Crave and Black Dagger Brotherhood chat recap – 16/10/2010

Crave and Black Dagger Brotherhood chat recap – 16/10/2010

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Decadence provides a recap of the most recent chat with J. R. Ward, including tidbits on the Black Dagger Brotherhood and Fallen Angels series.

On Saturday morning, J. R. Ward answered readers’ questions in her chat room from her newest release, Crave, second in the Fallen Angels series. Both the US and local editions should contain an excerpt from the upcoming Black Dagger Brotherhood release, Lover Unleashed (my local Piatkus does). Ward also discussed what’s coming for the Brothers, so please consider this a spoiler warning for both series. I’ve paraphrased the questions and tried to copy what Ward said as closely as possible, but anyone who has ever been to one of Ward’s chats knows that they can be chaotic. Any mistakes are mine.

JR is currently listening to Lil Wayne’s I’m Not a Human Being.

Q: Will Adrian have a love interest and will it include Eddie?
Define ‘include’. ;) That’s a Keeep Reeaddddinnnnggggg (KR). Bear in mind that they like to share.

Q: I’ve just started reading Crave. What’s the relationship between Matthias and Jim?
Their relationship only gets more complicated. I won’t say any more than that because you’re not yet finished.

Q: What impact does Tohr’s book have on the Brotherhood?
His HEA affects him deeply. The Brothers want him to be happy. They’ve watched him suffer so long, they’re glad when it happens.

My publisher has worldwide rights to my books, so they decide which countries to sell them in.

Xhex already has her John Matthew tattoo. He likey :D

Q: How did Devina know it was Matthias when Jim, Adrian and Eddie didn’t?
She’s like Nigel, so she knows as Nigel knows. Unlike him, she cheats.

Q: Why is Jim so much more powerful than Adrian and Eddie?
He’s more powerful but doesn’t have the experience, so he defo needs them. He’s the chosen one. It’s a different role. But they aren’t indispensable. (I’m just not sure if they relates to the chosen ones like Jim or the players as a whole. –Decadence)

Q: Will Blay become a Brother?
Not sure. I know he still fights but I haven’t seen it yet. Doesn’t mean it won’t happen, but not in the immediate future.

Q: Will there be an update on all the Brothers?
It’s happening slowly. There’s been a Wrath update and there’s a lot of V in Lover Unleashed. I get the sense there will be updates in future books. Also short stories like Rhage and Mary, and Wrath and Beth. I’m working on Rhage and Mary now. I imagine we’ll do another Insider’s Guide at some point.

Q: Will we get Xhex and Murhder’s back story in Lover Unleashed before Murhder’s book and will his return affect JM and Xhex?
There’s too much V to do more on others in Lover Unleashed. You’ll defo see Murhder again and so will Xhex.

Q: Will we see improvement in Qhuinn and Blay’s relationship in Lover Unleashed?
Depends on what you consider improvement. You’ll defo see them. Defo. But they are not together, that’s for sure.

Q: Will Qhuay get their own book or just a novella? Can we have a book for those who want to know everything and a novella for those who don’t?
Looks like novella, but a novella is relative. ;D If it focuses on them, it will cover everything, know what I’m saying. I’ll get to show the inside of the cupboard, if that makes sense. Publisher is open to a novella but it still needs to be fleshed out. Looks positive at this point but it’s going to be a little while. I’ll keep everyone posted. Promise.

Q: Is Sissy Jim’s eternal search and quest for a soul? Does he get a HEA?
Blue smurf robe. (An alternative to the KR, the blue smurf robe rises up to cover Ward so that she can’t communicate whenever a question is asked that she’s not allowed to answer. –Decadence) That’s all I got on that one.

Q: Will Butch and V ever give into their cravings and break their shellans’ hearts?
Cravings. Interesting choice of words. Sometimes what you need you don’t crave, but you have to have it anyway. That’s all I can say *tries to get smurf robe off*

Q: Why does Devina have a relationship with the souls? Does she know who they’ll be?
Devina has an inside track, but not greater than Nigel. They’re equal in knowledge but not ethics. Adrian and Eddie are outside the rules. So the question is, if both sides are cheating, what then?

Q: Are Colin and Nigel a couple?
The nature of their relationship was shown and the hero of Envy (third book in the Fallen Angels series) is in Lover Unleashed.

Q: Are we getting new Brothers?
There are some more vampires showing up and you’ll meet some in Lover Unleashed. Smurf robe.

Can we have a name?
Xcor (pronounced Core). (No idea if Xcor is male or female. Could the silent X denote femininity since Xhex also begins with a silent X? –Decadence)

Q: Whose book is after Payne and Manny?
I don’t know. I’m pulling into the last third of Lover Unleashed, but it’s quiet right now.

Q: Will we see Devina’s therapist? Is she an important character?
OMG, you so totally will but important is relative. What? I dnt say nuthun.

Q: Is No’One’s name a play on her being Sampsone’s daughter? Does she mate a Brother *cough*Tohr*cough*?
Not allowed to say dick about her. My admin nearly killed me in Radcliffe. So I be good author, unless when my moderator is threatening to size 14 my ass.

Q: Does Devina get bow chicka wow wow? Will she meet the Omega?
Roooarrrinnnggggg. She gets her some. Devina likes a good bang. I don’t know about Devina and the Omega. I feel it’s like two separate worlds but I’ve been wrong before.

Xhex uses her cilices to keep level. (I’m not sure, but it seems to imply that she continues to use them after her mating. –Decadence)

Q: Has Lover Unleashed made you blush yet?
Shower scene. Payne’s on the bench and Manny’s on the tile. I wrote it today. Tongue bath.

Q: How is writing V in Lover Unleashed?
He’s better than in Lover Unbound, easier to write, so I’m expecting that to change any time now.

You’ll get to see JM in Lover Unleashed, but only in relation to Qhuinn.

Q: Thank God for Butch when Manny and V confront each other.
You got it.

I’m hoping to post the Lover Unleashed cover next week when I get permission from my editor.

Hopefully Rhage and Mary’s short story (about their need for young and how it shakes out) will be finished by the end of the year. Then I have to write about Wrath and Beth. Then Qhuinn and Blay. I’m not sure when the short stories will be published.

I could see Rhage with a daughter.
So can I. He’d spoil her rotten.

V would be great with a kid.
I think he would disagree with you.

Saxton is absolutely positively not into Layla. Trust me. He adores Blay and would never hurt him. Ever. I love Saxton.

I don’t know if we’ll see Claire and Michael again (from Story of Son).

Q: Are we going to get anything physical between Butch and V? A kiss, something?
There’s something, I’ll tell you that.

Q: Any info on Rehv?
His role as head of the symphaths will be very interesting to see.

Q: What’s Manny’s ethnicity?
His mother is Italian. (No mention of his father and doesn’t Manello sound Italian? –Decadence)

Q: How’s Butch?
Butch is feeling a lot of black right now. (Why do I automatically think leather or candle wax? — Decadence) Blue robe.

Q: Will Sissy be Jim’s HEA?

Q: Will Trez and iAm get their own books?
I’d love to write their books and I know who iAm ends up with. No, you haven’t met her.

Q: What inspired you to be a writer?
I was always a writer. I came hardwired that way, always with the stories and getting them down.

Q: Who was your favourite Brother to write?

Q: How do you get past writer’s block?
I don’t have writer’s block if I just do what my Rice Krispies say. If I try to influence the story, the voices and pics shut up.

Q: Can you tell us about another new vampire besides Xcor?
My admin will kill me.

Q: What’s up with the painting on the ceiling of the angels and warriors?
The painting is something Darius loved. He commissioned it and sometimes Lassiter sees Wellsie in it.

Q: Is the Scribe Virgin fading? Wouldn’t the Omega also fade if they are connected?
The Omega is going strong while the SV fades. If she disappears, what then? I’ll leave it at that.

Q: Were Adrian and Eddie human?
Their back story gradually comes out and it’s a KR.

Q: Did Lash go back to the Omega like all lessers?
The answer is at the end of Lover Mine.

Q: Can you give us a list of Adrian’s piercings?
Let’s say he’s into chains kind of like Lassiter is. He and Qhuinn and Lassiter are the kings of pin cushions. Looks better without clothes on, s’all I’m saying.

Q: Is there a connection between Devina’s black oily things and the Omega’s, like are they the souls they’ve killed?
The Omega’s creatures are not unlike Devina’s. But just his private ones in his lair, not lessers up above. So there’s a crossover at that level. Oil is the new latex.

Q: How are Nalla, Bella and Z?
They are going so great that Mary’s been a bit transformed. But it will work out for her. You’ll see it in the short story, which P.S. is not going to be short.

Q: Have you considered writing future generations?
I think it would make great Slices of Life or like a flash forward in a bigger book. I want to write Nalla (OMG, can you imagine Z?) and I love Phury’s little guy.

Q: It’s interesting that Butch and Manny have the same drink preference.
LOLOL, well, he wanted some Lag, that was for sure. But he denied, denied, denied liking it in Lover Unbound. Perhaps he’s had a change of heart after a little mind f***ing around courtesy of V at the end of Lover Unbound. You’ll see how his mind does not do so well and that shit goes into the shitter.

Q: Does Adrian get a HEA?
Defo see more of Adrian.

Q: Would Rhage and Mary adopt from a human orphanage?
No, they’ll find another way.

Q: How old are Rehv and Xhex and why were you so cagey the last time we asked?
I guess I’m just cagey sometimes and I’ll take your point to be cagey now.

Q: Will there be a triangle between Manny, V and Butch?
V’s had enough of triangles already ;) Manny gets his memory erased a few times and it changes him until he’s literally rendered useless. And then you’ll have to see what happens. You never know what’s inside and what’s covered up.

Q: Will Beth go through her needing in Lover Unleashed?
The second short story should be finished next year and I don’t know when the book. (I think she means the book with both short stories published together. –Decadence) Beth is a half breed, so her needing time is different.

Q: What is the significance of the Angels’ appearances and piercings?
KR, but nakey is better.

Q: Does Devina have power over Jim because they had sex in Covet? Will we see the Fallen Angels in the BDB world? Is God Devina’s therapist?
God is defo not Devina’s therapist. Devina barters for things and she wants Jim so he will have to do stuff he doesn’t want to. I worry it will eat away at him over time. There will be casual crossovers. Now that the Angels are coming back to Caldwell, I think we’ll see more BDB cameos in the Fallen Angels series. Never know when you’ll see them.

Q: Can you tell us about Tohr’s mate?
I loved Wellsie, but I think he needs someone. I’m not sure when his book will be, but I don’t want it to be right after Payne and Manny. I want more time to prepare.

Q: What’s V’s problem with Lassiter?

Q: What about Butch’s father?

Right now there are seven Fallen Angel books, but I can see it being open ended. I see the last book and I’m like, ‘Huh?’

You can find a list of BDB-related Book Thingo posts here, most of which were written by Decadence, our resident BDB guru.

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  1. Anna Cowan says:

    arg, raises more questions, but am very excited by her hints of something happening with Butch and V. A moment’s all we need to make up for all the book throwing.

    • Decadence says:

      I would have been soooo on board with that before they got mated. Now I’m not sure how I’m going to feel about it. All the way through the series, we’ve been told and shown how it all changes when a male meets his mate and she becomes his number one priority (a notable exception was Wrath lying to Beth about fighting). Then Butch’s induction scene and the talk they had in Lover Unbound seemed to close the door on anything happening between them. Even though it’s Butch and V, my inner romantic thinks that ship should have sailed before they both got mated. I’m conflicted over this one.

  2. Anna Cowan says:

    yeah, I guess it doesn’t necessarily work within the romance framework – but I don’t think she’s writing straight romance. After finishing Lover Revealed I just couldn’t get over them not ending up together, and I realised that’s one of the things I love about romance: it doesn’t leave you with anything to regret or wish was otherwise.
    Ward definitely leaves room for nuance in her relationships.
    And much as Jane grew on me in Lover Mine, I’m afraid I’m just not that invested in the boys’ shellans. I can’t shake the feeling that they’re there to allow Butch and V to stay together (Ward actually says exactly that in their Slice of Life…)
    So it doesn’t surprise me that they keep finding ways to be together, and I’m all for it :-) I loved seeing them together in Lover Mine and how possessive V was. I don’t think they have to leave their shellans or anything, but their relationship is definitely a complex one, and it’d be a cop-out if Ward had pretended otherwise.
    Eeeep! sorry for the rant. This is still a sore spot for me :-)
    (lots more rant here, if anyone’s interested)

  3. Decadence says:

    I reread The Interview that Never Happened and I found what I think is the paragraph you meant, but I also found bits earlier on to show that she’s invested in their hetero relationships. She’s said in there that the shellans are so secure in their relationships with their males because they’re so well-loved.
    It was always about Marissa for Butch. He lived with V but he stalked Marissa for 2 books and she helped heal him in ways that V couldn’t after his abduction. We’ve also seen Z having difficulty bonding with Nalla in the beginning. Part of that was to protect her from his nightmare and because Bella seemed to choose giving birth over living with him, but it was also because Bella is number one for him. Ward has said that males don’t always bond with their young because of their extreme attachment to their shellans and it’s rare for a male to outlive his bonded shellan. Those who do are basically dead inside, like we saw with Tohr and V.
    I read the rest of your rant on your blog and I both agree and disagree with you. After going to so much trouble to sell us on Butch with Marissa and V with Jane, something happening between the boys *now* would break the contract Ward has with me as a reader (that contract took quite a battering when Xhex washed John off her after refusing to kiss him, then making her the heroine of his book). But then I also like the idea of V and Butch together, so I also have an element of not knowing what I want. Maybe it’s the potential not acted upon, with neither being worse off for not going there. There’s a line I don’t want them to cross, but I don’t know for sure where that line is for me, so I hope it doesn’t get crossed. I also realise that line is going to be in a different place for different ppl.
    There’s a line between fantasy and reality and of course none of it is real anyway, but I have an expectation of a certain degree of realism and that says that it’s cheating to kiss someone else, even if they’re a member of the same sex and you’re married to a member of the opposite sex and that cheapens the marriage.
    Having said that, we don’t know what’s going to happen between them, it might be more a sensual and loving than a sexual (if also loving) moment. I think I would accept that. Maybe the nuance came from the question Ward was asked, because it asked if something would happen and the idea of a kiss was the second part of the question and Ward answered that “something” would happen. And I have leather and wax on the brain after “Butch is feeling lots of black.”

  4. Anna Cowan says:

    ah, the leather and wax, will we ever get over it? Thanks for checking out my rants and responding – no one on my end has read them, so it’s kinda great to chat to someone who has.
    Yeah, I think I’m over my need for Butch and V to be together exclusively, so I wouldn’t want their marriages to be broken up. But I think the shellans understand the nuance…. he, anyway, as you said, we’ve no idea what’s actually going to happen. I re-read her answer about five times trying to get what she was hinting at.
    Didn’t work.
    I think having Blay and Qhuinn helps a LOT, because at least we know that longing is all going to go somewhere.
    I get the feeling we’re kinda different readers, because I really liked all the stuff between Xhex and JM in Lover Avenged, knowing that they would get their HEA. :-)

  5. Decadence says:

    In a lot of ways, the chats both allow and force her to answer questions briefly and it’s usually frowned on to request clarification unless you get picked to ask a question, so quite a few ppl were asking 2- and 3-part questions. You couldn’t really ask a question and once she’s answered, ask a follow-up because you’d had your turn and they were trying to let as many ppl as possible ask questions. We’d get short, choppy sentence answers and the chats seem to be just as much an opportunity for her to tease us as it is for us to get info.
    I like that Qhuinn and Blay can go there because there’s no one else for either of them, so far. I don’t think it would spoil anything to say that if they’re getting their own book, they should end up together, so I don’t see a place for Saxton with Blay. I love how Blay has elements of both the warrior and the gentleman and Qhuinn and Saxton each of those aspects of him. I don’t think any of them would make it a menage.
    I’m sure we are very different readers. While you were ready to forgive Xhex’s actions because she was going to love JM in the end, I thought she had seriously, seriously fucked up by letting her issues damage him. Despite everything that had happened to him, he had this core of innocence that was still untouched by his life. Then the female he loved and that we’re expected to accept as The One for him, she was the one who killed it. He wasn’t the same for having met her and not in a good way. He mellowed a lot sooner than I did, but eventually I forgave her because she genuinely cared for him and regretted how she’d treated him. I was more impressed with his capacity to love, than by her, to be honest. But she had to change a lot before she could be with him and by the end, Ward convinced me they should be together.
    So anyway, right now, I’m conflicted over the idea of a V/Butch scene, but I have to have faith that Ward will do right by us. She’s managed to do that even when I wasn’t sure it was possible.

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