PRE-RELEASE SPOILERS: Lover Reborn by J. R. Ward (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 10) – Part 3

PRE-RELEASE SPOILERS: Lover Reborn by J. R. Ward (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 10) – Part 3

Lover Reborn by J. R. Ward (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 10)If you’re hungry for clues about upcoming books in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, Decadence has put together what we think we know about what’s coming next.

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Last week, J. R. Ward signed books in Cincinnati and Bex beat me to posting a link to a blogger who was there and took notes. If you haven’t already seen it, go to Liza’s blog for confirmation of Tohr’s HEA (no surprise) and other news.

Chat with Christine Feehan

This is the J. R. Ward part of the joint chat she hosted for Christine Feehan this morning. She wasn’t able to stay long because she had a migraine and the Christine Feehan portion had run for two hours. It was easier for her to just pick random questions in a free chat format, but it was difficult to keep up and connect questions with answers because with minimal mod intervention, the chat runs really quickly. I’ve tried to stick as closely as I could to what was said, but the questions and some answers have been paraphrased. This is not a transcript.

I haven’t noted down everything that has been asked before, like ‘Is Lash coming back?’ (She says that question was answered at the end of Lover Mine.) and ‘Does Wrath get his sight back?’ (No.)

And beware: there is one major spoiler on Envy.

J. R. Ward on Christine Feehan

Both writers have great respect for each other and could found a mutual admiration society. When Feehan mentioned her newest release or convention, Ward posted the links for her.

Before the chat started, Ward told us about the first time she met Feehan. It was at a conference a couple of years ago and Wardsaw her across the room and was all like, ‘OMG, it’s Christine Feehan! Don’t be an ass. Just go over and introduce yourself.’ So she walked over and in this mousy little voice said, ‘Hi, I’m J. R. Ward.’

‘Hi, I like your books.’ Ward apparently fell over in a dead faint, although maybe not literally.

Feehan helped Ward get her agent and gives the best advice, especially on promotion. She’s the reason we have the paranormal romance genre and is its reigning queen.

Ward: Christine and her family have done nothing but support me and Team Ward and I couldn’t respect her more. Thank you for coming tonight and having my back. I know you don’t like ass kissing… Please know my success is a direct result of so much advice you have given me.

Feeahan: You’re making me cry. Your success is a direct result of your own talent.

Black Dagger Brotherhood

Lover Reborn includes some very steamy scenes between Tohr and No’One, and the band of bastards will have a huge presence in the book because Xcor is going for the throne. Although he was relatively absent from recent books, Phury will be in Tohr’s.

‘Assail is a very interesting male. An old school vampire. I love Assail.’ In a chat she did earlier in the week to test the software, Ward confirmed that Assail is his own male and not one of Xcor’s bastards. Nor is he wolfen (no word on when she is going to introduce any wolves).

‘Read the end of Lover Reborn for Layla’s HEA, but don’t jump to conclusions.’

[Teasing Christine] ‘Blay’s been pursuing something else in his down time and fighting. So no playing doctor for real yet. But it’s coming.’ Could this be why she doesn’t see Blay becoming a Brother? He’s going to become a healer? Or does she mean playing doctor in a different sense?

She hopes to write Blay and Qhuinn soon. She gave a KR (keep reading) when asked if Saxton will still be around after Blay and Qhuinn have their HEA.

Does Murhder cause trouble for JM and Xhex? ‘JM and Xhex are solid, but he could cause trouble for others.’

Xhex has never been pregnant.

In future books, we can expect Manny to go through the transition and John to become a Brother.

‘I believe Butch and Manny have other siblings.’

Why are Shadows the only ones who can kill symphaths? ‘You’ll find out more about their powers later.’

Trez and iAm will get separate books. They share intertwining plots but are too big to do together.

Will we ever see Butch and V get intimate? ‘Who says they haven’t already? ;)’ Evil, EVIL woman!! This is twice now she’s said that.

Was it hard for V to forgive Jane for almost helping Payne kill herself? ‘Absolutely. But he understood it was Payne’s choice, not hers.’

Do the Brothers ever get nostalgic for other music from earlier eras they’ve lived through, like jazz or classical? ‘Good question. I haven’t seen them getting nostalgic, but they’re busy defending rap against Manny’s onslaught.’

What was the inspiration behind the way the Brothers speak? ‘No inspiration, that’s just how they talk.’

Does Lassiter know Eddie and Ad? KR.

What’s the Omega’s name? ‘The Omega.’ It’s not as silly a question as it may sound because we learned the Scribe Virgin’s name is Analisse in Dark Lover.

Will Michael from ‘Story of Son’ meet the BDB? ‘I’m not sure. I love love love him and wonder about his kids, but he and Claire are happy doing their own thing. But their kids, that’s what’s going to be interesting, LOL.’

Fallen Angels

She teared up over Eddie. KR regarding Eddie coming back.

Writing and general stuff

‘As long as I stay out of the way, I’m drafting. I can always pull pages. If I try to impose my own view or influence the storyline, the pictures and voices dry up. So I record what I see.’

Which authors would you recommend while I’m waiting for your next book? ‘Christine Feehan. Thea Harrison rocks. Darynda Jones. Suzanne Brockmann. Jessica Andersen. [In agreement with Christine Feehan] Nalini Singh. I think she has a new book this month…. I love KMM (Karen Marie Moning).’

Would you go to DragonCon at some point? ‘I’d love to, but travel is hard.’

‘I’m focussed on the books. If the right movie deal came along, sure, but the books are my main focus.’

What inspired you to write paranormal romance? ‘I have no choice. The Brothers are what they are, but seeing the Brothers in leather make me very glad I write paranormal romance.’

Which was the fastest book to write? ‘None of them were fast. They’re like pulling teeth because the Brothers are big and complicated.’ And yes, she was aware of the double entendre there.

‘I don’t read other vampires so I don’t get subconsciously influenced. The Brothers are what they are and the clearer I keep my vision of them, the better they talk to me.’

What is the best and worst advice you received when you were breaking into publishing? ‘The best was not to hurry to send a piece to an agent or editor. Take your time, get it right. And there was something specifically from Christine that changed the trajectory of my career. She knows what it is. I must have blocked out the worst because nothing comes to mind.’

She hopes to finish the Jessica Bird contemporaries.

Dark Lover virtual signing

Until the 27th of September (US time), you can pre-order a signed hardcover of Dark Lover from Ward’s official virtual signing page. The cheap international shipping option is available, so the book and delivery cost less than AUD50. The Dark Lover hardcover (collector’s edition) is officially released on October 4.

Have you heard any new BDB spoilers? What are you looking forward to most in the series? Let us know!

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  1. bdb lover says:

    What am I most looking forward to?

    1. More interaction between the 2 Brotherhoods
    2. Tohr finding some kind of peace in his agonizing storm
    3. QUHINN & BLAY!!!
    and 4. Manny becoming a Brother [love him]

    There’s tons more, but those are the ones off the top of my ‘anxiously waiting’ head…♥

  2. dens.mafia says:

    Kat thank you :) i am wondering .. Trez will do Primale duty,, so he will meet Chosen. hm in Rehv story it is hinted that Selena and Cormia are fearless cuz both stayed there when half sympath came . maybe Selena will be fearlees with Trez who is Shadow :) and Layla is one charachter who is in books long time by now and she still doesnt have HEA.. i think there is also one more charachter who is there from begining… Havers? why are everybody forgeting about him :) so my assumings are that trez will end up with Selena, iAm with some female shadow, and Layla with Havers . i dont want to see Layla with Qhiunn :S hahaha and i think that in Havers story, Havers will find some cure for vampires so they dont have to drink blood or something, that way he would save Layla from being blood whore (sorry for this word ) .. :) and Blay & Qhuinn would be relived, also Rhage and Mary, V and Jane :) iii dont like Tohrment with anyone but Wellsie … but NoOne seems cool :) i think that Wellsie would not be reborn cuz then and Sarelle and the unborn child would be left out !” :S .. and i think that Wellesandra shares samo past with Lasitter cuz he is doing her a favour with watching over Tohrment,, but what for? :D

    • Decadence says:

      I have wondered if Trez would end up with Layla or Selena. There was an excerpt where Throe was taking a beating from the Brothers for pursuing a female. I could be wrong, but I felt it might be Layla, which means Selena would still be available. How weird would it be if Throe became the next Primale? It was suggested he has the strength of a Brother, but no longer has the bloodline.

      I don’t think Havers has necessarily been forgotten. It’s more a matter of JR Ward not liking Havers very much. I don’t think she’s forgiven him for throwing Marissa out so close to dawn. I think I’ve read somewhere that while she wants to be Jane, she identifies more with Marissa.

      But I really like the idea of finding a way around live feeding. I’ve had a theory about this for years and submitted it as a question when Ward was looking for questions to answer in the Insider’s Guide, but unfortunately mine didn’t make it :(

      Wellsie for some reason needs Tohr to move on. She will stay in the Fade with their unborn young, but the blurb suggests that Tohr’s inability to move on has trapped Wellsie somehow. I don’t know how she got Lassiter, but he’s not necessarily helping Tohr for her. He’s admitted that he’s been given another chance after a human plague that he says was not his fault, so there are stakes for him as well.

  3. dens.mafia says:

    Decadence :) hh i dont understan Throe and Murhder thing :) in Lover Mine its mentioned that Hharm, Ahgony, Thorture, Murhder and Throe are brothers … so are those two (Murhder and Throe) same brother Throe in Lover Unleashed and Murhder in Lover Mine?? :) ii saw that you mentioned somewhere that Wrath made promise to Analisse that Beth or him will do something in Dark Lover? :D i dont get it .. and i am wondering why Qhuinn get vision of his and Laylas child? :S grrr i will hate Layla if she touches Qhuinn but in some way i pity her .. i would love that she gets her HEA .. she will get it  in Lover reborn but with who? :) 

    • Decadence says:

      The names do get reused over generations, eg. Phury and Cormia will have a son and name him Ahgony, which was Phury and Zsadist’s father’s name. But he will often be called Aggie. And you have Wrath, son of Wrath. His son with Beth will also be Wrath, son of Wrath.

      So they are actually not the same Murhder and Throe. Throe wasn’t a fighter until Xcor turned him into one and made him a bastard. Also, Ward confirmed that Murhder at the beginning of Lover Mine was not the same Murhder.

      Yes, the favour that Wrath owes the Scribe Virgin has been hanging around all this time and we still don’t know what she will ask of him. I used to think that it would be to allow Payne to join the Brotherhood, but it looks like Wrath will come to that conclusion on his own and the SV isn’t yet ready for that type of personal growth.

      I’m a bit unsettled as to why Qhuinn had a vision of his and Layla’s child because I want him to have an exclusive relationship with Blay and Layla deserves more than being a surrogate. I’m thinking Throe for her, but I could be wrong.

  4. Kat says:

    Maybe it’ll be an accidental pregnancy before Qhuinn & Blay get together, thereby conveniently solving the problem of an m/m couple having a family without any of the issues you raised.

  5. dens.mafia says:

    hh i dont want that Qhuinn touches Layla!! :) doesnt he says her about his feeling towards Blay in 9th book ? :) and i dont get why Throe would be good match for Layla.. we are said that Layla will get her HEA in the Lover Reborn and Ward confirmed that Throe will get his own book, so it doesnt make sense !! :S i fear that her pregnancy with Q might be an accident and that in the end she is happy cuz she bears Qhuinss baby .. it would suck .. if they will have sex i want that they both dislike it :) i read somewhere that Johns and Qhuinns new neighbour would be Xcor .. hm are they moving somewhere oh what? :D pls dont mind me .. i am just curious and i am from croatia and i dont have anybody to talk about series :) thank you Decadence :) and Kat :)

    • Decadence says:

      Ward also said not to jump to conclusions. I think what was meant was that we will get a major hint as to Layla’s HEA, not that her story will be all wrapped up at the end. She’s been in so many of the books that I don’t believe Ward would keep her as a secondary plot when she finds happiness and becomes someone’s shellan at last. I personally don’t believe that there will be sex between Qhuinn and Layla because they have formed a friendship that transcends sex. I don’t think they’ll go back because neither of their hearts seems to be in it.

      It’s always fun to discuss what we think will happen. I hope you enjoy Lover Reborn when it comes out. Ward is currently torturing us with quotes from the new book. Since they were taken down last time, I didn’t think she was going to do it this time, but she is :)

  6. dens.mafia says:

    YEAH!! i hope so :) but it is said that Qhuinn and Blay will be EACH OTHER HEA :) Warden confirmed it in an interview :) i heard that four chapters of LR were posted but they were removed eventually :) Decadence can you say me what do we find out in those chapters? :) in Lover Unleased which characters chapters i will read? Payne chapters, Manny Chapters and whom elses? :)

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