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I’ve been thinking about how to make it easier for me and my co-bloggers to get our reviews up on Book Thingo. Obviously, reading books and actually writing reviews—and finding time to do both—are the most important part of getting things done on the blog. But there are other time-consuming activities that happen around posting reviews.

One of the most painstaking (not to mention mind-numbingly boring) tasks I have to do to prepare every review is to compile all the bookshop links at the end of the post. The thing is, Book Thingo doesn’t pull in the kind of affiliate revenues that makes this worthwhile. And while I can cut down the links to two or three bookshops that seem to be your favourites to shop from, I can’t bring myself to remove links to local booksellers. I mean, we need to have alternatives to Amazon and Book Depository. I really believe that.

So anyway, I’ve been looking at how to make linking to booksellers easier, and I’ve decided to sign us up for Skimlinks. This service redirects links from Book Thingo to go through their affiliate thingo, then shares the commission with us. Their marketing spiel is a bit on the monetise-rah-rah side (which is why I’m not using any of their banners), but it turns out I know one of the co-founders, which makes me confident that good people are behind the scenes.

The entire thing is super easy and probably took a lot less time to set up than having to sign up for three different bookshop affiliate programs. This appeals to my laziness, I have to admit. By the time this posts, Skimlinks will be active on the site. If you have any concerns about us using Skimlinks, or if you have problems using Book Thingo (eg slow page loads, dodgy looking links), please let me know. I’ll consider it a trial for the first three months, and if there are no major issues, we’ll continue to use it until there’s a compelling reason to stop. I’m very interested to see if this will be a good option for Australian book bloggers, who often have to work with disparate currencies and programs.

tl;dr: We’ll be using the Skimlinks service starting today on Book Thingo. But if for any reason it affects how you read Book Thingo, please let us know your concerns, either in the comments or by emailing me at kat@bookthingo.com.au.

Kat Mayo is a freelance writer, podcaster, Twitter tragic, and compulsive reader. Her reviews have appeared in Books+Publishing, and she was the winner of the 2014 RWA Romance Media Award. She believes in happy endings, and kills fairies with glee.

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