Five dates in five weeks

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In which romance and charity go hand in hand. Also, Wandergurl needs your help to get her mojo back! (And we’re not talking about reviewing books.)

While I read romance novels, and believe that there’s somebody out there for me somewhere (God only knows where) I am the most cynical person when it comes to love and romance in real life. For one thing, there’s a man drought in Sydney. And it’s not like it’s the easiest thing in the world to go out and meet someone (anyone).

And there’s the part where I’m lazy, and I prefer to go to nice, cozy bars where boys don’t try to pick you up, and while I love meeting people there’s all this effort involved in dating. Effort I haven’t always been keen to make.

This year, I said to myself, well, it’s time for you to just do it. Before you can complain about there not being any men around, you’ve actually got to go and try and find one. You don’t even have to forage, you just kind of have to show up. (Like, you know, not sit at home all the time and just read.) So to kickstart my dating adventure I let myself get roped into this: Five in Five.

Five in Five

What exactly is Five in Five? Well, you know how people run 14k (City to Surf), bike for cancer, etc.? I’m dating for the urban poor. Yep. You read that right. Go on five dates in five weeks in the name of raising money for charity (the LiveWires Program). You can’t use the internet—it’s called ‘vintage dating’—you have to get friends to set you up or you have to just ask a guy out. (When did that become ‘vintage’? Am I just showing my age here?)

How is it going so far? I’ve gone on two dates.

Date #1

First date was with my friend’s friend. Let’s call him G. I had an engagement party to go to after my date, so I was kind of dressed up. As in, like, I was all booby and everything, in a dress that fit me for the first time in five years (go me!). G was in shorts. In fairness, I didn’t mind, and I took him to a place that didn’t care. We had drinks and lovely conversation. He was a nice bloke, and it was good to talk to him. The catch is that my friend neglected to tell me that his friend is really young. The kind of young that made me feel like a puma. (Cougars are 40+. I am under that age; therefore, I’m just a puma. :) They’re probably the same animal, but it’s all etymology.)

Date #2

My second date was my friend P’s cute geeky French friend. He’s here studying English. He was cute, smart, well mannered, funny, etc. etc. I kept wondering what was wrong with me because he seemed perfect on paper but really just did not do anything for me, chemistry-wise. Since he’s a good friend of my friend, I think we’ll all hang out together again soon, but I don’t forsee this progressing to any more than OMG-I-have-a- friend-with-an-apartment-in-Paris-that-I-can-stay-with-when-I’m-there.

Dates 3-5…

I want to make it clear that I have no expectations. I am happy to just meet people and make friends, or if it doesn’t work out, we never have to see each other again. All I’m hoping is that I get off my butt and make an effort to actually date because I’ve always been too lazy to do so.

That said, here’s hoping the next few dates aren’t a bust.

In case you’d like to contribute to my little cause, my donation page is here. A little goes a long way. And if you have a (male) friend who wouldn’t mind being set up on a random date…leave a comment! :)

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