John Riley’s Girl by Inglath Cooper

John Riley's Girl by Inglath Cooper (Super Romance)
John Riley's Girl by Inglath Cooper (Super Romance)

Back in high school, Harlequin Mills & Boon Super Romance was my particular brand of crack. I loved these books. I inhaled them, and even though I’d occasionally dabble in Blaze or Temptation, I always came back to Super Romance. John Riley’s Girl by Inglath Cooper took me back to those days of pretending to listen to our Spanish teacher while surreptitiously reading a romance book hidden behind a stack of textbooks. That said teacher was a nun only made it more daring. We bookworms can be rebels, too.

Olivia Ashford hasn’t been back to her hometown in fifteen years after a deeply painful event in her childhood. But a phone call from an old friend stirs up memories and curiosity, and on a whim she decides to return for her high school reunion. Olivia hopes that her visit to Summerville will help her find closure to old wounds. But John Riley, her high school sweetheart, isn’t willing to forget–much less forgive–the fact that Olivia abandoned him without so much as a goodbye. So when the reunion ends up being held at his farm, there’s no way to avoid the confrontation between them.

From the very first chapter, it’s obvious that there’s a huge misunderstanding at the centre of this story. I gradually understood what made Olivia leave her home so suddenly, but Cooper reveals the secret organically as part of Olivia and John’s process of coming to terms with what happened. And even though the plot is your typical Super Romance fare, I cried for most of the book. Yeah, just like old times.

I’m a bit sad that I got this book from the library because it would have had a place with my keepers.

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I couldn’t find any copies of the Australian version of this book, but you can get the US version from Fishpond, Amazon US, Amazon UK, The Book Depository, and AbeBooks.

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