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Blood Fury blurb, and speculation on Saxton’s love life.

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J.R. Ward recently told Goodreads about the appeal of her vampires and how they appeared in her head.

The blurb for Blood Fury [ BT | Amz ], book 3 in the Black Dagger Legacy series (Novo and Peyton’s book) has been revealed:

A tough vampire warrior in training and her fellow aristocratic trainee struggle to deny the attraction they feel for one another as they prepare for the looming war ahead. The latest in a new paranormal romance series set in the world of the #1 New York Times bestselling Black Dagger Brotherhood.

Brothers at the Black Dagger Brotherhood training center push recruits to the limit to become faster and stronger than ever before as they continue preparing for the fight against the lessening society. Novo, a resilient survivor and a bit rough around the edges, has overcome a great deal, including her intense attraction to suave, aristocratic Peyton. The two fighters shared a passionate physical connection. But when Peyton finally comes to terms with and admits his true feelings for Novo she rejects him for a more stable male. Now they must train in close quarters and eventually confront the feelings they still undoubtedly harbor for one another.

I don’t know which Brother will continue his story with Novo and Peyton.

On Facebook, Ward very strongly implied a HEA for Saxton in Blood Fury. Qhuinn’s cousin, Blay’s ex and lawyer to the King, Saxton was supportive of Qhuay before they got together and graciously bowed out. I’ve long though he needs and deserves someone of his own, but the main obstacle to overcome is the lack of appropriate, available partner. By the end of The Chosen [ BT | Amz | iT ], the mansion now has more male occupants, and another moved in by the end of Blood Vow [ BT | Amz | iT ]. The timelines of the Black Dagger Brotherhood main series and the Black Dagger Legacy do not perfectly align, but the male introduced in Blood Vow seems a more likely candidate.

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