GIVEAWAY: Sarah Mayberry books, $50 voucher and koalas that you can eat

GIVEAWAY: Sarah Mayberry books, $50 voucher and koalas that you can eat

To celebrate the recent release of her self-published book Satisfaction, Aussie author Sarah Mayberry is giving away an awesome prize pack to a (very lucky) reader! Read on to find out how you can win…

Satisfaction by Sarah Mayberry

But first I’ll wait until you stop licking that cover. Don’t even pretend you didn’t think it.

What is included in the prize pack?

1. One copy each of Sarah’s self-published books, Satisfaction and Her Best Worst Mistake (in whatever ebook format suits you)

2. One print copy of Sarah’s upcoming Mills & Boon title, Her Kind of Trouble — I’ve read this book, and the chemistry between the h/h in the story is fabulous

3. One print copy each of Sarah’s backlist titles Suddenly You and Her Favorite Rival

4. A $50 Amazon voucher

5. A packet of Caramello Koalas — In case you’re wondering, I love these more than I love Tim Tams!

How do I win this awesome prize pack?

In Satisfaction, Maggie, the heroine, is desperate to find someone who can help her achieve orgasm. When she hears about ‘Mr Golden Wang’ (not his real name), a local tattoo artist that Maggie’s friend had, well, creative relations with, Maggie books an appointment to see him—to put a tattoo of the Looney Tunes Tasmanian Devil on her bum!

For a chance to win the prize back, tell us what you would ask a sexy as sin tattoo artist to put on your bum! The giveaway ends midnight on Friday, March 28 AEDT. We will announce the winner the following week.

Post your answer as a comment to this post. Multiple entries are fine, and the giveaway is open to international readers. The Book Thingo bloggers will pick our favourite answer. By entering, you give us permission to: 1) quote your entry in future blog posts and articles; and 2) provide your email address to Sarah for her to organise your prize. The winner must provide a delivery address to Sarah within one week after we announce the result on the blog; otherwise, we will pick another winner.

Tell me more about this fabulous book!


Satisfaction by Sarah MayberrySelf-published | 9780987316011 (E) | Excerpt

Maggie Hendricks loves her life. Great job, amazing friends. Everything just how she likes it. There’s just one small problem. When it comes to sex, Maggie can’t quite get there. No fireworks, no screaming orgasms. And while she tells herself she’s fine with that, she can’t help wanting more.

When her friend shares the intimate details of a one night only fling with an extremely talented lover, Maggie makes a desperate pact with herself. She will seduce this man and if he can’t get her there…well, then she’ll hand herself over to medical science. A simple enough plan. What could possibly go wrong?

Within minutes of meeting Rafel Oliveira, Maggie knows the answer to that one: plenty. Rafel turns out to be far more than simply talented in the bedroom. As he takes her on a journey toward the ultimate pleasure, Maggie finds herself craving a lot more than his beautiful body. But can she win the one thing that will leave her truly satisfied…his heart?

All Romance Ebooks | Kindle US | iTunes | Nook | Smashwords


  1. azteclady says:

    He has to be an exceptionally talented tattoo artist, for I would like a very detailed–yet also pretty small–tattoo of a dragon.  With a legend: flies while dreaming, dreams of fire.
    At least, that’s the one I would like today–something else may appeal more tomorrow :grin:

  2. Chelsea B. says:

    A wee little owl sitting on a tree branch. I’m a sucker for owls. Never thought I’d have one on my bum, but hey… ;-)

  3. Kaetrin says:

    In this imaginary place where I’d be prepared to show my bottom to a tattoo artist and where it would be the sort of bottom I’d be happy to show just about anyone because IT IS JUST THAT AWESOME, I’d have a cute bookworm peeking out over the top of a book.
    (Alas, I have yet to visit this imaginary place…)

  4. Vicki says:

    I think a shark. Because you know what they say about a shark; it either moves forward or it dies and that sort of sums up my philosophy on life.

  5. Jo says:

    what came to mind first was the quote”whoever is in charge of me doing stupid things is fired”:-)  or a set of bright red lips 

  6. flchen1 says:

    Hmm…  I’ve NEVER decided on anything that I love enough to want permanently marked on me.  Maybe either a brief quote on faith or a custom design that incorporates my kids’ initials or something…  I’m sure that artist would be worth meeting!  ;)

  7. Kelly C says:

    Since one of my true loves IS my beloved Detroit Red Wings (hence my e-mail address) I would have the winged wheel that is the “logo” of said team.  :)

  8. flchen1 says:

    Hmm… but really, if I were to be approaching this sexy-as-sin tattoo artist with the hopes of catching his eye, maybe I should be considering having his name imprinted on my rear!  (With or without the “Property of…” ;) )

  9. Jess L says:

    I would let him choose! Ask him to choose something that he thought represents me… Could be interesting :)

  10. Mary Preston says:

    I would have this tattooed: “If two wrongs don’t make a right, try three.”
    Consider the tattoo to be an invitation.
    The way I figure it is this. The “sexy as sin tattoo artist” & I would make the two, he just needs to bring a friend to the party. 

  11. Marg says:

    I am a clean skin and proud of it. I can’t imagine ever changing my mind on this but if I did then I would probably get a dragonfly with jewel coloured wings.

  12. If I were feeling forward? His hands!
    As for a tattoo, I’ve thought it through several times but no can do. There’s this thing called the sauna, you see, and the possibility that I have decades of little voices going “What’s that on your butt? Hey everyone, auntie bookjunkie has a toad/butterfly/book on her butt! Why do you have a toad/butterfly/book on your butt?” to look forward to kind of kills any halfhearted thought I have regarding getting a tattoo.

  13. Kanoko says:

    I could pretend to be a Sarah Mayberry heroine and go with, say, a tiny Bugs Bunny just to add to the Looney Tunes tattoo gang. We already have Tweety and the aborted Taz. I do like Marvin the Martian better, though…
    And maybe an eye-catching flame, too, for the kicks. Any guy who’s cheeky enough to stare at my shapely behind would be compelled to say, “Your butt’s hot,” and I could totally take it in stride because, hey, he wouldn’t really be lying then, right? Ha!

  14. rudi_bee says:

    What would I ask a sexy tattooist to put on my butt? Um … finger prints. Obviously.
    As for what kind of tattoo I would get I’m still not sure but I’d rather have one along the side of my torso than on my butt. 

  15. rudi_bee says:

    I just thought of another tattoo I’d consider getting. A lacy garter-like design around the tops of my thighs so I always look like I’m wearing sexy stockings ;)
    P.S I am now researching tattoo designs and pretending to myself I’m the kind of person who could go through with getting it done.

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