Marry Me by Jo Goodman

Marry Me by Jo Goodman
Marry Me by Jo Goodman
Marry Me by Jo Goodman

Or: OMG, Wandergurl is alive.

I lost my phone. This is not an excuse as to why I have dropped off the face of the earth but anyway, this happened. Fortunately my contract was about to expire, so I could get a new phone that wouldn’t cost me too much. And so I ended up with an iPhone 4. What does this have to do with this book, you ask? Well, I downloaded the Amazon Kindle app. And this book was free! And recommended! And I ended up reading it. And that’s how I ended up resurrecting myself from the dead and suddenly writing a review.

Coleridge Monroe moves to Reidsville, Colorado with his sister to assume the position of town doctor. It’s a town of about 800 people, which I have to say, is possibly more than some towns in Australia now. When he accompanies one of the deputies to check on one of the outlying farms in the mountains he meets Judah Abbot, the local cranky ass, and what turns out to be his daughter, Rhyne, who due to the severity of her illness and the circumstances surrounding it has to be taken to town and ends up staying with him for a while. (Note that these are not just fluffy circumstances to make up the slimmest of reasons to get the heroine to have an excuse to stay with the hero. These are hardcore OMG, this is difficult kind of circumstances. When Goodman makes things difficult, she makes things difficult.) Eventually she becomes their housekeeper and you can see where this is going from there.

I have never read a Goodman before. All my Jo Goodmans have ended up with Kat because they all have tiny font and have just so much going on. (She loves them, by the way.) I don’t know if it’s because this was my first Kindle book, or if it was because it was one of her westerns—I have read somewhere that she does them best—but I stuck to this book, flipping, literally, page after page where I was kind of disappointed that I couldn’t make it go faster because the pages were too bloody small and couldn’t fit a lot. (I’m serious; I started to get frustrated.)

Goodman does drama the way it should be done—full on, but not overwhelming, with just the right touch of character. No one’s really annoying or overdone, the choices they make are realistic, they make sense and it’s never a simple problem that could have been solved if you had just communicated with each other, thank you very much. There are real underlying issues and they are dealt with appropriately.

It is not a happy book. There are trials and tribulations galore—seriously, this would not be my regular fare. I generally tend to pick comedies. Or J. R. Ward. (Sigh.) Some discussions in the book are also graphic. I am, however, very glad I picked up this one, and like every other Kindle-sucked customer, yes, I will buy another book from this author. It does have the kind of happy ending I like. Major plot points all tied up, villain retired, and no cuteness epilogue babies in sight.

If there was anything that I didn’t like it was that towards the end of the book (I think it was the end; it’s hard to tell) the author threw another conflict in. I felt that the conflict was not entirely necessary, as the previous conflicts were enough to carry the series through and there was no need for external forces to bring the couple even closer together, and even the issue with the initial conflict between Rhyne and her father could have been dealt with differently without the introduction of this one.

Yay or nay?

Yay. My first foray into reading with an actual ebook reading app was a success! I really quite liked this book, which says a lot since I don’t really do drama very well. I’d recommend this to anyone who likes a good, dramatic read.

This book is loosely related to Never Love A Lawman.

Title: Marry Me (excerpt)
Author: Jo Goodman
Publisher: Penguin (Australia), Zebra/Kensington (US)
A format: 9781420101768 (Australia – 15/1/2010, US – 1/12/2010)
Ebook: ISBN (1/12/2010)

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