Melbourne Cup readers’ sweep 2010

Still Life 4 by nessguide (via Flickr)Yes, it’s on again! Join our Melbourne Cup sweep to win some books! Champers optional.

Update: The first sweep has closed and I’ve posted the draw below. I’ll run a second sweep if we get another 23 people to sign up but you can only sign up via comments. I’m not taking sign ups from Twitter because it’s too cumbersome.

Update: Bauer (#18) has been scratched from the race, so there are only 23 horses in the running.

For non-Aussie readers who follow the blog, today we’re celebrating one of the biggest national events in Australia. That’s right, a long time ago someone came up with the brilliant idea of using a horse race as an excuse for boozy lunches and, in Melbourne’s case, a public holiday!

Our impromptu Melbourne Cup sweep last year was a huge hit, so we’re doing it again! Here’s how it works:

1. The first 24 23 people to comment here or tweet using the hashtag #btsweep are in. If you’re commenter #25, that’s okay—I’ll keep the comments open, and if we get another 24 people, I’ll run a second sweep.

2. Participants must sign up before 2pm AEDT to give me time to allocate your horses.

3. Only Australian participants are eligible, but overseas readers can wear fancy hats and join in spirit. (If you live overseas but can supply an Australian mailing address, that’s good enough.)

4. I’ll assign random numbers against each participant. The numbers will correspond to horses as per this list.

5. Each participant promises to send a book to the winner. The book can be used, as long as it’s in good nick, and it has to be a book you’d actually recommend to someone (i.e. not from your DNF pile).

6. If, for some reason, the winning number wasn’t allocated to anyone, then whoever has the highest placing horse will be declared the winner.

I’ll announce the winner after the race (usually around 3pm AEDT). If you win, you’ll have to provide a mailing address to everyone who promised to send you a book. I’ll email you to get your details, then I’ll forward your details to everyone who entered, either via email or by sending them a private message on Twitter.

Consolation prizes: If your horse comes second, third or last, I’ll send you a book from our giveaway bag. I’ll email you to check your preferred genre.


Here’s the draw. Note that Horse #18 was scratched, so from 18 onwards, you have to add 1 to your number to get your horse. If you notice any problems with the draw, please let me know ASAP!

2010 Melbourne Cup sweep 1Marg – 3 (So You Think)
kylie plester – 4 (Zipping)
Nicole Murphy – 11 (Descarado)
alana m – 1 (Shocking)
L – 15 (Monaco Consul)
alex – 12 (Harris Tweed)
sableheart – 14 (Master O’Reilly)
obsidiantears83 – 19 (Holberg)
Bree – 24 (Maluckyday)
max california – 9 (Tokai Trick)
Sabina – 21 (Red Ruler)
AButchersWife – 22 (Linton)
fangbooks – 2 (Campanologist)
Quentaris – 16 (Profound Beauty)
Jen – 6 (Mr Medici)
_Major_Tom – 20 (Precedence)
Robyn Young – 13 (Manighar)
afewbrokenribs – 5 (Illustrious Blue)
bon in HK – 17 (Zavite)
auntdel42 – 8 (Amercain)
castlebattlemen – 10 (Buccellati)
EmmleeA – 7 (Shoot Out)
Christina – 23 (Once We Were Wild)

The race starts at 3pm. Good luck everyone!

Photo credit: Still Life 4 by nessguide via Flickr


  1. Kat says:

    In case you guys didn’t see the updated, a horse has been scratched from the race, so the sweep closes when we have 23 people signed up.

  2. Kat says:

    Okay, we have enough for the sweep!

    From this point on, I’m closing entries on Twitter. You can still put your name down by commenting, but I’ll only run a second sweep if we get another 23 people.

    I’ll post your horses soon. Good luck everyone!

  3. Kat says:

    Okay, guys, your horse names are up.

    Please note that if your number was 18 or greater in the list randomiser, your horse number is +1 due to the late scratching.

    Good luck!

  4. Kat says:

    Hi, everyone! Congratulations to auntdel42, whose horse came first! Please email me your address so I can send it out to everyone.

    Congratulations also to Bree (2nd place), Marg (3rd place) and Nicole Murphy (last place). I’ll email you a list of books tonight, so you can choose which one you like best.

    If you don’t hear from me tonight, feel free to email me at

  5. auntdel42 says:

    wow i won? really didnt expect to
    thank you will enjoy reading the books
    i’ll read just about anything except romance and twilight but i love crime fiction :-)
    and thanks quentaris for telling me about this – i’ll be around on the weekend to raid your bookshelf for the book you have to give me lol

  6. …part with any of my urban fantasy? o.O Okay, I will go through the stacks and see if there is anything I can bear to part with but still recommend… Oh, I think I have a double up of Storm Born by Richelle Mead! Or is it Thorn Queen? I’ll send that through :)

  7. Jen says:

    Well done, auntdel42! Cool, crime fiction is effing awesome. I have so many recs to choose from now :) I just hope I don’t give you a book you may have already read… Do you like old school whodunnits (Christie, Heyer, Conan Doyle) or gritty contemporary ones?
    I’m chuffed that Mr Medici was in the top 4 at one point. Oh well! Viva l’Italia! :P

  8. auntdel42 says:

    thanks Jen
    current favs are ruth rendell, patricia cornwell and kathy reichs and of course always Agatha. But i will be happy with anything : )

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