Melbourne Cup readers’ sweep 2014

Melbourne Cup readers’ sweep 2014

The race is on for books! UPDATE: Extended to 2.30pm.

This is a bit of a last minute effort, but…it’s on again! We’re running our annual readers’ sweep for Melbourne Cup and you’re invited to join! Here’s how it works:

1. The first 22 people to comment here are in (subject to #2 below). If you’re commenter #23, that’s okay — we’ll keep the comments open, and if we get another 22 people, we’ll run a second sweep.

2. Entries close at 2.15pm 2.30pm (AEDT) today to give me time to allocate your horses. If a horse is scratched before I do the allocation, I’ll take the first x entries, where x is the number of horses still in the race.

3. Only participants who can supply an Australian address are eligible, but overseas readers can wear fancy hats and join in spirit.

Privacy is a big issue in book blogging at the moment, so if you prefer me to collect your winnings before posting them out to you, just let me know. This means that the winner will have to give me their postal address, I ask everyone to send books to me, then I post the lot to you.

Alternatively, you can register for a Parcel Collect account with Australia Post. It’s free, and you can have your books delivered to a participating post office for you to collect. You can find more details here.

4. I’ll use this sweep generator to match participants to horses. You can find a list or horses here. I’ll update this post with the horse allocations by 2.45pm AEDT. The race starts at 3pm AEDT (it’s race 7 on the race things), so check back here to find your horse.

5. Each participant promises to send a book to the winner. The book can be a used book as long as it’s in good condition, and it has to be a book you’d actually recommend to someone — not from your DNF pile, please.

7. If, for some reason, the winning number wasn’t allocated to anyone, then whoever has the highest placing horse will be declared the winner.

I’ll announce the winner after the race (usually just after 3pm AEDT). If you win, you’ll have to provide a mailing address to everyone who promised to send you a book OR to me, so I can forward the books to you. I’ll email you to get your details and confirm how you’d like to have the books sent.

Consolation prizes: If your horse comes second, third or last, of it’s scratched at the last minute, I’ll send you a book. I’ll email you to check your preferred genre and if you prefer print or ebook.


  1. Kaetrin says:

    Me me me! Hubs didn’t get me a sweeps ticket at his work (he didn’t even get one for himself! Heresy!!) and as I’m the only one in my state to work for my employer, Melbourne Cup lunch is fairly unexciting. :P

    I have a brand new copy of Bet Me by Jenny Crusie – I bought two and it’s definitely a book I recommend.

  2. Kat says:

    Sorry, guys. We didn’t get enough entries this year to run the sweep. BUT. Send me your address and I’ll send you a book as a thank you for participating. :) Postal address if you want print or email if you want an ebook, and let me know what subgenre you prefer!

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