Melbourne Cup readers’ sweep 2013

heart_black_bow_fascinator  by Little Miss B *
heart_black_bow_fascinator by Little Miss B *

Get your fancy hats and fascinators ready, because it’s that time of year again!

Update: More prizes for place getters and the wooden spooner!

Update 2: Horses have been allocated (see below). Good luck, everyone!

It’s on again! We’re running our annual readers’ sweep for Melbourne Cup and you’re invited to join! Here’s how it works:

1. The first 24 people to comment here are in (subject to #2 below). If you’re commenter #25, that’s okay—we’ll keep the comments open, and if we get another 24 people, we’ll run a second sweep.

2. Entries close at 2pm (AEDT) today to give me time to allocate your horses. If a horse is scratched before I do the allocation, I’ll take the first x entries, where x is the number of horses still in the race.

3. Only participants who can supply an Australian address are eligible, but overseas readers can wear fancy hats and join in spirit.

4. I’ll assign random numbers against each participant (or I might use this sweep generator because it looks so snazzy). The numbers will correspond to horses as per this list. I’ll update this post with the horse allocations by 2.30pm AEDT. The race starts at 3pm AEDT (it’s race 7 on the race things).

5. Each participant promises to send a book to the winner. The book can be a used book as long as it’s in good condition, and it has to be a book you’d actually recommend to someone—not from your DNF pile, please.

7. If, for some reason, the winning number wasn’t allocated to anyone, then whoever has the highest placing horse will be declared the winner.

I’ll announce the winner after the race (usually just after 3pm AEDT). If you win, you’ll have to provide a mailing address to everyone who promised to send you a book. I’ll email you to get your details, then I’ll forward your details, via email, to everyone who entered.

Consolation prizes: If your horse comes second, third or last, of it’s scratched at the last minute, I’ll send you a book. I’ll email you to check your preferred genre.

Aussie author Shannon Curtis is also generously giving away copies of her latest release, For Her Eyes Only, as well as date night chat cards and the book playlist, to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and last place getters. Here’s an excerpt:

For Her Eyes Only by Shannon CurtisRyan Brennan has worked plenty of jobs for the McCormack Security Agency, so going undercover at a couples resort to identify a pair of killers should be easy. Except his assigned partner—uh, “wife”—is Vicky Hastings. It takes all his willpower to keep their relationship professional, even when they’re not sharing a secluded cabin.

Finally out from behind her desk, Vicky can’t wait to prove herself in the field. But with Ryan? Their office flirtation cooled when he turned her down after a scorching kiss at the office Christmas party. Working together while sharing close quarters certainly isn’t making it easy for her to stop thinking about him.

After a series of escalating “accidents,” including Vicky’s near-fatal fall from a tampered bridge, the two have to work together to wrap up this case fast, before more than hearts get broken.

Find your horse!

2103 Melboure Cup readers sweep

Good luck to all our participants!


  1. Kat says:

    Hi, everyone! Thanks for signing up. :) Entries are closed and I’ll post the sweep soon. We have 13 entrants, so I’ve duplicated some names, based on the order that they commented on this thread. Good luck!

  2. Kat says:

    Preliminary results are in – First place: #6, Second place: #3, Third place: #15. Last place is TBC. Congratulations to Nikki for winning, and to runners up Jen and Bron! I’ll email you soon to get your details. :)

  3. Kat says:

    In a twist of fate, Nikki got last place as well (#21), but she’s already getting Shannon’s prizes. (This is what happens when I try to be clever and put people into the sweep twice!)

    Second last place was Shannon (#24), but she’s giving away the prizes! lol

    Third last place is bon (#23), so if there are no objections, I’d like to give the last place prize to her.

    I’m using the results posted here:

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