Giveaway winners, Maria V. Snyder tour, Mandy Magro radio interview

Giveaway winners, Maria V. Snyder tour, Mandy Magro radio interview

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Aussie Author Month giveaway winners

Congratulations to Anna Cowan, who won two ebooks by Jess Dee for her answer to our question on which playing card is the sexiest:

I’d have to pick the Jack for the sexiest card. He is young, he’s hungry to get to the top, and the queen’s standing in his way. As far as I can see, the quickest way to the top is seduction…

Congratulations also to Gaile Hughes, who won two Christine Darcas books for her answer to our question on which dance style is the most romantic:

The most breath taking romantic dance for me, was Al Pacino playing the character of blind Slade, dancing with Gabrielle Anwar in Scent of a woman. I could feel the emotion – almost taste it – they were expressive, passionate, suggestive and of course romantic. I have heard ‘Por una cabeza’ played for the tango many times; however, this time it left me breathless.  So for me, without question, the tango.

Congratulations, guys! Your books are on their way.

Maria V. Snyder’s Australian book tour

We’ve heard the rumours, and now it’s confirmed. Fantasy author Maria V. Snyder will be doing a three-week book tour around Australia and New Zealand in August, speaking at the Byron Bay Writers Festival, Romance Writers of NZ and in selected schools and bookshops.

At this stage, it looks like most of her itinerary will be focused on schools and younger readers. Does anyone know which bookshops will be hosting signings?

Mandy Magro radio interview

Outback romance author Mandy Magro was interviewed on ABC Bush Telegraph radio. You You can download the podcast here.

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