Monday Mailbag: Random ARCs in my TBR

Monday Mailbag: Random ARCs in my TBR

Here are some books for review sent by Random House, which are sitting in my to-be-read pile.

Votive by Karen Brooks (The Curse of the Bond Riders, Book 2)The Emerald Atlas by John Stephens (The Books of Beginning, Book 1)To Die For by Mark SvendsenPig Boy by J. C. Burke

Votive by Karen Brooks (The Curse of the Bond Riders, Book 2)

1/6/2011 — 9781864719437 — Random House
Teen fiction, Australian author

La Serenissima—a beautiful but deadly city where corrupt aristocrats rule and everything, including love, has a price.

Tallow is anything but a simple candlemaker and when she has everything taken away from her—friends, family, hope – all she can do to survive is rely on the Maleovellis. Casting aside the safety of her disguise, she becomes cold-hearted Tarlo, female courtesan and the toast of those who, if they knew her secret, would destroy her.

But the intrigues of the Serenissian nobility are nothing against the larger forces moving within the world.

And Tallow’s enemies have a hidden asset: the one thing they know she cannot possibly resist.

The Emerald Atlas by John Stephens (The Books of Beginning, Book 1)

5/4/2011 — 9780857530196 — Doubleday/Random House

They were taken from their beds one frozen night, when the world was covered in snow. The silhouette of a tall, thin man has haunted Kate ever since.

Ten years on, Kate, Michael and Emma have grown up in a string of miserable orphanages, and all memories of their parents have faded to a blur. Arriving at Cambridge Falls, where the rolling fog distorts their sense of time and the town is eerily silent, the children quickly realise there is something different about this place—and Kate feels sure she has seen the dark, crooked house before.

Exploring the house, they discover an old, empty leather book. The moment they touch it, an ancient magical prophecy is set irrevocably in motion, and the children are thrown into a dangerous alternate reality of dark enchantments, terrifying monsters, noble dwarves and entire cities buried beneath the earth. Only they can prevent the terrible event that will ruin Cambridge Falls—and stop the world from falling into complete devastation.

To Die For by Mark Svendsen

1/3/2011 — 9781864719314 — Woolshed Press/Random House
Teen fiction, Australian author and setting

With a crack as though her back was breaking the dory lurched downwards. Christos felt himself twist, then fall inexorably, towards the head of the inquisitive shark.

For his birthday, Christos takes his father’s mackerel dory on his first solo trip. He plans to fish and then camp overnight on a local island. But things go terribly, terrifyingly wrong when Christos runs the dory aground on a reef, attracting a four-metre tiger shark as company for the most harrowing night of his life – a night during which he decides what he would be willing to die for.

Pig B J. C. Burke

2/5/2011 — 9781741663129 — Woolshed Press/Random House
Teen fiction, Australian author and setting

On Damon Styles’s eighteenth birthday, he is expelled from school. But it’s what happens afterwards that changes everything.

Now Damon must come up with a plan. It’s the only way he can think straight. First, get his firearms licence. Then, see if the Pigman will give him a job – pig hunting will teach Damon what he needs to know. And he’d better get a lock for his wardrobe so his mother won’t find what he’s hiding.

Damon’s taking matters into his own hands—but so is the town of Strathven.

What do you think?

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