Home Is Where the Bark Is by Kandy Shepherd

Home Is Where the Bark Is by Kandy Shepherd
Home Is Where The Bark Is by Kandy Shepherd
Home Is Where The Bark Is by Kandy Shepherd

For anyone looking for a sweet, lovely, light-hearted read. Especially if you love dogs.

Serena Oakley is an ex-model who now runs a doggy day care (with a spa!) in San Francisco. Nick Whalen is a private investigator assigned to figure out if Serena is behind an identity theft scheme. When he shows up at her shop with a Yorki-poo, she’s a bit suspicious—after all, what is this hunk of a man doing with a handbag dog? This doesn’t stop her from being attracted to him and vice versa. Will Nick be able to find out who the real thief is before super hot attraction gets in the way?

I love dogs. I’m the kind of person who says, ‘Hello, doggy!’ every time I pass one on the street. I used to volunteer at a dog shelter. Hence, there was pretty much a kind of guarantee I would like this book. All the dogs in this book were realistic and adorable and were more than just a means to further the plot along—they were pretty much secondary characters.

Now, as for the humans… Serena seemed like the kind of person who could really have used a break. Sure, she was a hot model and all, but in the process of transitioning from being super model to small business owner, she went through quite a bit of trauma. Now she’s trying really hard to keep her business afloat. She was a very sympathetic character and really not the kind of beautiful girl you’d love to hate. Nick was pretty hunky. And his conflict of interest—thinking with his balls instead of his head—seemed rather realistic, even typical, for a guy confronted with the hotness that was Serena.

I liked the way their relationship came together. They both tried reeeeally hard to deny their growing attraction while at the same time trying to sneak ways to spend time with each other. The mystery of the real fraudster was brought to light in the end, but to be honest I didn’t even try to guess (and I usually do!) because I was too focused on the romance and how it unfolded.

Yay or nay?

I really liked this book. I read it while I was lying sick in bed, and it was a comfort as I tried not to cough my guts out (sorry for the graphic description). I would recommend it for anyone looking for a sweet, lovely, light-hearted read. Especially if you love dogs.

This book is loosely related to Kandy Shepherd’s first contemporary romance novel, Love Is A Four-Legged Word.

Home Is Where The Bark Is by Kandy Shepherd

Love Is A Fpur-Legged Word by Kandy ShepherdTitle: Home Is Where The Bark Is (excerpt)
Author: Kandy Shepherd
Publisher: Berkley Sensation
B format: 9780425234297 (7/2010)
Ebook: 9781101188491 (7/2010)

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