becomes apparent they both have feelings for each other.

But props to Cahill, who moves away from her erotic romance/romantic erotica niche to a more conventional contemporary romance in Christmas Wishes. I may be wrong, but I don’t believe we often see this happening. Mind you, the sex is still pretty hot and sex words are definitely used:

She wasn’t making this easy and he wanted easy. He wanted to slowly make love to her, not ravish her in desperation, except he feared it was already too late. His balls were tucked into his groin, his cock rock-hard and oozing come. If he had any blood left in his head he’d panic about how close he was to climaxing without getting naked.

but it’s interesting to see Cahill skate between subgenres. Cahill has at least two related novellas in the works for Escape Publishing, and I’m looking forward to seeing how her writing develops in this space.

Yay or nay?

This novella is a quick read that pushes all the right buttons. It’s not quite angsty enough to be a keeper, but at least it won’t have you looking puffy and red-eyed on the train. A word of caution: despite that sweet cover, it may be best not to let young kids read over your shoulder.

Who might enjoy it: Romance readers with little time to spare during the holiday season

Who might not enjoy it: Readers looking for well-developed emotional arcs

A copy of this book was generously provided by Escape Publishing.

Title: Christmas Wishes (excerpt)
Author: Rhian Cahill
Publisher: Escape Publishing/Harlequin Australia

EBOOKS: iBooksKindle UK | Kindle US | KoboLibrary


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