Hangout with Anne Gracie, Christina Brooke and Eloisa James

I was lucky enough to join the Google+ hangout featuring three fantastic historical romance authors, Anne Gracie, Christina Brooke and Eloisa James.

I asked questions about historical accuracy, epic romances and, for Eloisa James, overlapping readers from romance and non-fiction. I found it very interesting that James felt that she got more crossover readers from Paris In Love to romance than the other way around. More generally, I loved how honest the authors were and that the chat included a mix of reader-type questions as well as writer-type questions.

Anne Gracie’s fans will be pleased to know that Marcus will get his story…one day. :-)

I found it a little odd to have the hangout in our separate areas when we were all at the same location. I was hoping we could have a Q&A style session, but I guess that would have required more room and introduced more technical complexity.

For those of you who couldn’t tune in live to the Google+ hangout earlier today, you can see the video recording here:

Thanks to Louise Sherwin-Stark from Google for hosting the chat!

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