Moon Craving by Lucy Monroe

Moon Craving (Children of the Moon, Book 2)
Moon Craving (Children of the Moon, Book 2)

A paranormal Scottish historical featuring a werewolf laird and a deaf English heroine that won’t leave you wanting to hit the characters on the head.

Talorc, laird of the Sinclair clan, is a Chrechte, part of an ancient tribe of werewolves that integrated itself into the clans of the Picts in Scotland to preserve their heritage. As the laird, he’s a subject of the King of Scotland, who orders him to marry an Englishwoman. Abigail became deaf through a childhood affliction. As a survival mechanism, she has learnt to speak clearly and to read lips. Her relationship with her family has led her to believe that she will be shunned because of this affliction, and as a result she has learnt to hide it well, and continues to do so with her new husband.

This is a beautiful love story of two people coming together. Talorc is tough and gruff, like the typical Highlander in most novels but he has a gentleness about him, despite his wolf nature that is well interpreted. Monroe also does a good job of showing Abigail’s vulnerability and how she holds herself together and tries to be strong.

Moon Awakening by Lucy Monroe (Children of the Moon, Book 1)I originally read this novel upon the recommendation of Eloisa James in her Barnes and Noble column, and have since gone on to read Moon Awakening, the first book in the series. Moon Craving, however, can be read as a stand alone book and it doesn’t have to be read in order. That said, having now read Moon Awakening, I can see how Talorc has developed more as a character—he appears to have more of a sense of humour, for one thing—from the first, which may have been influenced by the events in that book. Again, you don’t need to read that one first, but you’ll probably want to after reading this one!

I enjoyed the dialogue and interaction between all the characters in the book. Their problems were real, and I appreciated how the characters communicated—they told each other the truth (except for Abigail’s illness!) and there were no stupid miscommunication problems—the kind that makes you want to hit characters on the head.

Yay or nay?

There isn’t a lot more for me to say, given the straightforwardness of the plot, but I would highly recommend this book. It was lovely, with the characters and their relationship unfolding in the most natural manner. If you like beautiful and sweet love stories, this one is for you.

Although Moon Craving is the second book in the Children of the Moon series, there is a free short story, Run with the Moon, which occurs before the first book.

Title: Moon Craving (excerpt)
Series: Children of the Moon (Book 2)
Author: Lucy Monroe
ISBN: 9780425233047
Release date: February 2, 2010
Publisher: Berkley
Format: Mass market paperback

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